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Top or Bottom

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Hey guys..

Thought it might be fun to ask whether you prefer to top or bottom.




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:blip: never slept in a bunk bed


gramma sez they are unsafe




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:blip: never slept in a bunk bed


gramma sez they are unsafe






yes they are

I once fell from the top one. it didnt hurt a lot because i felt in the carpet and i didnt it my head on the floor, but still, no more bunk beds for me

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I think top.


But what about the versatile option?

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I would have thought versatile guys would have a preference though.


I'm not saying the choice is easy....








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Guest Farret

Uhm I'm versatile. Depends on my mood but i mostly "have to be" top at the moment since my bf wants to bottom :rolleyes:

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Versatile here too! I don't mind pitching or catching as the mood strikes me or it ;)

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Guest Livengood

Strictly top to be honest. Just feels awesome taking control and being dominant(no..not that kind of dominant lol)

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I'm a top for a few personal reasons. :)


I would love to try bottoming, but I have issues in that department that would cause problems. :(

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I enjoy both, but won't necessarily desire both with the same guy. Certain guys make me want to top or bottom or both; completely individual basis for me. But I think it would be silly for me to not see the allure of both: I mean, we've all seen someone REALLY enjoying themselves while topping and have seen those guys that go just as nuts while bottoming. They're not all faking ;) both can feel really good. gogo vers crowd ;)

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It all depends on the chemistry with the other fella. I can bottom (and love it) or I can become dominant and pound it as needed. Its all good as long as the sex is good.

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Guest Boomer89

I prefer to top, but I have bottomed a few times and enjoyed it most of the time. Like Livengood said, I just like the feeling of being in control and the reaction you can get from a guy based on how you have sex...Watching their eyes light up and the pleasure in their face as it goes in....

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Guest caspianlewis

ive always been curious as to attempt to bottom but never have

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Guest JohnBJ1

i'm definitely more of a top. i love pounding a nice bottom. ;)

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Who doesn't love to be in control?


Also seems like we have a bit of a problem here..way too many tops for the number of reported bottoms haha. Good think we have some reported versatile guys!

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I use to bottom...but for me as I got older, I wanted to play more as a top. It just feels a lot better for me to top, especially taking those boner pills. I just want to fuck everything.

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Never had anal sex, so I can't say! I don't know if I ever will have anal sex either... I just don't think it's my thing. But I feel like I SHOULD be a bottom, because I want to be the girl in a relationship, but the problem is my personality is kind of aggressive and I'm 6 feet tall. So it's hard to find someone who has an aggressive personality and is taller than me. I'm super thin though, so at least it's not hard to find someone who is more muscular and larger in non-height regards.

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Top...I find bottoming very painful :wacko:

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The only time I ever tried to bottom was like 8 years ago and it hurt like heck. He didn't get even the head in before I was telling him to get the hell off of me :) I've always wanted to try it, but I don't like the pain that I experienced that first time. Does it ever stop hurting so much as you get more and more into it?

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Guest Sexiboi

I'm versatile, though I'm Top most of the time. Bottoming needs a lot of psychological preparation for me, though once it's in it, I just loooooove it!


Does anybody have the same feeling?

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Guest lazydude9270

So I don't really know what I am anymore... last couple times I have bottomed I have been unable to cum... and it just feels really uncomfortable... I want to try topping some time tho ;)

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I think bottoming, but its different with different guys, and Ive never ever wanted to do both with the same guy for some reason.

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Top all the way! But I can never find anyone to bottom for me lolwink.gif Where I live the guys seem to be all talk - they say they wanna get nailed, but then they're never up for it when it comes to crunch time, and they chicken out pretty quickly!

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