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  2. alanrob07

    Philip Fusco

    I think I could help with his orientation. LOL
  3. CaptMartinEchivarre

    Philip Fusco

    I agree
  4. BiDaddyDave

    Philip Fusco

    Having seen some of his advertising video, the question of his sexual orientation is somewhat vague. It would not be a stretch for him to progress from Str8 to Bi
  5. CaptMartinEchivarre

    Philip Fusco

    He does get a lot of attention. I think he identifies as straight.
  6. BiDaddyDave

    Philip Fusco

    Philip Fusco gets lots of attention! His name resonates loud and profoundly. Is he Str8, Bi, or Gay ?
  7. I like the ads run by ANDREW CHRISTIAN but the policy of NOT SHOWING COCKS is a DOWNER......Why can't AC have a buttom to push that can show everything but unless you want to see EVERYTHING you won't? If I want a specific product, I want to get an idea of how my cock will look in it too. (FYI: Some AC models are already exposed full frontal and ass on porn sites.)
  8. Enhancing jock briefs in blue with red and white detailing by Andrew Christian. Showing off your goods has never been easier than when you slip into the sexy and comfy Andrew Christian Show-It Locker Room Jock. These jock briefs feature a horseshoe-shaped inner cup, lined by soft elastic which can add up to 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) to a man's frontal measurement and provides the biggest natural enhancement of any Andrew Christian underwear. These cute undies are made from luxurious modal fabric, a type of ultra-soft rayon which is 50% more absorbent than cotton! They feature the signature slimming Andrew Christian waistband and bold contrast details! When you pull them on, your package will fall naturally into the super soft pouch to create a truly enjoyable, unique wearing experience. Learn more: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/andrew-christian-coolflex-modal-locker-room-jock-w-show-it-electric-blue Would you wear it?
  9. Athletic style, white tanga briefs by Barcode Berlin. The Barcode Berlin Brief Tjure is made from a perforated fabric in a classic white. The fabric is designed to look and feel cool, keeping you fresh for longer all day long. This style comes with a matching, top quality waistband that has a sheen to it, featuring the logo of Barcode Berlin in the middle and black stripes top and bottom. The pouch is contoured for space where you need it. The sides are exposed for the ultimate freedom of leg movement while the back is fully covered. These tanga briefs are cool, sporty and perfect for every day wear. Learn more: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/barcode-berlin-brief-tjure-white Would you wear it?
  10. We are happy to kick start a new week with the latest work of Adrian C. Martin. The talented photographer collaborated, yet again, with model Gonzalo Fernandez for an arousing set of editorial photos featuring underwear by Walking Jack, Supawear and Teamm8 and a harness by MaleBasics. The backdrop is more wintery than what Martin usually likes to work with which makes this set even more special. The charismatic Spaniard is playing with light, focus and blur to create a different visual perspective that, we think, matches perfectly the black and grey underwear he has chosen for this work. Credits: Photos: Adrián C. Martín Model: Gonzalo Fernandez Underwear: Walking Jack, Supawear, Teamm8 Harness: MaleBasics Location: Tenerife, Canary Islands.
  11. Shiny, silver metallic bikini briefs by French brand TOF Paris. The TOF Paris Metal Bikini are made from a stunning silver aluminium foil coated fabric, which is stretchy and breathable. The style is low rise offering minimal coverage front and back. There is lining on the front made from cotton with elastane mix fabric. The sides are narrow and elasticated to give you a custom look and great comfort. The woven logo of TOF Paris is discreetly placed on the side. These bikini briefs look and feel absolutely amazing! Learn more: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/tof-paris-metal-bikin-silver- Would you wear it?
  12. In collaboration with / written by UNB Store Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, and it’s time to think of undies for the night. It doesn’t matter if you are single, dating, or married; we should all wear something sexy that Day to feel our best. We have some fantastic pairs that you will love regardless of your style. Bum Chums Lace Briefs: If you want something a little different and still super sexy. Try the Bum Chums Lace Brief. Bum Chums say these briefs are “Designed to feel smooth, silky and slutty.” Available in red and black: Bum-Chums Rouge Brief and Bum-Chums Noir Brief MaleBasics Classic Fetish Jock: Some guys want to go old school, and the classic jock is more their style. This classic jock can be worn with jeans or your favorite leather gear as well. We profiled the white, but this jock comes in a rainbow of colours. Clever Valeriano Briefs: Like something skimpy but still a little classic? The Valeriano briefs are a bikini-cut pair of undies that is black. They are perfect for a formal date night in a suit or something more low-key with jeans. JOR Club Bikini Thong: Thongs are a style that has become daily wear for many guys out there. On Valentine’s Day, it’s time to bring the fun thongs out. In their last few collections, JOR has been making some super fun and sexy thongs. One of the sexiest from the new collection is the Club Bikini Thong Pikante Temptation Briefs: The Temptation briefs are a little sexier and wilder than the other pairs we profiled. It’s a bikini but with straps on the side to show off a bit more skin. However, the back is a full back so that you won’t show off all the assets. Find these and more at the UNB Store. If you have any questions, please reach out to us, and we will gladly help.
  13. We are delighted to show you today a work by photographer Jhon Perez, starring our fan and model Esteban Vanegas based in Medellin, Colombia. Our most loyal readers may remember Esteban being featured last summer in our Weekend Feast (here). Esteban is seen in underwear by Clever posing in portfolio poses against a grey background. Take a look at the photos below and make sure you give both these men a follow on their instagram. We think we will see more of Esteban in the near future, what do you say? Credits Photographer: Jhon Perez Model: Esteban Vanegas Underwear: Clever
