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A celebration of all things underwear! New collections, shopping, models, photo shoots, campaigns, you in underwear, selfies, and more!
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  2. Elegant, sophisticated and made to last: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/bluebuck-trunks-with-stripes-white
  3. Made to be perfect in every aspect: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/walking-jack-core-briefs-black
  4. Check it out: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/manufacturer/tof-paris
  5. Find your style: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/manufacturer/code-22
  6. Check these out: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/barcode-berlin-briefs-oliver-black-with-yellow
  7. Today we continue with the presentation of an extensive campaign photographed by talented French photographer Stephane aka Homme Made Images. The campaign is for the launch of the French brand LeBeauTom and features all the items of the first collection on model Jeremy. The third part we are going to show you features the Greendr Briefs, a pair of briefs in a light green colour, made from a lightweight fabric, a cotton and elastane mix. This item is a mid-rise pair of briefs with wide sides, perfect to wear on pretty much any occasion. Enjoy this part and stay tuned for a lot more to come! Credits Photographer: Hommes Made Images Model: Jeremy Underwear: LeBeauTom
  8. Restock on this sexy backless Empire Jock in black, a style many of you had your eyes on: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/marcuse-empire-jock-black
  9. Big boxes arrived at Men and Underwear – The Shop today filled with items from Marcuse Australia! Fans of the brand rejoice! We now have almost every style and every size back in stock, but please be aware that, just like last time, stocks will not last long! So please make sure you place your order as soon as possible to avoid frustrations! The collections you can choose from are Urban, Active, Brighten, Empire, Astra and Maximo. The styles are briefs, trunks, thongs, jocks, and backless and the fabrics are cotton, modal, polyester and more! The collections of Marcuse are diverse in every aspect and this is what we love about them! From classic to sexy and everything in between, Marcuse knows how to keep their fans and customers keep coming for more. The pricing is also surprisingly competitive, a fact that makes these newly arrived items perfect for this season. Below are just a few of the items included in the collections of Marcuse, but there are so many more for you to see! Visit the Marcuse Australia section in our shop and get yourself some, today!
  10. Back, back, back in stock! The Brighten Briefs in white (and in all other colours!) are now again available in all sizes... Hurry, stocks are expected to run out, again, soon! https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/marcuse-brighten-briefs-white
  11. Add it to your collection: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/andrew-christian-superhero-brief-w-almost-naked
  12. Our underwear suggestion today is one of the most eco-friendly men’s underwear in the market! The Green Trunks of Bluebuck are the UK brand’s take on mid-waist fitted boxer briefs. These trunks are made from Global Organic Trading Standards-certified organic cotton, with some elastane added for stretch and a great fit. The beautiful green of this garment is perfectly combined with a navy blue waistband made with at least 60% cotton in a herringbone knit pattern with the Bluebuck logo centred in the middle. Bluebuck only uses the finest cotton yarns to knit the fabric for their timeless trunks. This explains why they are so soft and long-lasting, retaining both shape and colour for wash after wash. Bluebuck underwear is made in an eco-friendly Portugal factory that uses electricity from renewable sources. Would you wear it?
  13. Designed in Greece, made in Portugal: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/walking-jack-ash-briefs
  14. We are busy bees at Men and Underwear – The Shop, restocking collections and out-of-stock sizes and bringing in new stuff, constantly for you. The latest arrival is from New York based brand, Adam Smith and their most colourful collection called Adorable. Adam Smith offers a very diverse collection of underwear, loungewear and sportswear for men. The brand was launched at Men and Underwear – The Shop almost two years ago and is building a loyal fan base ever since. The Adorable Collection is all about prints! This line is made from a polyester and elastane blend with a soft finish and features a series of prints in abstract, modern, camo, marine and colourful patterns. In this collection, you will find briefs (in three prints), trunks (the brand calls these boyshorts and are available in three prints), boxer briefs (you will find these as “trunks” or “long trunks” and are available in four prints) and bikini briefs (available in a striking floral pattern), all made to perfection in Turkey. Have a look at some of the restocked products below and if you like what you see, visit the brand’s space in our shop and get yourself too a pair or two.
  15. Check it out: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/adam-smith-saltire-bikini-briefs-plaid
  16. Stretchy, shiny and sexy, it is made to impress: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/tof-paris-metal-bikini-gold-
  17. Have a look at their Greendr Boxers: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/lebeautom-greendr-boxers
  18. Shop for it: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/code-22-athletic-briefs-blue
  19. Discover the Brick Briefs from Bluebuck, made from a unique blend of organic cotton and recycled polyester in a stunning, red melange, colour: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/bluebuck-brick-briefs
  20. Check it out: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/marcuse-urban-brief-white-
  21. Check these out: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/module/iqitsearch/searchiqit?s=Military+Socks
  22. Here, in the stunning red-white and petrol green colour combination. Check it out: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/barcode-berlin-singlet-luckenwalde-red-white-petrol
  23. The Energy Briefs are your best reason to reactivate that gym membership! Check them out: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/code-22-energy-brief-black
  24. Available in red (photo), black or khaki: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/accessories/tof-paris-fetish-elastic-harness-red

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