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  2. aubreyjay

    Good Luck Ricky

    Our group member, Ricky, has reported that he has been diagnosed with lung cancer and is undergoing radiation therapy. This is a wallpaper telling him that I am thinking of him during this difficult time. Jay
  3. aubreyjay


    This is the 4th of July wallpaper I intended to post on the fourth. Better late than never. Jay
  4. aubreyjay

    The Artful Flexor

    I have been unable to access the site for about two weeks. I am back and able to function with the site. Here is my latest wallpaper. Jay
  5. gallric51

    Newest Wallpapers

  6. aubreyjay

    Ocean View

    Something to start your week. Jay
  7. This should create anticipation and excitement in the minds of our horny members, present company included. "Sproing!" Jay
  8. aubreyjay

    Fan Favorite

    Batting practice never looked so good. Hope this helps you get over "Hump Day." Jay
  9. aubreyjay

    Abstract Pride

    One last Pride wallpaper. Jay
  10. aubreyjay


    Here's a new one I've been working on recently. Jay
  11. aubreyjay

    Great Balls Of Pride

    Thanks Ricky.....Jay
  12. aubreyjay

    Seashore Fantasy

    Here's something I worked on over the week end. Jay
  13. gallric51

    Great Balls Of Pride

    Nicely Done.....Ricky
  14. Another tribute to Pride. Jay
  15. aubreyjay


    For some reason I neglected to post this last week. Jay
  16. Everyman


    I added some of my recent WPs to the dallery including this last one I did. At least I think I did
  17. Everyman

    Eman - 2019

  18. aubreyjay

    Prideful Play

    One last Rainbow wallpaper to start the month of Pride. The model is Diego Sechi. Jay
  19. Pride....We're in it together! Jay
  20. aubreyjay

    Window Dressing

    Here's my latest effort. The model is Diego Sechi. Jay
  21. aubreyjay

    Bubble Pride

    I couldn't resist this blue eyed honey. More pride colors. Jay
  22. aubreyjay

    colors of pride

    Loving your colors of pride, Kelly. Jay
  23. aubreyjay

    Pride Globes

    The model here is Matt Vose. Yet another pride wallpaper. Enjoy! Jay
  24. aubreyjay


    My latest for Gay Pride. Jay
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