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A fantasy of mine is to spend a weekend (or even week) together naked with lots of other guys (preferably ages 20-40 and in good shape/slim) and where we can go from teasing foreplay to full on licking, sucking and fucking whenever we feel like it without the hassle of taking clothes off or putting them back on. We can lie in spooning position at night while sleeping or spend hot all-nighters where everyone is so horny they forget to be tired and the morning after, we get up, move around the house naked and do anything fun indoors naked together. Once everyone is in the house, we take every item of clothing off, as well as removing jewellry etc, so that we are all completely naked. I'd be in heaven if I got to experience this, I'd go around licking everyone's bodies, sucking dicks and have them take turns fucking me as well as fucking each other. We'd simply let our imagination run wild and have NSA fun to our heart's content. Another fun thing we could do together while eating breakfast, lunch or dinner is to put food on each other's bodies, or pour beverages on our bodies and lick it off, the idea of doing this always makes me hard mmmm.....
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  2. Orgies where condoms are worn for safety. It definitely doesn't take away from the hotness and overall pleasure had by everyone though!
  3. Anything group intimate that doesn't involve fucking but still has lots of sexy naked men together, horny for sucking, licking and rimming each other mmmmmmmm yeeeeaahhhh....
  4. Orgies with no rubber, just skin to skin, lots of horny guys 100% naked and hotness all around!
  5. More and more guys keep joining the fun in this orgy and I wish I were one of them mmmmmmm yeeeaaaahhh.... https://xhamster.com/videos/bareback-orgy-xhwKPVj
  6. http://www.xvideos.com/video47520547/bareback This hot bareback foursome makes an interesting use of a staircase and its railing. Wish I could join them rimming, licking, sucking and fucking each other mmmmmmm yeeeeaaaahhh....
  7. Dickman81


    Thanks, I'm glad you like this album! All of these pics defintiely get me horny and makes me wish I was one of these guys and I will add more bareback orgy pics soon! :)
  8. Men hanging out naked and lounging together.
  9. SmoothFaggot


    BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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