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Is it rare to never precum?


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Is it rare that I've never precum in my life? I've never had it, don't know why but I just don't. I see on xtube that just about any jerkoff vid, the guy precums but is there something wrong with me if I've never precum before? Just a thought

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sorry, but I am like uhhuh, leak all over the place. But I think I have read some place that it is normal to have precum (a lot or a little) or none at all.

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precum (or pre-ejaculate fluid) is produced in the cowper's gland. its purpose is essentially to neutralise any urine and lubricate to better allow the sperm to release. i'm surprised that you say you never have any at all although the amounts from one person to another do vary considerably. the amount may also depend on how turned-on you are and how long you have been engaging in sexual activity. if i just have a quickie wank, for example, then i might not notice any. if i'm going at it for ages, on the other hand, i do get quite sticky there to say the least!


perhaps you could try 'edging' and just wank slowly (with frequent stops) for as long as you can (a chatroom or camsite is good for this!). squeeze the penis a little and see if any precum appears.


if this really does concern you then you might consider seeking specialist help. but if you want my opinion then i wouldnt concern yourself too much about this.

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Precum is personal.

Well it depends on how much you are turned on. If i watch porn or kiss very long with someone and make out. My dick is all wet. I think its natural you need it for penetrating as lube or it makes youre wanking easier.

We europeans are not cut so we do need some lube to make the friction between foreskin and head easier.. ;-)

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Ive always been dry too, and it's never

been a issue for me.

I guess some guys are different in that regard.

Like the other guy said, I wouldn't worry too much

about it if I were you. It sounds like a pretty minor

thing to me. As long as you ejaculate without any

problems, then your'e probably ok.

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Just chiming in to say, I don't produce much either - and it's never proved to be a problem nor caused me concern about my health. I think it's just one of those things that you have to chalk up to "everyone [being] different". I wouldn't let it phase you :)

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For me, it depend upon the mood. There are times I'm wet as rain and there are times of drought as well. Maybe its correlated with one's hydration status and mood. That's my guess. :)

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depends how long I remain aroused without jerking myself off! If I can't touch myself (say I am in the office) and I am aroused, I know I'll be sticky when I go to take a piss.

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I've never produced pre-cum either and had similar worries but so far my equipment works for all other purposes so I became less concerned. I've never even had a wet dream to be honest.

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Same here - pretty dry!

ha ha, aaaw poor baby


Yeah same here, just a bit but not loads, I wouldn't wanna be one of these guys who splash about the place, far too messy when you just want a quick wank


I've never even had a wet dream to be honest.

Yeah me neither thank god, I don't dream though so that's to be expected

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  • 2 months later...

I dont precum either really... but I think I have, I'll precum more often if Im being jerked off and then stop for a while,


Sometimes if it's a quickie or Im just masturbating a quick one out, I dont stop long enough to get any precum


That's how I feel and that's my non-scientific personal opinion for what's going on :P

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I rarely precum. Sometimes if edging for a while and stopping right before cumming I might see some but that's it.

I love when a guy precums. The more he leaks the hotter it is. It may be because I don't.

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Nope, no previews from my projector, either. As has been pointed out several times, it varies from man to man. I do wonder about one thing, though: Are those who do produce precum circumcised? Without that foreskin to slide back and forth, maybe the body produces it to lower friction? Just wondering... :thinking-023:

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