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Older younger picks, encounters, stories you have. Submit pics too
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  2. sacsct03


    Taking pain with pleasure for Daddy/
  3. sacsct03


    Everyone needs a mentor.
  4. sacsct03


    Is it torture, punishment or pleasure for the slave? Maybe it's all of those.
  5. sacsct03


    Giving it up.
  6. sacsct03

    its too big

    Let daddy have your boyhole. You'll love it.
  7. sacsct03


    What a load! Nectar of the gods.
  8. sacsct03


    Looks like he's learning about the joys of prostate stimulation.
  9. DeanGreen

    Adding Images

    Please try to keep with the theme of this group. Images outside of the theme are subject to deletion. Also, It is ok to add to the images already posted. To do that, Go to the images tab Click Add Album Choose Continue without using an album Copy and paste to the box with the plus sign. Note as you add images the box shrinks, but stays on top. Just keep adding until you are completed adding your images. Click Submit all images. When complete you will be redirected to the top of the page of images. Your avatar will be for your posts. Thank you
  10. DeanGreen


  11. DeanGreen


  12. DeanGreen


  13. DeanGreen

    Hard Bottom

  14. DeanGreen

    butt grab

  15. Billedjesper

    dads twins

    Adam and Konrad Richter from Double Czech 2009 (2009) and Double Czech: Twins in Lust (2010
  16. Happyman

    handjob and prostate rub

    The fountain of youth
  17. Happyman


    Feeding a ginger 😋
  18. Happyman


    Feeding time and I am very hungry 😋
  19. Kurbantz


    I wish the guy across the street had been more aggressive and taught me!!
  20. Kurbantz


    Super hot photo.
  21. JohnMania

    Comic Relief

  22. Kurbantz


    Can't imagine taking his cock up my ass.
  23. johnp2017


  24. johnp2017



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