  14. The most eco-friendly underwear today! The Blue Yonder Trunks of Bluebuck are made from a blue melange fabric, a unique mix of organic cotton, SEAQUAL™ (yarn made from recycled plastic waste collected from the ocean!) and elastane. This special fabric has a super soft feel due to the cotton and is quick dry and durable due to the SEAQUAL™. The blue melange colour is achieved by using a dye which only colours the cotton fibres and leaves the plastic fibres in their natural, white colour! The beautiful melange blue of this garment is perfectly combined with a navy blue waistband with the Bluebuck logo in white the middle. These trunks are designed with eco-conscious and active men in mind. These trunks are great for those who want the full package of every-day comfort and outdoor adventure. Learn more: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/bluebuck-blue-yonder-trunks Would you wear it?
  15. We are happy to show you today the latest work of Adrian C. Martin. The Spanish photographer collaborated with model Alejandro Tomas for a beautiful set of photos featuring underwear by Walking Jack. This is the first ever professional shoot of Alejandro we see and we must say he looks fantastic in all different styles of Walking Jack. He is seen in briefs and trunks from the Fern, Solid and Ash Collections, all of which are available in their entirety from Men and Underwear – The Shop. Enjoy the photos! Credits Photographer: Adrian C. Martin Model: Alejandro Tomas Underwear: Walking Jack
  16. One of the best selling Andrew Christian underwear is back in a new, re-imagined version. The stylish CoolFlex Active Modal Brief Jock w/ Show-It is made to keep you cool when things start to get hot. The fabric is a luxurious modal blend with an incredibly soft feel, 50% more absorbent than cotton! These jock briefs come with the Andrew Christian trademark "Show-It" horseshoe shaped cup inside the pouch. This enhancing feature is lined with soft elastic and can add up to 1.5 inches (3.8 cm) to a man's frontal measurement. Show-It means that the underwear provides the biggest enhancement of any Andrew Christian underwear line. They also come with a slimming waistband and contrast details! Perfect for every day wear and sports these are the ultimate intersection of style and comfort. Learn more: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/andrew-christian-coolflex-active-modal-brief-jock-w-show-it-red Would you wear it?
  17. Happy New Year! It’s “officially” 2022! As we welcome the new year it’s time we looked back to 2021 and see which of all the features published in our magazine were the most read. For yet another year our online magazine was full of editorials, exclusive photo shoots, new brands’ presentation, new collections, underwear suggestions, new collections, interviews, underwear reviews and more! 2021 was one more continuous year of growth for our magazine in terms of traffic with 443,000 visits and well over one million page views. From the popularity of our articles we can identify what you like reading most and what not so much. So for 2021 you seemed to be interested in our annual awards, our exclusive photo shoots, the presentation of new brands, modelling editorials and reviews. We promise to have a lot more of these for you in 2022 and keeping you informed about anything new and interesting coming up in the men’s underwear world, always in a “Men and Underwear” style! So, along with our very best wishes for a prosperous and happy New Year, please enjoy the recap in the link below with the most popular features published in 2021 in descending order: http://www.menandunderwear.com/2022/01/the-10-most-popular-features-in-2021.html
  18. The most eco-friendly underwear today! The Brick Trunks of Bluebuck are made from a dark red melange fabric, a unique mix of organic cotton, SEAQUAL™ (yarn made from recycled plastic waste collected from the ocean!) and elastane. This special fabric has a super soft feel due to the cotton and is quick dry and durable due to the SEAQUAL™. The blue melange colour is achieved by using a dye which only colours the cotton fibres and leaves the plastic fibres in their natural, white colour! The beautiful melange red of this garment is perfectly combined with a navy blue waistband with the Bluebuck logo in white the middle. These trunks are designed with eco-conscious and active men in mind. These trunks are great for those who want the full package of every-day comfort and outdoor adventure. Learn more: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/bluebuck-brick-trunks Would you wear it?
  19. Spanish brand CODE 22 has been consistently among your very favourites in Men and Underwear – The Shop and was one of your top choices for orders this season. No wonder we needed to bring back most of colours and sizes that were out of stock! Now you can find again the Athletic, Army, Thrust, Energy and Essential collections in all sizes and all colours! Every one of these collection has a distinctive style but they all have the trademark style of CODE 22 in common: fashionable, contemporary and comfortable! Below there are some examples from these collections. If you like what you see, take a look at the CODE 22 section in our shop and get yourself some. There is a big variety of other styles as well as some bargains at discontinued items from this brand.
  20. Fetish inspired thong in black by Barcode Berlin. The Barcode Berlin Thong Joar is an innovative pair of underwear that features a black fabric made from a unique mix of polyester, polyurethane and elastane. This mix offers a unique feel against the skin unlike any usual underwear fabric and imitates the look of leather or PVC. The front of the Thong Joar is a classic thong's one. The sides are completely open and the back is where things get really innovative. Unlike your typical thong, the back has two little strips of fabric that create a triangle which goes over your buttocks. The waistband is also black with a subtle, tone-on-tone logo of Barcode Berlin in the middle. Unique, incredibly stylish and alternative. Learn more: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/barcode-berlin-thong-joar-black Would you wear it?
  21. EthanMorale

