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  3. Given the imminent changes to Yahoo groups, including removal of stored content and polls, from this time forward, challenges will be run through our Group here. The challenges will be posted at our group here; new challenges will begin with a new topic to be posted. Anyone who wishes to may participate in creating designs, and we certainly welcome everyone to vote once the poll for the challenge is set up. Designs will be stored on the site. We will create an album for each challenge's entries, under the heading Challenge Entries. Voting will take place in our Club, under the heading Challenge Polls. Sorry about the short notice, but Yahoo is implementing immediate changes.
  4. aubreyjay

    Call of the Wild

    Haunting visuals cloud my mind this Saturday afternoon. Jay
  5. demonjock

    Autumn Splendor

    Love that time of year @aubreyjay
  6. aubreyjay

    Autumn Splendor

    This may put you in a woodsy mood. I hope you all make it over "hump day." Jay
  7. aubreyjay

    Lakeside Embrace

    Hope this gets your Monday going. Jay
  8. aubreyjay


    Cool_a, As it is a design of mine the you posted here, I have to agree with you, that an emotional response is what I always aim for when creating wallpapers. Pure beauty of the model as well as elements in the design are chosen to that end. I'm happy that you find our work moving. Jay
  9. aubreyjay

    Worthy Companion

    Opposites attract. Happy "Hump Day." Jay
  10. Cool_a


    Hi guys. I was wondering what your favourite wallpapers are. For example, this shy guy. I rather like the images that invoke an emotional response from me.. How I would like to cuddle him. No need to know what he hides. The designers, may I ask, of all of the images you have created, are there some that you really like. Whether for technical difficulty, the way the different elements came together, or just like me, the whole is just something more beautiful than the sum of its parts. ie: An emotional response. Little sperms are always curious. So much to learn, so much to experience. Impatient for the lifetime to begin. Do you know any friendly desperate eggs?
  11. aubreyjay

    My Idol

    I was 20 yrs old when I first became aware of Rick Wolfmier. He was my idea of the perfect man......He still is! Jay
  12. aubreyjay

    Asian Woods

    This wallpaper was a special request from my friend at BlackOnyx. He provided the background and requested an Asian model. This is the result. Jay
  13. aubreyjay

    Aubrey's Angels

    Just angels from previous & current years.
  14. aubreyjay

    Party Angel

    Here's the angel of partying to get your weekend off on the right foot. Jay
  15. Here's a little something to help get you over "hump day." Jay
  16. aubreyjay

    Private Party

    Here's a little something to get your Tuesday on track. Jay
  17. aubreyjay

    Faint Of Heart

    Something to get your Monday off to a hot start. Jay
  18. aubreyjay

    Blue Boy

    A 21st century interpretation of a classic.
  19. Here's something to help you over hump day. Jay
  20. aubreyjay


    Camaraderie - A spirit of friendly good-fellowship. Jay
  21. aubreyjay

    The Naked Truth

    Thanks for the promotion, Joel. Hugs, Jay
  22. JoelR

    The Naked Truth

    Very nice! Promoted to the homepage for today
  23. aubreyjay

    The Naked Truth

    Something for your Saturday morning. Jay

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