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REAL straight guys caught on cam! Mooning, streaking, hazing and initiation pics, military guys, frat boys, guys pissing, sleeping guys, and a lot more :) I love to chat. Mesage me ANY time! I have THOUSANDS of pics and videos in my collection.

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  2. These guys are both SO cute to me, but the one on the right makes me want to explode haha. He has some very nice feet, which is a big turn on for me. I hope you guys enjoy them too! Take care, and email me ANY time to chat! Jeremy http://www.onlyrealguys.com
  3. This is one tub I would love to jump into! Both of these guys are sexy as FUCK...especially the one on the left. Those are some damn nice feet too, which is a big turn on for me. I hope you guys enjoy them as well. Have a great day! Jeremy
  4. This is the sexiest pose to me. I love to see a beefy guy in his undies...especially a hot Army guy ;) I love the peek at his feet...and the efft of his buddy as well. I would gladly massage either of them. I hope you guys enjoy the pic as well. Talk soon! Jeremy http://www.onlyrealguys.com
  5. FUCK...what I would give to be in the middle of that pile ;) They would not have to worry about hiding their dicks. I would gladly hide them in my mouth haha. Let me know what you think guys. Have a wonderful day! Jeremy http://www.onlyrealguys.com
  6. FUCK, this is a sexy guy. Everything about him is hot from that cute face and perfect smile all the way down that well toned body to his feet ;P I would love to get that nice uncut dick hard in my mouth...and suck on those big balls too hehe. Let me know what you guys think. Enjoy! Jeremy http://www.onlyrealguys.com
  7. OK...so there are only 3 words that can describe this boy...HOT AS FUCK ;P That body...damn! He has a cute face to go along with it too. Now, to pry his hand off that dick, so we can get a good look at it too hehe. I would lick every INCH of him from his feet on up that finely chiseled body! Let me know what you think guys. Have a great day! ...
  8. I know these guys are both kinda nerdy looking, but I think they are pretty hot. Love the hairy chested one. The other one looks cute, even with his crazy hair. I wanna rip those damn icons off the pic and see it all tho haha :) The one on the left has nice feet too. Let me know what you guys think. Have a great day! Jeremy...
  9. DAMN! This is one view I would love to walk in on ;) That is one NICE ass...and hot balls too. That hole is just begging for a tongue in it hehe. Nice feet and overall body too. I hope you guys enjoy him too. Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe! Jeremy
  10. This guy is fucking SMOKING HOT to me. I have a thing for guys' bulges in wrestling singlets and spandex anyway, so that is a plus! He has a damn hot body too...and is really cute in a goofy kind of way ;) Love the sneakers too. Overall...a perfect package to me! Let me know what you guys think :) Take care! Jeremy ...
  11. That is one fucking NICE piece of meat. Hangs nicely and is pretty fuckin thick. Those balls look pretty massive too. Love the rippled chest as well. Pretty cute face too. I would LOVE to get that thick dick in my mouth. I wonder how big it gets when it is hard. Let me know what you think guys. Have a great day! Jeremy ...
  12. I have run across a lot of guys who are into feet, socks, sneakers, etc. Even if you are not really into it, you still my like this pic. This guy has some perfect feet and toes. Seeing him sniff those hot socks pretty much drives me crazy too. I hope you all enjoy! Message me if this kinda thing turns you on. Take care! Jeremy ...
  13. FUCK, what I would have given to have been in this group of buds! I don't know which I would go for first...the dick, balls, or that beautiful ass! I would have definitely had my tongue on all of them before it was over ;P I hope you guys like him too. Have a great weekend! Jeremy
  14. Holy FUCK!!! I am not sure what made him decide to take this pic...I guess he thought it was funny lol. I am glad he did take it. I could lick and suck on that perfect hole for HOURS. I need to taste those hot balls too mmm. Let me know what you guys think...and what you would do to him ;) Enjoy! Jeremy http://www.onlyrealguys.com
  15. I can go either way with tats on a guy, but I think his are pretty hot. Like his crazy looking hair too haha. The feet look quite inviting too ;) I hope you guys enjoy him as well. Take care! Jeremy http://www.onlyrealguys.com
  16. Love to see construction workers all sweaty and muddy like this. I only wish I saw more that were posing like HE is hehe. I would love to lick and suck on those hot balls...or do anything else he wanted me to do ;) Let me know what you think guys. Have a great day! Jeremy http://onlyrealguys.com
  17. davedave

    Sleeping guys

    Waaaay cool! Thanks!
  18. Mmmmm, now there is a guy that I would love to run into on the beach hehe. Love his cute face and that SEXY furry chest. I would love to see what he's packing in those sexy briefs. Enjoy! Jeremy http://www.onlyrealguys.com
  19. There is something about this guy that really gets me going. I love the 80's type gear he has on, and the look on his face is just so damn cute. That nice think uncut dick looks pretty damn perfect too. I would drop to my knees right there at the urinal haha. Let me know what you guys think. Take care and stay safe! Jeremy...
  20. The guy being grabbed is pretty fucking sexy. He has a really cute face. Nice balls too, but I wish we could see more of that nice uncut dick that is in his mate's hand ;P Let me know what you think guys. Take care and stay safe! Jeremy http://www.onlyrealguys.com
  21. DAMN, those are some nice big balls. I would love to wake up with those resting on my forehead hehe. His uncut dick is rather nice too. I would love to get my tongue under that foreskin and get it hard. Let me know what you guys think. Have a great day...and stay safe!! Jeremy http://www.onlyrealguys.com
  22. I think this guy is REALLY cute. He has quite a nice, thick dick too. I wonder how much bigger it gets when it gets hard. I would love to find out hehe ;) I hope you guys enjoy him as well. Stay safe, and message me any time to chat! Jeremy http://www.onlyrealguys.com
  23. These guys are both SO damn cute. It looks like they are packing quite the goods inside those shorts too...especially the cutie on the right. Those are some SHORT shorts! Hot sandals and sneakers too hehe. Let me know what you guys think. Take care! Jeremy
  24. These guys are SO insanely hot to me. I love both of their bodies...and those cute faces. You can definitely tell where there bike shorts stopped haha. The socks are sexy as fuck to me too. Which one do you guys like best? Would be hard to choose for me, but I like the one with the hairier chest a LITTLE better. Stay safe guys! Jeremy ...
  25. I would love to have been in either one of these locker rooms ;) The two guys with the beers are especially fucking hot. Let me know what you guys think. Stay safe and take care! Jeremy http://www.onlyrealguys.com
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