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Straight Men wearing socks in videos, film, advertisements, magazines, etc.

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  2. Str8sexvoyeur

    Grey dress socks!

    It would seem the more I comment on these videos, the more we get! https://xhamster.com/videos/big-ass-tits-babe-amber-alena-fucked-by-her-brother-in-law-xhzdYnt
  3. Str8sexvoyeur

    More black socks!

    https://hclips.com/videos/716991/fat-girl-tells-her-nerdy-bf-to-fuck-her-harder/ yes, the Ads are annoying on this site but so many awesome vids
  4. Str8sexvoyeur

    Black socks, really good one

  5. Str8sexvoyeur

    Poor quality but great socks

  6. Str8sexvoyeur

    Real hidden cam black socks

  7. Str8sexvoyeur

    Black dress socks

  8. Str8sexvoyeur

    Black and grey

  9. Str8sexvoyeur


    And another https://hclips.com/videos/4743820/thick-rod-for-a-teen-blonde-s-mouth/?fr=4743820&rp=2
  10. Str8sexvoyeur


  11. Str8sexvoyeur


    Is anyone gonna share their finds? I stumble across some amazing stuff on random sites but I’m hesitate to share unless others do? step 1: whack off, step 2: copy link step 3: post here. In the time you could pull your pants up, we’d all have some straight lads in socks to bash away over.
  12. Str8sexvoyeur

    Str8 black socks

    and another https://www.xnxx.com/video-sgc3n83/slutwife_fucks_two_guys_in_a_row_
  13. Str8sexvoyeur

    Str8 black socks

    Here’s another https://www.xnxx.com/video-j2zvt7c/homemade_asian_girlfriend_riding_white_cock
  14. Str8sexvoyeur

    Str8 black socks

    Would be really cool if you guys stumble across new vids that you could share them... https://www.xnxx.com/video-luxmnfd/hot_girl_homemade_fuck
  15. billiebib

    Johnny Sins Socks

    More Johnny... https://www.youx.xxx/videos/video118421/goth-redhead-in-flannel-miniskirt-and/
  16. billiebib

    Johnny Sins Socks

    Always a favorite http://nudexxxtubes.com/nxb/3823-nasty-allie-haze-seduces-her-boss-johnny-sins.html
  17. Str8sexvoyeur

    Grey socks German

  18. Soxpuppy

    Justin Magnum Socks

    Why is that straight male porn stars wear great socks and leave them on when they fuck but for some reason all gay porn stars have to show bare feet and take their socks off before their jockstraps come off...… uurrgghh
  19. vallam2222

    Justin Magnum Socks

  20. vallam2222

    Justin Magnum Socks

    Love Justin Magnum's socked feet...at around 5:11
  21. gsrsocks

    Step son black socks!

    How do I find the video? 😜
  22. Str8sexvoyeur

    Step son black socks!

    Juan, I think he’s Mexican (i could be wrong) it’s at least a couple of years old, usually he wears patterned thin socks or sometimes black sports socks but he’s about 21, small, and fucks a lot of pussy and this time they were thin black dress socks!
  23. gsrsocks

    Step son black socks!

    What was the video/who was in it? It’s been deleted 🙁
  24. Str8sexvoyeur

    Step son black socks!

    Can’t believe I’ve never seen this one, love watching this guy fuck but he hardly ever wears black dress socks...
  25. billiebib

    Brad Borrelli Socks

    A gif of the above...
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