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Great Outdoors


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23 hours ago, JoelR said:

Naked guys basking in the great outdoors 170101 AdonisMale_001.jpg

Great topic and super hot stud.  I love the furry blond hair on his legs.

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5 hours ago, nicoperal said:

BKSpfbjCIAEdOHw.jpg  CzUiCf4XAAEyuec.jpg  large.BP_A_Asshole_P_0250.jpg.ffadf44e4a7174dc00110e3976a5b651.jpg

@nicoperal : Great photos!  #1 is megahunk former Bel Ami star Pavel Novotny (aka Max Orloff and Jan Dvorak).  Carlo Kovarik, the cutie at the receiving end of Novotny’s huge cock, doesn’t seem to be enjoying the experience, but Novotny may have been giving him a real pounding.  According to George Duroy, Bel Ami's owner/director, Novotny was one of the hottest stars he ever directed, but he was extremely temperamental and very difficult to control on set, with a tendency to get too rough on his bottoms (like this one?).   According to Duroy, "He was the entire package:  A beautiful face with an incredible body, a huge cock and extreme cumshots.”  Duroy said he believed Novotny could’ve easily been a star equal to the great Lukas Ridgeston if he hadn’t been so exhausting for the director and other performers to work with.   Duroy finally decided he just wasn’t worth the trouble and stopped using him in Bel Ami's videos.  What a shame.

#2 is simply a brilliantly and beautifully composed photo, not to mention the hot bodies.  #3 is porn star Johnny V. (aka Nick DiCristina).

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On ‎1‎/‎2‎/‎2017 at 9:09 AM, Nicolas said:

It reminds me my summer holidays !



Love the #1 guy...Blake with Sean Cody. Boy, he sure knows how to take a cock in his ass. I might could learn a thing or tooo !!!  So freaking HOT....:Yes:

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23 hours ago, Hawkins said:

Love the #1 guy...Blake with Sean Cody. Boy, he sure knows how to take a cock in his ass. I might could learn a thing or tooo !!!  So freaking HOT....:Yes:

Thanks for the ID.  He’s such a cutie and has a great smile that he uses often, unlike a lot of models.  I knew he looked familiar, but I have a notoriously awful memory for names.

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3 hours ago, nicoperal said:

Beach hunk in black cozzie.jpg

@nicoperal: Great photos.  The one above is model Myles Hannaman in his younger days.  IMO he looked even better back then than he does now.  This photo is one of my longtime favorites — what a stud.

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3 hours ago, nicoperal said:

I fall in LOVE... :x


Kellan Lutz (“Hercules”).  As the watermark on the first 2 photos shows, he apparently has his own website now.  As for the last photo, he can name his price!

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