    Model Ray by Kuros – Vintage aussieBum and Moschino

    We are happy to show you a beautiful editorial work by Kuros today! The talented Spanish photographer worked with model Ray for a series of beautiful shots featuring vintage underwear by Moschino and aussiebum. We love the feel of this shoot that uses natural light and natural poses in combination with the vintage underwear styles to present a fresh face in modelling. Enjoy the photos and stay tuned for more! Credits Photographer: Kuros Model: Ray Underwear: aussieBum, Moschino
  22. Black, athletic briefs by CODE 22 with contrasting details and stripes on the sides. The Energy Briefs are your best reason to reactivate that gym membership! Made for sports and any other intense activity, these sporty briefs are made from an athletic mesh, perforated fabric that will keep you cool and fresh for longer. The pouch is wide, unlined and contoured to give you space and support that will last all day long. The design features a monochrome body with contrasting details and waistband. The waistband is jacquard with the logo of CODE 22 repeated in black lettering, framed by red stripes. The back features a narrow strip of fabric to cover the waistband stitching and protect your skin from friction against it. Learn more: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/code-22-energy-brief-black Would you wear it?
  23. i would wear it
  24. EthanMorale

    Model Lewis by Markus Brehm – CODE 22 briefs

    What better way to start the new year with something exciting? Thanks to our very good friend and talented photographer Markus Brehm, our very first feature for 2022 is a beautiful series of photos that has so many things we need 2022 to bring us: more editorials, new photoshoots, exciting underwear and body positive models! The model in the photos below is Lewis, a guy we introduced you to a few weeks ago. He is beautifully captured by Brehm posing in the stunning Army Briefs in grey camo by CODE 22, a best selling style in our shop. Lewis looks absolutely amazing in his new briefs and the military style jacket in a range of natural poses, all against a black background that lets his sexy physique and clothing speak volumes. Kudos to Lewis and Markus for this outstanding work and many thanks to both for allowing us to publish this work. Credits Photographer: Markus Brehm Model: Lewis Underwear: CODE 22
  25. Shiny, gold metallic pouch by French brand TOF Paris. The Metal Stringless is a unique underwear style that comprises of a pouch and a waistband, offering a unique sensation of being naked while protecting your assets in a cozy pouch. This underwear is made from a stretch breathable metallic microfiber that matches perfectly the lurex waistband. The pouch has reinforced elastics in order to stay in place while the waistband has a transparent and discreet logo in order to let you shine. This unique pouch looks and feels absolutely amazing! Learn more: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/tof-paris-metal-stringless-gold- Would you wear it?

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