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  2. Spanish brand CODE 22 goes pastel with these beautiful aqua blue / green trunks. The Bright Trunks are all about comfort and fresh colours in a style well known to the fans of the brand and one of the most comfortable in the market today. Featuring a monochrome body with a metallic silver white, tone on tone, branded waistband and subtle white detailing around the pouch, these trunks are low rise, short leg boxer briefs, and made from a super soft fabric. The pouch is wide and contoured to give you space and support that will last all day long. The back features a narrow strip of fabric to cover the waistband stitching and protect your skin from friction against it. Perfectly designed to the last detail, comfortable and bright! Learn more: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/code-22-bright-trunk-aqua Would you wear it?
  3. In collaboration with / written by UNB Store. One of the hottest things in the US right now is prints. I’m not talking regular prints but bold and eye-catching prints. More brands are releasing them in every style, from thong to boxer brief. We notice that more and more guys are moving away from solids and getting fun for their underwear drawer. Here are some of the best prints right now: CLEVER 0405 Lucidity Bikini Clever has always been known for its classic cuts and colors. However, in the last few years, they have been making some of the best prints. The Lucidity print is one of the best ones they have created. The colors and designs just POP. It’s perfect for wearing under a suit to work or under jeans for running errands. JOE SNYDER JS03 Thong – Pastel Pastels have been big in men’s underwear here in the US. Joe Snyder just dropped some fantastic new prints. One of the more popular is the thong in the Pastel print. This print is available in a few Joe Snyder styles, including bikini, thong, and more. JOR 1236 Bugs Briefs The new JOR for Fall is all about Bugs because that’s the name of the collection. The Bugs brief has a super fun bug print. The stretch microfiber makes this pair super comfy to wear. Mix the print and fabric with the bold waistband, and you have a fantastic pair of undies. XTREMEN 91082 Microbiber Pride Bikini You can’t have a print section without some pride prints. Xtremen has released a few different styles that are pride-inspired. The bikini is one of the best of the bunch. The front has a Tanga design with a black pouch, but the back is in the colors of the rainbow. It’s business in the front and party in the back. CANDYMAN 99571 Invisible Micro G-String – Yellow Last but definitely not least is the Candyman Invisible Micro G-String in a yellow plaid print. These g strings look like you are barely wearing anything at all. The clear string ties on the side for easy access. The plaid fabric just pops, and you will want to show everyone the super fun undies.
  4. The Solger Briefs by Barcode Berlin is a low rise pair of white briefs with black detailing, designed with a roomy pouch, made from ribbed cotton based fabric. This style is probably one of the most comfortable Barcode Berlin briefs you have ever worn, featuring a soft and spacious pouch matched with soft waistband. Inspired by retro styling, these briefs have wide sides and the logo of Barcode Berlin in the centre of the waistband with an arrow pattern running all along. Just like every garment by Barcode Berlin, these briefs are made in Portugal with high quality materials to withstand heavy use and multiple washes. The Solger Briefs are stylish, easy to wear, with a contoured and single ply pouch, perfect for everyday wear, the gym or any other intense activities. Learn more: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/barcode-berlin-solger-briefs-white-black Would you wear it?
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    Laurenz Baars in various underwear

    Looking great! Thanks for sharing 😀
  6. EthanMorale


    Awesome collection! Thanks for sharing! 😀
  7. It's time you experienced the next level of underwear comfort with the chic and soft, new Almost Naked Bamboo Jock by Andrew Christian. In navy blue with red accents, this iconic jockstrap is the perfect combination of sex appeal and coziness. If you have tried bamboo made underwear before, you know how amazingly soft it is. For those of you who haven't, try it and you'll thank us for it! This underwear has an Andrew Christian signature waistband and a built-in Almost Naked pouch which is designed so you’ll feel like you’re not wearing anything at all! This pouch design will eliminate sticking, squashing, re-adjusting, sweating, and chafing. Your package will fall naturally into the anatomically correct pouch to create a truly enjoyable and unique wearing experience. Learn more: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/andrew-christian-almost-naked-bamboo-jock-navy
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    first time doing a photo with phone. Will send more later. Thanks.
