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A group focusing on the socked feet of male home shopping presenters, hosts worldwide. Any and all male celebrity and print, media, advertising more than welcome. We keep it PG rated here.

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  2. https://www.facebook.com/RickDomeierQVC/videos/2599155703677067 Its' been awhile, but Rick hosted 2 Casper Mattress shows last Friday in his black socks. Above is the link to the midnight show posted on his Facebook page. The 4pm show is also on his Facebook page.
  3. We've had quite the drought, but I think we may finally be coming back into it! First the Rick Domeier video from last night, and then I came across this! https://www.idealworld.tv/gb/shows/rattan-garden-furniture--2801160?channel=iw Mike mason in some sexy brown, striped dress socks. Mike is now sporting a beard which looks...
  4. Temp

    Rick Domeier Sock Sighting

    Thanks! Was just logging in myself to post this gem!
  5. https://www.facebook.com/QVC/videos/535526597095589/
  6. QVC's TSV is different lengths of the copper infused socks (for both men and women). Reggie is modeling them now at the midnight kick off in short multi-color. I prefer the OTC length he had on last month, looking very sexy. Here's the link to that presentation from last year...
  7. Oh wow. Missed that one! Thanks!
  8. He also hosted a Tempur-pedic show in his black socks as well.
  9. Two sightings from Rick this week! From NYE (Sorry for just posting this now, I was out of town) First up, the La-Z Boy show. He spends the entire hour in his blue socks! Link: Next, the Nectar Mattress. Shoes are off around 7 minutes in. Link:
  10. Steven Beardsley of English speaking version of the German news network Deutsche Welle was doing his finance segment and when he stood up his pants were hiked up and he showed good sock. It's as though he had biked to work and never rolled them back down. Rather charming.
  11. billiebib

    Shungite Socks

    You're welcome, Temp!
  12. billiebib

    Christmas Socks

    Another TJC shopping channel sock sighting. https://spaces.hightail.com/receive/r08Pa6XwuJ
  13. Temp

    Shungite Socks

    Awesome find! Thanks!
  14. billiebib

    Shungite Socks

    Have seen this guy on TJC several times and he isn't shy about taking his shoes off. https://spaces.hightail.com/receive/8bdrHRVzab
  15. Discovered this archived from a couple years ago...Jamie Malcolm with a massage chair demo in his two-tone dress socks. Starts at 7:42:46
  16. therealmansoles

    Welcome to HomeShoppingForum

    I love this! Thank you for migrating this group. I look forward to it!
  17. vallam2222

    Pearl TV Socks and Feet

    Although I do not speak German, this man's voice melts me like ice cream on hot apple strudel... Kai Engelmann modeling heated "stockings" or "Strumpfen" I think he is incredibly handsome to boot. Check out the full vid... Via Pearl TV Kai Engelmann
  18. vallam2222

    Pearl TV

  19. Pearl TV is a 24 hour German (German language) home shopping channel (created an album for it.) I discovered this little "gem" (pearl, get it? haha) of a u tube site awhile back but never got around to posting it in the old sites. Its u tube channel is the most blatantly T&A and female foot and leg fetish content I have ever seen for...
  20. JoelR

    Welcome to HomeShoppingForum

    Hi @bt542000 Congratulations on the launch of your club! Everything you need to configure your club is under "Manage Club." It looks like you've already added several new sections, which is fantastic: Messages - This is the discussion area, which is great for your daily topics, messages, announcements, or conversations. Albums...
  21. Hello and a warm welcome to everyone that is migrating here from Yahoo and to all those that just love seeing guys in their socks. I am gradually migrating here from Yahoo and uploading the content here. If you have any shopping channel content or related (PG rated) please feel to post here, that's what it's for! vallam
  22. vallam2222

    The Men of Home Shopping

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