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Biggest and Best All Male Wallpaper Group!


841318.jpgThis will be a list to trade Desktop Wallpapers Of Hot Looking Men. All Wallpapers Must measure at least 800X600 and feature men. Wallpapers can also be made for Monitors whose resolution is opposite of most computers. We have collected some of the most talented Wallpaper Artists Around. Their talent ranges from beginner to expert. Their vision of their work results in some pretty tremendous pieces of artwork.

15 Years of Providing The Best in All Male Desktop Wallpapers!

You are free to save the wallpapers to use as a desktop background, but if you want to use the wallpaper for any other purpose, you need the artists permission first!! You are not allowed to sell any of these designs for monetary gain. Doing so will get you banned for life!!

A WallpaperHunkz Group

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