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    That bit of ginger belly hair tells me you’re hiding a red hot bush under that jock…why not tug it down a bit and give us a taste….
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    Laurenz Baars in various underwear

    Laurenz Baars in underwear
  11. Underwear review for the Nu Low Rise Brief by C-IN2 by Brian I like to think that I have an experimental and progressive approach to my underwear, and firmly believe that good underwear can be a great tool for self-expression. In my drawers, I keep a great range of styles and fabrics – lace, satin, and suede, and cuts that include thongs, bikinis, jocks, bodysuits, tangas, and cheekies. And yet despite all this, what I still value most is a really good, high-quality cotton brief. These are perfect for hot and cold days alike, are very supportive, and if made right can be extremely flattering. I’ve recently become a fan of American designer C-IN2’s briefs, and one of their new products, the Nu Low Rise Brief, has quickly become a favorite. I would characterize this more as a bikini than a brief, because it has a snug, form-fitting and minimal design. It is made with a wonderful fabric that mixes cotton, modal, and elastane. The best part of this brief is the fabric, which highlights the strengths of each one of the materials used. Like a good cotton brief, it is very breathable. With the added modal, it is extremely soft and pleasant to touch. The elastane gives a wonderful snug fit, and helps gives the fabric resilience, so that fit is perfect every time. The weight of the fabric is great too, with a very light weight feel but in no way thin; this brief feels like it will last, like I’ve come to expect from C-IN2 products. The cut and design of the Nu Low Rise Brief is wonderful. It provides full coverage, while still being minimal enough to feel flattering and even a little daring. The snug fit provides accentuation in all the right places and will specifically make your butt look really nice! I’ve come to expect a great color palette from C-IN2, and this underwear is no exception. Typically, however, C-IN2 underwear comes in bold and flashy colors, but the Nu Low Rise Brief is only available to more muted, earth tones. I got Gavin Green, but I also really love the Neo Neutral which looks like a traditional nude color tempered with grey. If you are looking for a good, high-quality brief/bikini for everyday use, the Nu Low Rise Brief by C-IN2 is a great choice.
  12. The latest addition to our ever-growing collection of diverse, innovative and contemporary underwear are two trunks by Adam Smith, designed to enhance. The Boosting Soft Trunks and the Boosting Short Trunks are two perfect examples of the latest manufacturing technologies in the enhancing underwear industry. Both are focusing on boosting the buttocks but they use two different techniques to do it. Adam Smith – Boosting Short Trunks – White Let’s have a better look at the first of two enhancing boxer briefs by Adam Smith in white. In a nutshell we’d say that innovation meets comfort in a short leg boxer briefs style, made from a soft fabric, 100% top quality Turkish cotton. The pouch is narrow and almost flat with lining, piping left and right and a touch of contouring at the bottom part. The back is where things get interesting with an innovative construction, designed to gently lift the buttocks for a rounder and fuller look without any padding. There are straps on the inside that offer a similar to a jockstrap effect but that’s not all. The fabric panel is cut in a round shape enhanced with piping and a central seam, which come as two additional features to improve the definition of the buttocks. The waistband is soft and elasticated, black to contrast the white body of the underwear. You should definitely try it! Retail price: €29.30 Adam Smith – Boosting Soft Trunks – White This is the second enhancing boxer briefs by Adam Smith, again in white. The fabric the brand used for this is the same as in the previous pair, a top quality 100% cotton made jersey. The front here is lined, contoured yet narrow, so it will naturally gather your package together and give it a gentle push. The pouch is this pair is more spacious than in the previous pair. The back design is also different. Rather than straps there are two elastic bands sewn on the inside of the back panel, to gently lift the buttocks without any discomfort. This is the most natural way to add a touch of volume to your look, without the discomfort of cups and pockets or padding and foam panels on the inside. This is a pair of underwear you should definitely try as it a rare example of boosting underwear that feels really comfortable. Retail price: €29.30
