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A celebration of the adult male nude through creative and artistic photography and digital artwork. Not really a place for pornography (nothing wrong with that, just not here) but, of course, the odd erection and creative presentation of sexual acts is fine. The key words here are 'artistic', 'creative' and 'imaginative. Good light, good angles, colour, black and white, good composition all encouraged.
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  2. gerhardschuessler

    Gerhard Schüssler

    Ich bin sehr am Thema interessiert, weil es sehr schwierig ist gute Fot zu machen. Über Anregungen freue ich mich.
  3. Dekoa


  4. Dekoa


  5. SmoothArt

    early nude photos and 20C queer art

    Nothing is better than erotic gay art! Love these images!
  6. mbx63

    The Nude Male, Standing (shaved)

    I find it very pleasing to see a male shaved down with not a trace of public hair, his bald penis just hanging down looking rather pathetic but horny too.
  7. QueerRichard

    Recommended Flickr Groups

    I'm starting off recommending the flickr groups that I run, two of which are directly relevant to this club, two of which are are a little more 'arse than art'...but a lot of fun if you're into a bit of both. I'd encourage all members to add any flickr sites they think we'll like. Let's stick to flickr here and see how it goes.
  8. QueerRichard

    The Nude Male, Sitting (Groomed pubic hair)

    As the name of the album suggests, completely nude, pubic hair intact but trimmed/groomed, not all over the place. My photos to start - I hope you'll add your own - and, as a point of interest, in this set my penis takes on a circumcised appearance, my foreskin being peeled back
  9. Probably more of my photographs come into this category than any other (unless it be those reclining without pubic hair). Hopefully, a few of you will be inspired to share some of yours here too
  10. QueerRichard

    The Nude Male, Standing (shaved)

    Artistic photographs of the nude male, standing and shaved. Please feel free to add your own photographs (on topic) to this album
  11. QueerRichard

    The Digital Nude Male

    Photomontage, collages and other art works created digitally using photographic images of the nude male or reenvisioned versions of classical/contemporary works of art incorporating the male nude. I'm pretty new to this and I sometimes think my efforts a little clumsy. So, I'm keen to see the work of other guys and learn from them. Please do post your work and what you find (but do check copyrights are okay first)
  12. QueerRichard

    The Nude Male (black & white)

    my own images to start us off but, as ever, I hope you will add your black and white images here too. Black and white photography is such a lovely medium, immediately 'arty' but really versatile when it comes to grain and contrast, so lots to see and enjoy
  13. Ganznackt

    Von hinten 8

    Von hinten ist eine meiner LIeblingsfotoposen
  14. Ganznackt

    SB 10

  15. Ganznackt

    AV SB 2

  16. Ganznackt

    AV colour10

  17. Ganznackt

    e 2 300 h

    Hier bin ich sehr zeigefreudig
  18. Diese Aufnahme verbirgt nicht. Besonders gern rücke ich den total nackten und penibel ausrasierten Genitalbereich inkl.Po in den Focus
  19. mbx63

    early nude photos and 20C queer art

    Thank you for your remarks and encouragement! I intend to add a few more soon. This is very interesting Group indeed.
  20. QueerRichard

    The Nearly Naked Nude (Black and White)

    Partially draped, obscured genitals or genitals partially exposed to view, these photographs are designed to tantalise and inspire the imagination
  21. QueerRichard

    The Nearly Naked Nude (with or without pubic hair)

    Partially draped, obscured genitals or genitals partially exposed to view, these photographs are designed to tantalise and inspire the imagination

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