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A celebration of all things underwear! New collections, shopping, models, photo shoots, campaigns, you in underwear, selfies, and more!

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  2. Everyone looks great in stripes! Check out these amazing briefs by Bluebuck made from organic cotton in navy blue with white stripes: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/bluebuck-blue-briefs-with-stripes Would you wear it?
  3. EthanMorale

    Barcode Berlin - Denis Jock

    The Denis Jocks by Barcode Berlin in white: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/barcode-berlin-jock-denis-white-red-royal Would you wear it?
  4. Made from the best quality cotton, Pima cotton, these briefs by 2XIST are luxuriously soft and amazingly comfortable. Check them out: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/2xist-pima-flex-stretch-no-show-brief-ruby-wine Would you wear it?
  5. See more photos from this editorial in Men and Underwear.
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  6. Check out the Retro Pop Boxer with Show-It by Andrew Christian in charcoal grey with yellow detailing on model Nick Mascardo: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/andrew-christian-show-it-retro-pop-boxer-charcoal Would you wear it?
  7. Check out these marine briefs by CODE 22: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/code-22-sailor-briefs-navy-yellow Would you wear it?
  8. Read all about them and check out model Evan posing in them: https://www.menandunderwear.com/2020/02/cellblock-13-cyclone-jocks-thongs-and-harness-launch-at-jockstrap-central.html
  9. Learn more about it: Andrew Christian - Neon Paradise Briefs Would you wear it?
  10. See more photos from this editorial here.
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  11. Just arrived! Foam material made jock from Barcode Berlin which will give you a cosy and enhancing fit! Check out the new Denis jock in store: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/barcode-berlin-jock-denis-black-red-white Would you wear it?
  12. Have a look at the Graphic Briefs by Walking Jack. Soft microfiber, unique print, stunning colours: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/walking-jack-graphic-briefs-sea-print-with-blue Would you wear it?
  13. xavierhutcherson

    2XIST - Sliq Micro Brief Camo

    Hell yeah with out a doubt 😍
  14. Erick

    2XIST - Sliq Micro Brief Camo

    Gosh YES! If I could get it black & sheer, red I would order all colors! I do like the camo as well.
  15. A stunning design by 2XIST in camo with blue detailing! Check out these form fitting Sliq Micro Briefs: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/2xist-sliq-micro-brief-camo Would you wear it?
  16. Learn more about it: Andrew Christian - Show-It Retro Pop Brief Navy Would you wear it?
  17. Possibly one of the most sexy underwear in store, the Thong String by Kale Owen in the abstract Street Art print. Would you wear it? https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/kale-owen-thong-string-street-art
  18. See more photos from this editorial in Men and Underwear.
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  19. The nominations for our 6th Annual Awards have been announced and your vote will decide the winners! Check out the nominees and cast your votes: https://www.menandunderwear.com/2020/01/6th-annual-men-and-underwear-awards-time-to-vote-for-the-best-of-2019.html
  20. Model Carter Wilson returns to Men and Underwear with an editorial photographed by Treys Photo, posing in briefs and jocks by Box Menswear. See more: https://www.menandunderwear.com/2020/01/carter-wilson-photographed-by-treys-photo-box-menswear.html
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  21. A new collection of harness-meets-thong and jocks collection by Cellblock13 just launched at Jockstraps.com. Read all about them: https://www.menandunderwear.com/2020/01/new-jocks-and-thong-harnesses-by-cellblock13.html
  22. Find out more about what he is wearing: Matt James underwear - White Briefs
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  23. Find out more about what he is wearing: Matt James underwear - White Briefs
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  24. EthanMorale

    CODE 22 - Sport Racer Briefs

    @Tenacity Lovely photo! You should post more in the "You in Underwear" section! 🙂
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