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a group for those who admire all the hard work that goes into building Muscles on bodybuilders and models
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  2. JohnnyLlama

    David Peters

    Hunky man! Thanks!
  3. JohnnyLlama

    Fuck Me!

    Great Nova mag! Thanks for posting.
  4. JohnnyLlama

    1985 Fox Calendar

    Awesome Fox Studios men! Thanks for posting!
  5. JohnnyLlama

    1987 Fox Calendar

    Excellent gallery! Thanks for providing IDs when possible.
  6. KalTib

    Alex Vianna

  7. bjxprt4m

    Nate Christianson aka Dave

    Hot man! There is a video of him in his chef role. It is very entertaining.
  8. bjxprt4m

    Chris Dickerson

    One of my all time favorites. He did so many frontal nudes before it was popular to do them. I admire his courage and his body.
  9. scot23


    Make a muscle means flex your bicep. Make a muscle makes my dick itch. Thanks for album.
  10. scot23


    Reminds me why I loved wrestling. Thanks for hot album.
  11. anubis

    Alex Libby

    British surfer/model. Not sure that number 17 is not morphed. None of the sites I visited had full frontal nudity shots up.
  12. scot23

    Chris Dickerson

    May have gotten his courage from his mother. She was the first Black woman lawyer in Alabama! Was a life long friend of Rosa Parks. He was short, 5'6", Black, and gay. Said being short was the biggest obstacle. Heard interview where someone said his body was more like Frank Zane's than Mike Mentzer's. He said he always saw himself between Frank and Mike. Imagine he'd have a lot of fun between Frank Zane and Mike Mentzer. Would love to know the men he bedded. He's got a wicked smile and a big dick. Can imagine he could get anyone he wanted. Read he had 3 long term relationships. He made the world a better place.
  13. nickyboi

    Muscles, Hard & Soft 19

    ❤❤❤ the huge vintage bodybuilders. Nice collection! 🔥🔥🔥
  14. nickyboi

    Robinson, Eddie

    I can stare at those massive muscles all day. 🔥🔥🔥
  15. doriangray394

    1987 Fox Calendar

    Do you have the 1989 calendar? Looking for Jake Wilder
  16. scot23

    Adam Dexter

    Thanks for the photos. Adam Dexter all time favorite fantasy lover.
  17. jakester

    Batyr Suleymanov

    Yes, Sir. Certainly, Sir. Whatever you say.
  18. jakester

    Ben Booker

  19. scot23

    Chris Dickerson

    Gorgeous courageous man. Opera singer. Came out while still competing. In Blue Blake's autobiography he said Dickerson had biggest dick he'd ever seen. Must've been grower not shower.
  20. scot23

    JK Lee

    Chiseled body, Sweet face. Purty mouth.
  21. brettttt

    Frank Prantalos

    Hey Warrior69. Thanks for these. Frank/Vincent is crazy beautiful, and he doesn't seem to have much of an online presence, so I really appreciate your posting all of these amazing photos. Woof.
  22. rodryder

    Rip Stone aka Chris Falconer

    Rip is one of my all time faves. What can I say? I'm a sucker for a gay-for-pay muscle bottom!
  23. Kevin64

    Alex Vianna


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