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A club for bears and bear-lovers. Welcoming to the entire animal kingdom: otters, cubs, daddies, chubolds, and of course, bears!
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  2. JohnnyF

    Hairy Buff & Brawny 1

    I've only been on Adonis Male for a couple months now, but this by far is one of the best albums/collections I've come across. So many fantasies in the above pictures!
  3. tealeaves

    Brad Kalvo

    love a nice bear
  4. JohnnyLlama

    Marc Giacomo & Russell Tyler

    I am a Russell Tyler fan!! Thanks!
  5. HairyHoss

    Jayson West & Victor West

    Hot couple
  6. HairyHoss

    All Bear E01 2013-07.pdf

    Gotta love a bottom man in a thong.
  7. HairyHoss

    Its the Leatherbears

    Nothing like a bear in leather.
  8. HairyHoss

    New Bears to the Campground

    Glad to be here.
  9. BearChuck

    Average Penis 10

    Can this average guy get some attention?
  10. BearChuck

    Average Penis 9

  11. BearChuck

    Average Penis 8

    I'll admit I get nervous when people see it
  12. BearChuck

    Average Penis 7

    Vacation is over and I need someone to cheer me up

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