  13. We are happy to show you today one more editorial photographed by Adrian C. Martin with models Kevin De La Cruz and Jermaine Kabongo while they were all on holidays in Mallorca. We see the the two models posing in and out of the sea in swimwear creations by Desiderio Beachwear, an Italian brand that designs and manufactures its garments in Milan. The photos have a nice summer feel to them, with the colours of the designs blending with the colours of the rocks and the sea and the flawless physiques of the models. Credits: Photos: Adrián C. Martín Models: Kevin De La Cruz, Jermaine Kabongo Swimwear: Desiderio Beachwear Location: Mallorca, Spain
  14. Underwear review for the Thong Brief Bay Leaf of Kale Owen by Brian I have been interested in trying Kale Owen products for quite a while now. Their underwear all has unique, bold designs and patterns (I am especially a fan of their botanical designs) and all come in very minimal and skimpy cuts. I finally got some of their undies, and I’m delighted to share a little about what a learned wearing them, starting with the Thong Brief Bay Leaf. I own a lot of thongs now, these being one of my favorite styles of underwear, and I can with certainty that this one by Kale Owen is one of the most original. It has a substantial waistband that looks and feels like a brief, but the back is very minimal, perhaps more like a g-string than a typical thong. The pouch has a wonderful snug quality that feels supportive and comfortable, and the fabric is very stretchy, so it conforms specifically to your body. The pouch also provides a nice little lift, that I personally feel gives a boast to your confidence by offering a little push for display. It is, however, also a little on the small side, so depending on your personal body type, the pouch might not provide complete coverage. The Thong Brief is made with a high-quality polyamide, complete with a generous amount of elastane, so the snug fit also provides a smooth and tempting surface, feeling both luxurious and comfortable. The pattern is printed in reverse, so the base color of the underwear is green with the foliage printed in white, a nice and unexpected approach. The green is a soft, pastel color, that gives a cool and gentle feeling. There are several things I like about wearing thongs (and I am delighted to know that more men are wearing them!). A good thong should be both comfortable and flattering. They can provide a great freedom of movement, while still being very supportive. I also find that a good thong can also give gentle reminders all day long, snug and comforting, with the pull of the minimal rear coverage an enticing feeling. The Kale Owen thong is no exception, with a comfortable tight fit and a delightful little tug from the exceptionally minimal back. The skimpy cut of the underwear provides a perfect balance of support and exposure. The great patterns and colors of Kale Owen’s underwear help to offer so much more, helping with a sense of pride and self-expression.
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    Marcuse - Empire Jock - Blue

    I have this is red and a black one with matching socks. Wear them all the time.
  16. Get your partner's sexual juices going without even taking off your underwear with the Marcuse Empire Jock. The all-new jockbrief underwear style by Marcuse brings you comfort with soft cotton rib fabric and supportive pouch, but without limiting your most powerful weapon. The Marcuse Empire collection is also available in boxers and briefs and in many more colours. You’ll be embracing premium coziness and sexy looks no matter what you pick. Learn more: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/marcuse-empire-jock-blue Would you wear it?
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    Marcuse - Urban Brief - White

    Like Marcuse-Have a2 Backless Briefs. Have a Grey one like this White one.
  18. White Briefs by Australian brand Marcuse. The Urban Briefs are simple and sophisticated, a pair of underwear you can wear at any occasion. These Marcuse briefs are pure examples of simplicity and class. Designed with quality cotton fabric, perfect for everyday wear and/or the gym, they feature all the trademark Marcuse features for a comfortable wear throughout your day. The pouch is contoured for some space with a front seam and lining. The waistband is soft, narrow and elasticated. Learn more: https://menandunderwear.com/shop/underwear/marcuse-urban-brief-white- Would you wear it?
