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A group focusing on the socked feet of male home shopping presenters, hosts worldwide. Any and all male celebrity and print, media, advertising more than welcome. We keep it PG rated here.
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  2. When I saw him in his pajamas, I was wondering if he wasn't wearing shoes. In the brief time I was watching, he was standing behind the counter so I couldn't tell. But I'll take any sock sightings from Ty, no matter how quick it was.
  3. I missed the presentation with Ty sitting down. Very nice. I'm rocking with the model as well!
  4. Verrrrry quick sighting from Ty showing us some funky green Christmas socks at the tale end of his presentation. Bonus! Earlier in the presentation, an HSN Male Model had on some white socks with grey toes while modeling some pajamas. A few screencaps:
  5. I know, right? They're too thick; they take away so much!
  6. I saw that too! I hope this starts a new trend for him. Unfortunately, Rick wore slipper socks during his presentation.
  7. Alberti is presenting the Northern Nights Mattress TSV and is wearing some sexy red accented argyles. Happening right now. A few screencaps: (I found it especially funny when he was laying on his stomach with his butt pooched up in the air! 😆)
  8. About half way through presentation...
  9. r2ma

    Quick Sock Sighting from Rick

    If only now he can show new socks on mattresses instead of slippers!
  10. He's upping his sock choices, wearing blue and white striped socks. He had a black argyle socks on a previous slipper presentation.
  11. Another quick one from Adam while presenting that same massage gun. Nice solid black socks this time! Link to video: (You can see he had his shoes untied pretty early on, but he actually takes his shoe off at 7:20, when you can actually hear him say "I'll take my shoes off." Screencaps: Enjoy!
  12. I was not expecting to see the different colors on his socks! Very nice. Now all we need is for Guy to complete the trifecta, if you will. 😉
  13. Finally Mr. Freeman! 😍 Super quick sighting while Adam was presenting a massage gun. (If you notice, you can actually hear him say "I don't know if they'll let me, but I'm gonna take my shoes off!") Link to video: A few screencaps:
  14. r2ma

    More from Ty! 09-13-2021

    I know these are different shows, but while we're at it, how about the UK hosts? ANY of them will suffice!
  15. sage12866

    More from Ty! 09-13-2021

    Now if we can only get Guy to take off his shoes during bedding presentations...
  16. Ty was wearing those funky cream colored socks with multi color stripes again this morning while present the South Street Loft Mattress. Link to video: A few screencaps:
  17. r2ma

    Dan Hughes! 09/06/2021

    Quick is right! Thanks for the share! 😃
  18. Super quick sighting from Dan on Monday while presenting a convertible chair/bed. Link to video: Click Here Screencaps:
  19. r2ma

    Ty Mayberry (09-05-2021)

    He is rapidly becoming one of my faves! 😁
  20. I was wondering if there were any sightings. I missed all of the presentations yesterday except for the one where Rick was the presenter. Unfortunately, neither he or Jonathan took their shoes off. I think this was the third mattress presentation where Rick did not take his shoes off.
  21. sage12866

    Ty Mayberry (09-05-2021)

    I was just going to post something about this. He never disappoints.
  22. Ty Mayberry showed us his funky, multicolor check-patterned socks this morning during a presentation of the Lucid Mattress. Great weekend for sightings thus far! Link to video: Screencaps:
  23. Drew Scott showed us some sexy grey socks during a few presentations of the Scott Living Mattress TSV (Sadly, Jonathan kept his shoes on yet again...) Links to video presentations: Screencaps:
  24. Ty showed us some funky cream colored socks with multi-color stripes at the tail end of his presentation of a mattress pad this morning. Video Link: Click Here A few screencaps:
  25. r2ma

    Ty Mayberry (08-09-2021)

    Well, he does wear a size 12, so there's that. 😉

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