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Welcome to Bearnecessity, a welcoming home for bears and bear-lovers.  We're happy to invite the entire Animal Kingdom, so whether you're an otter, cub, wolf, daddy, chubold, hair men, or just a plain 'ol big bear like me, come on in and make yourself at home.  You don't gotta be a bear, but ya gotta want to paw one 😉  

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Club Rules

1.  We encourage and want all members to be an active part of Bearnecessity.  Bears do better together as a family, so make sure ya take a moment to contribute to the family.  

2.  We have a zero tolerance policy against discrimination or hurtful words.  No growlin' at each other, ya hear?  

Club Sections

  • Campgrounds - This is our gathering place for club discussion, events and discussions.  Come to the Campgrounds to mingle with others.
  • Bear Albums - Images and albums of any kinds of bears, otters, cubs.  If you're not sure, dump it here.  
  • Bear Models - Images and albums of solo models
  • Daddy Albums - Images and albums of daddies and chubolds.  
  • Muscle Bears - Images and albums of muscle bears

Bearnecessity and the club leadership claims no ownership of any content or images posted herein.  Please contact the club administrator to remove any infringing content.  

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Adult Warning

Hey there, this site has a lot of muscle and dicks, so make sure you're 18+ and agree to our Terms of Use, Privacy Policy, and Guidelines. We also want to feed you some Cookies, so open wide for daddy.