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entertainment news “Harley” — Gay-Themed Short Film Stars Hunky Lars Slind

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Lars Slind looks quite handsome, plus hi physique is delicious!

Thank you - Camo - oie_yyFvLiVF9B4D.png

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Posted (edited)
On 12/12/2017 at 1:56 PM, JackFTwist said:

According to a few of the comments to the video, there’s a slightly longer version that’s more explicit about the relationship between the two guys, but I couldn’t find it.  “Harley" is also available on Amazon and Vimeo, but the length is the same as the YouTube version, so those don’t appear to be the longer version the comments are referring to.

The longer version is also on YouTube.  It runs a minute and a half longer and is indeed more explicit about the relationship between Harley and Lucas.  I found the shorter version to be oddly coy and therefore somewhat unsatisfying.  However, since the shorter one was posted by the filmmakers, I guess that must be their preferred version.



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@CalKen :  Many, many thanks for finding this!  The key differences seem to start around the 6:30 and 10:00 marks.  This version really is more explicit  about their relationship -- and more meaningful.  Thanks, again.

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