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Guys & Games — Jocks in Any Sport

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Tom Brady


Tom Brady-01.jpgTom Brady-02.jpg

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I don't know much about sports so I'm just going to guess that he is a tight end.


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A nice warmup session before the match begins























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David Williams

David Williams-01.jpgDavid Williams-02.jpg

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On November 24, 2015 at 11:46 PM, JoelR said:

Saxon Dunworth, represented by London MGT, by Pat Supsiri 

So that’s who that stud muffin is!  We have a few photos of him around the site, but none with any ID that I’ve seen.  But “Saxon Dunworth”?  Preppy much?

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Cam McDaniel, Notre Dame football player, whose game photo went viral in October 2013 with captions like “ridiculously photogenic running back.”  His helmet got knocked off during the play, but he continued his run anyway.  Actually, as the last photo shows, McDaniel is cute enough … but not nearly as handsome as the football photo makes him appear.  Rather than McDaniel being all that photogenic himself, the photo actually reflects “ridiculously” lucky timing by the photographer, who just happened to capture McDaniel seeming to look directly into the camera, with a perfectly composed expression on his face.  Out of the burst of photos the photographer’s camera probably shot of this play, chances are the photos just before and after this one show the grimace on McDaniel's face from exertion that we typically see in sports action photos.  Photo #3 is one of the best of many parodies.

Cam McDaniel 0578 L.jpg  Cam McDaniel 02.jpg  Cam McDaniel parody am 2850.jpg   Cam McDaniel 08.jpg

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Harrison Smith, Free Safety for the Minnesota Vikings.

Vikings 62 AM 7716.jpg

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For photos of guys in sports that don’t necessarily involve balls, like swimming, diving, rowing, gymnastics, etc.  Appreciation of the male form’s beauty in all types of athletic endeavors is the objective, so nudity is allowed but by no means required.  (There may be some overlap with the “Men and Balls” and “Guys and Balls (X)” categories.) 

This is a promotional video for the 2017 University of Nebraska gymnastics team.  A few of the guys look too chubby to be serious gymnasts, but the majority of the guys are some nice eye candy.  The action goes by so fast that watching it one time might not be enough to appreciate all the “scenery”!


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The accents are sort of strange, but the eye candy is serious.  This YouTube screen capture doesn’t do the lads any favors, especially the slender blond on the left.  (He’s my favorite in the video.)

The host/narrator is Nile Wilson, Bronze Medalist on the High Bar at the 2016 Rio Olympics.  He has his own YouTube channel, if you’re interested.

@Doug and @macnasty:  This one’s especially for you, lads.)


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Fabian Hambuechen, German Olympic gymnast.

Fabian Hambuechen GE Gymnast 1.jpg  Fabian Hambuechen GE Gymnast Gold 2015 Euro Games.jpg  Fabian Hambuechen GE Gymnast 2009.jpg  Fabian Hambuechen GE Gymnast Rio 1.jpg  Fabian Hambuechen GE Gymnast 2014 Suit.jpg 

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Rock-climbing definitely isn’t my cup of tea, but I’d like to meet either one of these studs at the bottom when they’re finished.  I know just what would give them a quick “pick-me-up."

#1: Evan Dollard;   #2: Unidentified

Evan Dollard Rock Climbing tum shorts sports.jpg  Rock Climbing - Nature am 60.jpg

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15 hours ago, JackFTwist said:

Surf’s up!

#1: Alex Cypriano;  #2: Pornstar Brady Jensen;  #3: Bel Ami superstar Kris Evans;  #4-6: Unidentified.

Alex Cypriano surfboard swimwear wet aag 25.jpg  Brady Jensen 26064_008 swimwear surfboard.jpg  Kris Evans Surfer speedo.jpg  Hunk & Surfboard am 5260.png   Surfer - Blue Brief tumblr_njl.png  Surfer 13.jpg


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