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A group focusing on the socked feet of male home shopping presenters, hosts worldwide. Any and all male celebrity and print, media, advertising more than welcome. We keep it PG rated here.
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  2. sage12866

    Sock presentation on QVC!

    Nice. I wish he would go back to dress socks.
  3. Alberti sported some Tommie Copper grey socks today (09-22-22). Not the longest presentation, but I was able get a couple good caps. Enjoy! 🙂
  4. Ha! Yeah, I caught that. Thanks! They also repeated part of a telecast where he was wearing black socks with blue toes (July 20, I believe). 🙂
  5. Dean presenting a massager in his white UnderArmour socks. He looked like he was really enjoying it!
  6. YES! Thank you for the screencaps!
  7. Vincent-Perry

    Simon barefoot again on QVCUK!

    He's so sexy!
  8. sage12866

    Simon barefoot again on QVCUK!

    Oh yeah! But too much focus on the chick.
  9. The best feet in home shopping were at it again with a mattress presentation during the lunchtime show (1300 GST)! Brief sightings, but it doesn't take long with him. Enjoy! 😁
  10. So after 12 days of no sightings, we finally have some! Alex was presenting a fleece hoodie during weighted blanket presentations today. There weren't a lot of good shots, but the one I could grab were awesome, IMO. 😁 Enjoy! 🙂
  11. Thanks! Alex is slowly becoming my new favorite.
  12. Brief sighting for the Jaybe mattress presentation! Maroon socks this time; one that may have had a blemish of sorts. LOL! Enjoy! 🙂
  13. Well, here's what I could come up with today. I was hoping for some serious "in-your-face" close-ups, but these will suffice. Enjoy! 🙂
  14. Well, like I said before, Temp, they needed to make up for lost time. And they did! LOL 🙂 BTW - I have Drew at 13, Jonathan at 11, and both at 2 for my album. 😉
  15. Lots of great sightings in each show today! I dare to say this is the best group of sightings we've had from the Scott brothers ever. IMHO, I am much preferring the socks Jonathan's got on. More of a thin, solid color dress socks (my favorite kind on a guy!) as opposed to Drew's thicker, bulkier lighter colored ones (But I'll take whatever I can get!)
  16. Well, I have them even right now. We'll see what the PM has to say... 😉
  17. Most definitley, Drew is winning! Jonathan is doing the 11AM EST with the fomer QVC host lady now and has been in his socks the whole time. So far, only one good sole shot, but theres still about 40 minutes left...
  18. So far, it looks like Drew is winning with the sock shots, IMO. Can't wait to see what the rest of the day has to say! 😁
  19. So what I'm hearing is that a new album for the group may be in order? 😁
  20. Both Jonathan & Drew are shoeless and just 15 minutes in and we've already seen both of them laying down with nice shots of their socked soles!
  21. I saw that! It's been forever since the redwoods - I mean, the Scott Brothers 😉 - have been on the air. They must make up for lost time!
  22. Kicking off at midnight with shows through out the day. Usually, at least one of them gives us some good sock sightings.
  23. Vincent-Perry

    Another barefoot sighting on QVCUK!

    I need to get a job there as a cameraman. So hot!!!

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