The Guy or the Car?

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Difficult choice, beautiful boys and classic mustang. Fortunately, the boys are many :)


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Car399.jpg   Car392.jpg   Car394.jpg  Car391maxwell zagorski.jpg

I'll go with the man and the car in the bed of that pickup! 

@tbill :  Good choice — that’s super-hunky model Will Grant.  But I’d find it difficult to resist the explicit invitation on the jockstrap of the twink in the first photo.   The Hercules-like hulk in the third photo is Russian fitness coach and International Federation of BodyBuilding & Fitness pro Denis Gusman.  I’d be tempted by the late-model Mustang behind him in that choice.  Lots — and I do mean lots — more photos of him on his Facebook page:

The cutie in the last photo is model Maxwell Zagorski, one of my favorites — that perfect All-American boy-nextdoor look.  Loran23 has posted a nice selection of photos of him at:

We had an extensive collection of photos of him on the old AM site, including a MaleSuperStars album, that we need to get around to restoring.  ( @JoelR and @Steve :  Hint, hint!  9_9  )

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Old photos

tumblr_miwr8oigep1qcs4zto2_r1_1280.jpg  tumblr_ni6n9nGtV61tt3z9fo1_1280.jpg


@Loran23 :  What a fantastic collection of vintage photos!  I think the first photo above from your spread is a relatively young Clark Gable, and the second photo is definitely Cary Grant.  (It's even autographed.)  Finally, I have no idea why, but I love the last photo.  Maybe it's a combination of my weakness for men in uniform and thinking how good he'd look in that pose without his fatigues on!  "Life Magazine" is a bottomless treasure trove of great shots and excellent photography that spans many decades.  

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