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A celebration of all things underwear! New collections, shopping, models, photo shoots, campaigns, you in underwear, selfies, and more!

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  2. lev_igor33

    Bluebuck - Arctic Green Trunks

    it works for him in the picture. Why not?
  3. Learn more about it: Bluebuck - Arctic Green Trunks Would you wear it?
  4. Read more about this underwear: Kale Owen - Micro Briefs Graffiti Hip-Hop Would you wear it?
  5. Read all bout the collections here: https://www.menandunderwear.com/2020/06/two-new-collections-by-kale-owen-have-just-landed.html and see all the products from this brand in the following link: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/manufacturer/kale-owen
  6. From one more editorial with Stathis for Men and Underwear featuring briefs by Walking Jack. See more photos here.
  7. 91428_California_Stripe_Product.mp4 It's Arad Winwin, model for the brand and gay porn star showing us all this jock by Andrew Christian.
  8. Learn more about it: https://www.menandunderwear.com/2020/05/the-enforce-collection-by-maskulo-launched-at-jockstrap-com.html
  9. Get what he is wearing: CODE 22 - Basic Boxer
    • 38.62 kB
    • 564x557
  10. See more photos from this editorial here.
    • 821.11 kB
    • 800x1200
  11. EthanMorale

    Theo Ford in L'Homme Invisible underwear

    Shop this style here.
    • 792.47 kB
    • 1000x1000
  12. See more photos from this editorial here.
    • 560.67 kB
    • 800x1198
  13. EthanMorale

    Barcode Berlin - Kai Briefs black

    Also available in blue: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/barcode-berlin-briefs-kai-royal-blue-with-white
  14. Spring cleaning clearance! For the next 3 days only, get all remaining stock from 2XIST and L'Homme Invisible at 40% discount! Get the last pieces now: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/manufacturer/2xist https://menandunderwear.com/shop/manufacturer/l-homme-invisible
  15. EthanMorale


    • 570.72 kB
    • 852x1280
  16. See more photos from this editorial here.
    • 526.34 kB
    • 800x1200
  17. Learn more about it: Supawear underwear - POW Thong Would you wear it?
  18. EthanMorale

    Ricardo Lorenzo by Adrian C. Martin - Walking Jack underwear

    Find what he is wearing: Walking Jack - Letters Briefs
  19. EthanMorale


    See the second part of the editorial here.
  20. Learn all about it: Barcode Berlin - Sergey Jockstrap Would you wear it?
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