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“I consider Max Orloff to be my biggest missed opportunity,” says George Duroy. “He is one of the very few models to become as big a star as Lukas Ridgeston. He was the entire package: A beautiful face with an incredible body, a huge cock and extreme cumshots.” Max had a very strong personality and could be difficult. Bel Ami shot several very strong episodes with him, but each one required so much patience and determination that in the end, George simply gave up. “I am sorry to this day for it,” he says, “because I firmly believe Max had the best porn star material of virtually anyone I have met in my career.” Max was a natural-born exhibitionist with no sexual inhibitions. He would happily take out his beautiful cock anywhere and savored the scandal (and curiosity!) it would generate. “His lack of inhibition created problems,” George recalls. “He had no brakes.” For example, Max created trouble on the set of “Greek Holiday” when he threatened to fuck Tim Hamilton until his ass was bloody. It took some time to calm everyone down to complete the scene. A true manipulator, Max could be a solid professional in short bursts. But if filming lingered, he would become restless and his menacing tendencies would surface. Such unpredictability creates highly unstable, time-consuming and expensive delays in filming. Once a soccer player who ruled the field with powerful kicks, Max for a time ruled the porn world in similar fashion. Despite all his trouble, George still considers Max the ultimate materialization of erotic fantasy. “Max epitomizes everything about sex,” he says.


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