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I had a whole song written for here, and its gone out of my head, contemplating Tom's dance routine in Risky Business and another scene from Cocktales. oh well, enjoy!


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    • JackFTwist
      HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.  A must-have for collectors of early 2000s porn.  Ruggedly good-looking (à la Charles Bronson), great body, huge cock.  Wooden actor, and probably couldn't deliver a line of dialog to save his life.  But who cared?  That's not what we were watching his videos for!
    • ColtMann
      not Randy Barnes, Davy Barnes . . .
    • COCKConnoisseur
      I'd love to wrap my moist quivering HOMOSEXUAL lips around the CORONA of the beautiful, delicious looking, full, plump, flared HEAD of this hot, muscular, Caucasian stud's absolutely breathtakingly fabulous thick tightly CIRCUMCISED COCK, tug on the HEAD with my FAGGOT lips while I circle stroke the shaft up to the CORONA with my dominant hand and stroke my penis with my other hand until that gorgeous COCK exploded in my eagerly awaiting mouth and I simultaneously have the most intense orgasm ev
    • JackFTwist
      Highest possible recommendation.  Essential for any collector of vintage porn images from the 1970s-1990s period, especially fans of the classic Colt era.  Pruitt is utterly gorgeous, in both his hairy and smooth looks.  (He can have his way with me in either mode.) Pruitt did 2 soft-core, VCR-based videos for Colt Studios’ “Iconic Bodies” series that are occasionally available on DVD from Colt’s online store.  Unfortunately, the video quality is very low because they’re digitized from 1980
    • JoelR
      Hey @Warrior69 thanks for uploading these great sets of Texas hunk Derrick Davenport.  I noticed that you do not have any screenshots.  To add screenshots, click on File Actions > Upload a new version.  You should then see a field for screenshots.  
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