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On 06/08/2017 at 10:42 PM, Jeremiah said:

173d61105aeb16f4e5db6d0ef39797a5.jpg 304f7195-ada7-4952-aa4e-8c7b3ab61c8f.jpg 593d48b1cfdba7b796fcb07ddd2a4f3c--men-kissing-gay-couple.jpg 648d20635f87a529baada749f8b07805.jpg 15792e34c15945c5c8f7fb3559e23ee3.jpg 80df629a90a32c65ac82a463cd16631a.jpg 10182c4bcb111ac8293d966978eff111.jpg 76161df9e5559293f4416b625541433e.jpg

:tw_heart: Beautiful pics !

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 0c626fa5cf40b375f7b8b438b98ddfef.jpg 907ef87143c53832331773503cc2b8d5.jpg 76161df9e5559293f4416b625541433e.jpg 170215 (52).jpg 817914.jpg

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32 minutes ago, Jeremiah said:

170215 (52).jpg 

Love it. Totally excellent :wow:

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34 minutes ago, Jeremiah said:


mmmmmmmmm :tw_heart:

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On 8/10/2017 at 2:15 PM, Jeremiah said:


 0c626fa5cf40b375f7b8b438b98ddfef.jpg 907ef87143c53832331773503cc2b8d5.jpg 76161df9e5559293f4416b625541433e.jpg 170215 (52).jpg 817914.jpg


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Gay love, nothing quite like it :wow:


 Kissing, Men, Gay, Beards, Bears, Fit, Homoerotic,.jpg beautiful-naked-male-models-107380.jpg

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36 minutes ago, Jeremiah said:


I don't know where you found this, but it sure says it all:Yes:

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:x I love this !

Edited by wolfe
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7 minutes ago, Doug said:

I just have to bring this to everyone's attention. It totally says everything I believe in a relationship.

Surely I'm not the only one that thinks this is great, am I? :huh:

The photo pretty much says it all @Doug

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1 hour ago, Jeremiah said:


If you can post pics like this then you understand me completely.

Fabulous pictures, but this one says it all for me.

Thank you @Jeremiah, you deserve this and a hundred more :tw_heart:

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      Adam and I met with a good female friend the other night for dinner.  The conversation veered towards the topic of jealousy and possessive relationships.  Our female friend is in a budding relationship, where she self-classifies herself with her boyfriend as "going steady" (and by the way, we spent all of the entree course dissecting that distinction between "merely friends" and "boyfriend / girlfriend", which are - after 30 minutes of discussion - lesser commitments  than "going steady").  Anyways, our female friend thought that it was okay to shamelessly flirt.  Which she's done on multiple occasions and doesn't plan to stop, because "that's just her playful personality."      
      Now, disregarding HER actions, her boyfriend was immediately taken aback by it .... but not just taken aback, he makes a big deal about it ... he yells at her in public, he makes them leave the premises, and he even verbally threatened the (presumably innocent) guy with whom she was flirting with.  Then again, they were at a bar and the other guy should have noticed her boyfriend before he asked for her number.  
      Adam thought it was romantic.  He likes the idea of having a possessive man, and likened it a white knight.   I thought it was way overboard, and her boyfriend never should have made a public spectacle out of the problem.  
      At the same time, Adam rightfully pointed out to me that - in public - I've always pulled him in tighter or physically held him when we talk with other (good-looking) guys.  I've also glared at him when he's off intently chatting with some other guy or I'll meander on over to join the conversation and butted in.  But I mean, Adam is mine, right?  Body, soul, dick, and heart ... he is wholly mine.  
      So I wanted to ask YOU on just how much "jealousy" and "possessiveness" you think couples can or should properly exhibit?  And where does it cross the line from "you're my boyfriend" to "don't you dare talk to anyone else"? 
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