  19. Parisian artist and model Endemion gets photographed by Kris Parenti for DNA Magazine in underwear by Lonsdale.
  20. In collaboration with / written by UNB Store. One of the biggest trends in the US right now is mixing the masculine and feminine. We are seeing guys range from wearing lingerie to the classic jock and everything in between. It’s great to see guys not boxed into one box. Unlike years past, this allows guys to express themselves in a new way that was culturally frowned upon. Now, seeing a guy in lace is no different than seeing him in a thong or jock. Much like the world of underwear is there is no wrong way to do you. If you like it, wear it; if you don’t, then don’t wear it. The Fem Candyman 99567 Harness-Jockstrap Outfit – Black-Animal Print Go all-in on your wild side with the Candyman Harness-Jock. The touch of animal print will let you walk on the wild side. Candyman 99554 Lace Peekaboo Bikini – Hot Pink It takes a real man to wear lace. One that isn’t afraid of expressing his sexuality and owning it. The Peekaboo Bikini has a full pouch and a semi-open back. The Masc Hawai 41963 Briefs Color White White briefs are not only considered “masculine” but are sexy as well. This pair from Hawai is a new take on the classic white brief. It’s cut with a better pouch and snugger fit. You won’t be disappointed Ergowear Ew1008 Max Xv Trunks – Cerulean In the US, trunks are considered masculine because they don’t show off too much. However, you can have trunks like the Max from Ergowear that show off a guy’s masculine curves. It doesn’t have to be boring The in-between Roger Smuth Rs014 Jockstrap Color White Some guys want to play both sides of the spectrum. Having something masculine but with a touch of feminine designs. Mesh, lace, and other er materials can soften a masculine design. You don’t have to go out all on one side or another like this Jock from Roger Smuth’s new collection. Pikante Pik 0329 Leader Briefs Color Yellow Sometimes doing cutouts can soften the masculine side like this brief from Pikante. The design turns the regular brief into something super fun and exciting.
  21. The newest brand to join the men’s underwear industry is UDP aka Underwear Dance Party. Amrit and Vishal, stars of Bravo TV’s hit series Family Karma, are the two entrepreneurs behind the launch of this brand. The two men, involved in what often is called America’s favorite Indian bromance, envisioned UDP as more than just a brand. UDP was created to inspire individuals to embrace authenticity, to be bold, and to live a life free of judgment. Anyone who has immersed themselves in an actual underwear dance party will totally understand the vision behind the brand. And if you haven’t participated in an underwear dance party, there’s no better time to start! The first collection of UDP is comprised of four cuts: briefs, trunks, boxer briefs and boxers (we like to call these “long boxer briefs”). Each of the silhouettes comes in six color variations by combining black, white, navy or turquoise base with a range of vibrant waistbands. The fabric is a polyamide and elastane blend, a mix that is becoming more and more popular, especially in athletic underwear. The overall style is quite athletic with contemporary design elements such as a buttock-accentuating cut, contoured pouches, and patterned waistbands. Let’s hear what Amrit and Vishal said to Men and Underwear in our exclusive “Brief Talk” with them: Hello guys! It’s great to have you at Men and Underwear! Our readers come from all over the world so many of them are not familiar with Family Karma. Would you like to introduce yourself to them and tell us a few things about the show and yourselves? When did you come up with the idea of launching your own underwear brand? So who is designing the underwear, Amrit or Vishal, how do you find the process? I know this may sound a bit premature, I mean you just launched the brand, but what do you have planned for the future? Where do you see yourselves and UPD in five year’s time? Our readers know underwear very well so I am sure many of them would like to know some more in-depth details about your designs. Where do you manufacture? Why did you choose a polyamide blend over other fabrics? What makes UDP different from other brands out there and how do you intend to keep being different? Who is your customer, who do you think would most enjoy wearing UDP? Where can our readers buy UDP from? Should we be expecting to see the brand in stores worldwide? Thank you so much guys. It was a real pleasure talking to you! Would you like to say anything to our readers? Thank you!
  22. I just googled them and looked for a place in America that had them. Wore the Barcode. I like them, they fit well, socks seem thick. Gonna try the Breedwell Jock today. I don't know if I like the wide band.
  23. How do you find them?

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