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  1. Today
  2. house Bedroom Dreams

    Raffaele Giuliani
  3. clothing Men in Pants

    Eryck Laframboise
  4. men types Long hair is sexy!

    Logan Flatte
  5. body parts The Pitts

    Cory Bower
  6. Yesterday
  7. clothing Jeans

  8. nature A Day At The Beach

    Another shot of a hunk at the beach.
  9. Welcome message by Joel

    Thank you, Joel.
  10. Welcome message by Joel

    Greetings! My name is Joel, and I'm the webmaster and owner of AdonisMale.com. I wanted to warmly and officially welcome you to AdonisMale.com, explain my background, and help answer any questions. I know that there will be teething issue as you migrate over, so I want to make the migration as smooth as possible. ColtMann has embraced the new group, and we hope you will be as delighted as he is. Nearly 100 members have already switched over and we hope more will join us as we continue the migration. My Story I was a former owner of a Yahoo Group as well.. If you knew IcyHotMen@yahoogroups.com, then you knew me. I was also a member of everything from Harry's Playgirl groups to 20 other groups for many years; my roots run deep within Yahoo Groups. However, I knew many years ago that Yahoo was no longer interested in maintaining or keeping up their Groups, and it was time for me to branch off. Several of my core members followed me to a new community platform, and AdonisMale..com was borne. Through all those changes, my mission has always been to share amazing pictures of hunks with the world. What is AdonisMale.com? AdonisMale.com is a homoerotic community. It was borne out of my desire, much like ColtMann's mission, to share my collection of pictures and files. Over the years, I've been blessed to befriend some truly amazing online friends who have shared their collection of photos with me. Thus, what started as a personal project has evolved into a community project -- many users all sharing their photos with each other. This spirit of collaboration is the heart and soul of AdonisMale.com, and what's allowed us to thrive and grow over the years. I've been truly lucky to count some amazing people as online friends, from Jordan at IcyHotMen@yahoogroups.com to Harry Mulford at MenofPlaygirl@yahoogroups.com, and now I can count ColtMann. All of these individuals have made transformative additions to the community, and we're delighted to be the new home for you and ColtMann. Why should you join? We're here for the long-run to be the new home for "Son of PicJim." Yahoo is not kind of adult content; Yahoo is a corporation; and Yahoo has been selling itself off. We're an independent community platform with no corporate interests dedicated to homoerotic content. It's run by me, a real person, and you're always welcome to reach out to me on the website with questions. ColtMann and I talk almost every day, and you'll find that I'm extremely responsive. (I have a real job, so you'll need to bear with me sometimes). Yahoo has not evolved. We will always stay modern. We recognize that how you engage online changes over time, which is why we use a premium community software with ongoing updates. We use responsive design that fits every device from mobile to desktop; we offer flexible notifications to help you stay up to date with stuff you care about; and we offer forums, galleries, downloads, links, calendars, and groups. You're combining forces with an existing community. We're already home to Harry Mulford's entire Playgirl collection; we have several other users uploading major collections; and all of it is available right now, for free. We want to be your new home. We want you to be delighted, excited, and even overwhelmed by all the amazing new things. We won't offer the same thing as Yahoo Groups -- we want to offer a new way to browse and participate, and we hope you'll take the time to learn. ColtMann is uploading his entire collection, which means you'll be able to browse anything and everything at any time you want. We're committed to making the adjustment as easy as possible, and I'll be posting further updates. Please stay tuned for further updates. Sincerely, Joel R Posted to SonOfPicJim at YahooGroups May 22 at 9:53 AM
  11. body parts The Bushes

  12. men types Long Haired HUNKS

    Justin Zabinski
  13. clothing Hooded in Hoodies

    Brayden Dunbar
  14. clothing Jeans

    Francesco Soave
  15. body parts The Bushes

    Andrea Moscon
  16. clothing Swimwear

    Guilherme Bravin
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