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  2. gallric51

    Cave Mosaic

    Awesome As Always Jay.......Ricky
  3. aubreyjay

    Cave Mosaic

    Here's a little something to get you over "hunp day." Jay
  4. aubreyjay

    Seeing Red

    Just fooling around on a Monday morning. Jay
  5. aubreyjay

    Full Moon Rising

    This is for those who do not celebrate Passover or Easter. To them, I apologize. Jay
  6. aubreyjay

    Quiet Reflection

    TGIF...Hope this starts off your weekend well. Jay
  7. mitchora

    MRKreation Wallpaper [Ricky]

    Ricky must've had an awful lot of training and talent to get THIS good - thank you Ricky - love all of them.
  8. bakersman94

    MRKreation Wallpaper [Ricky]

    Ricky has an amazing and unique talent for wallpaper designing!! he has a knack for adding a lot of elements to a design, and having them work together in most interesting ways. if i tried that, it would be a mesh of clashing madness with no purpose!! you have no idea how jealous i am of that talent, Ricky!!! you ROCK!!!
  9. gallric51

    MRKreation Wallpaper [Ricky]

    Creations By Ricky MRKreation's
  10. aubreyjay

    Dirty Hands

    After a long hard sweaty day in the fields, a guy needs a little tender lovin care. Time for a nice shower to get all the grit from under your nails and such. Jay
  11. arabbodyb

    Perfection Personified

    carl hardwick is colt perfection. 2019 and still sexy as fuck, nude or not.
  12. mitchora

    Midnight Blue

    re: Getting past Wednesday's: This CERTAINLY isn't going to hurt~~~ p.s. mighta been nice in the first TERMINATOR movie - if this was Arnold climbing out of some murky Hell (opening of picture scene). !!!
  13. aubreyjay

    Mending Fences

    Thank you Wes for your kind remarks. Jay
  14. aubreyjay

    Midnight Blue

    This is my latest effort. Hope it helps you over "hump day." Jay
  15. aubreyjay

    Lost Innocence

    Something to start off your April fools day. Jay
  16. bakersman94

    Mending Fences

    when i was in my preteens, i had no idea Men could look this good!! now, i wish i had a fence for him to mend!! your model is a rugged as the landscape in your background, Jay!!
  17. aubreyjay

    Mending Fences

    Guys like this, you fantasized about in your pre-teens. As an adult you were lucky enough to meet him. Enjoy your Saturday night. Jay
  18. aubreyjay

    Idol Worship

    John Pruitt aka Jim Yount definitely deserves God status. Jay
  19. Olympus

    Tomb Raider

  20. aubreyjay

    Aubrey's Angels

    Just angels from previous & current years.
  21. aubreyjay

    Tomb Raider

    This wallpaper is my entry as part of the most recent challenge at Wallpaper-Hunkz' yahoo group. The model is Sam Franklin. Jay
  22. Derek Bolt once again graces one of my wallpapers. A picture's worth a thousand words. Jay
  23. JoelR

    Perfection Personified

    You should bond with @ColtMann. His name literally comes from Colt Studios LOL I've always liked their depictions of masculinity. They were very homoerotic, but in a very masculine and virile manner.
  24. Colt Men have always been an obsession of mine. Cal Sinclair is right up there at the top IMHO. Jay
  25. I like to fantasize that this is my back yard and this is my care taker. LOL! Jay

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