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A group focusing on the socked feet of male home shopping presenters, hosts worldwide. Any and all male celebrity and print, media, advertising more than welcome. We keep it PG rated here.
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  2. Thanks a bunch! I totally missed it first-run... The socks looked a little worn in spots, but I guess if you're a size 13, then that's bound to happen. LOL! 😉
  3. If anyone is interested, the full video presentation is up on QVC.com https://www.qvc.com/Home-Reflections-Oversized-Americana-Beach-Towel.product.H247759.html?sc=SRCH
  4. Yes, it does look like it! I know he mentioned on some presentation some time ago about his extra pounds. Maybe that was the start, or at the very least the incentive...?
  5. It figures! Just when I was SO ready to write off this presentation, Surprise! Thank goodness it was a good surprise! 😁 ❤️ the towel cap! One of Dave's better sock showings, IMO.
  6. Nice! Looks like he's losing weight.
  7. He's presenting an inflatable pool and has his shoes off! Screengrabs:
  8. He's got his shoes off presenting a Home Reflections Oversized Beach Towel!
  9. I concur! I saw yesterday's presentation, and I was like, "Really?" 😠 Hollow consolation: If and/or when shoe removals happen (on any channel), it's just that more exciting. 😁
  10. Ty presented a featherbed on Wednesday morning's edition of HSN Today and did not remove his shoes once again. This is atleast the second or third time this has happened in the last couple of weeks. I'm concerned that the same thing that happened with Adam Freeman is gonna happen with Ty now. When Adam first arrived at HSN (and mostly worked the off-hours/overnight shifts) the sock sightings he provided us were plentiful! That man took his shoes off when presenting any sort of bedding product, rugs, massagers, etc. It was amazing! Once he got put into the mainstream hours (specifically, when he was made the co-host of HSN Today when it first premiered) the sock sightings/shoe removal pretty much stopped altogether. I really am hoping Ty stays true to himself and does not fall victim to the anti-shoe removal agenda of those wicked HSN producers like so many other hosts...
  11. Great sighting!
  12. I was finally able to snag a good sock shot of Jamie Malcolm! (a few others as well) He was presenting massagers today (05/05/2022). Enjoy!
  13. Yahoo! Can't wait! And I, too, was disappointed in the lack of sightings with the mattress topper. He needs to redeem himself now. LOL 😉
  14. sage12866

    Ty Mayberry - 5 Days a week

    I saw that. I was disappointed he didn't present the mattress topper the other day. I hope his co-host doesn't get to present all of the items that require shoe removal.
  15. Just a heads up. Starting next week, the HSN morning show 'HSN Today' is back on and Ty Mayberry will be hosting.
  16. Thanks for the post!
  17. Another Vibrapower Wave presentation! This time with Paul Becque. I think it was around 11:00pm GST (or 5:00pm CST). Enjoy these caps. 🙂
  18. Temp

    IdealWorld, 04/15/22!

    Thanks for the post!
  19. sage12866

    Okay...I did a thing...

    Awesome! Thanks!
  20. Last weekend was dynamite for sock sightings on QVC with the Serta presentations! I wanted to share my caps, but I had SOOOO many. So - I created an album! 😁 (My very first one, too!) It's entitled, "QVC Serta, 04-10-2022." Enjoy!
  21. r2ma

    QVC Serta, 04-10-2022

    I thought I would share "some" caps that I took last weekend from the Serta presentations. They were Rick and Alberti. Enjoy!
  22. Finally! Shawn Crawley showed socks that are not black! LOL He presented the Vibrapower Wave machine their afternoon (about 8:00am CST). Here are some caps.
  23. Woo-Hoo!!! Making up for Dan not showing his this morning, I'm guessing... LOLOL
  24. He's back in the same socks for the 8PM EST hour!

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