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About This Club

a group for those who admire all the hard work that goes into building Muscles on bodybuilders and models

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  2. Warrior69

    Kyong Won Kang

    Kyong Won Kang - Korean Bodybuilder
  3. Warrior69

    Kyo Haeng Lee

    Kyo Haeng Lee - Korean Fitness Model
  4. Warrior69

    Kwame Duah

    WEIGHT HEIGHT YEAR OF BIRTH NATIONALITY 225 - 235lbs (102.1 - 106.6kg) 5'10" (177.5cm) 1993 Australian PROFESSION ERA Bodybuilder, Fitness Personality 2010
  5. Warrior69

    Kirill Chayka

    Kirill Chayka Age: 29 Height: 6’0” Weight: 206lbs Home Country: Family moved from Ukraine to America when he was younger.
  6. Warrior69

    King Vincene

    King Vincene
  7. robbinsat2

    Diego Rodrigo Barros

    Love Diego huge cock
  8. Warrior69

    Jang Byung Ho

    Jang Byung Ho - Korean Bodybuilder
  9. Warrior69

    Ken Ibizugbe

    Ken Ibizugbe
  10. Warrior69

    Jun Choi

  11. Warrior69

    Johnny Sebastian

    Johnny Sebastian - Filipino Bodybuilder
  12. Warrior69

    Jonas Jamena

  13. Warrior69

    Jorge Cobian

    Jorge is a 22 year old dancer and acrobat originally from Cuba.
  14. ColtMann

    Merlotti, Perry

    I can't stop talking about his fabulous arms. how I would love them wrapped around me tonight. or right now. whatever!
  15. biguy7341

    Beau Bender

    damn great body and thick cock too 😍
  16. ColtMann

    Mentzer, Mike


    an inordinately handsome young man!
  17. ColtMann

    Mentzer, Mike

    IMHO, one of the greatest bodybuilders of all times, and the cutest. gone to the great weight room in the sky, sadly.
  18. Warrior69

    Johnny Soe Lin

    Johnny Soe Lin - Malaysia Fitness Model
  19. Warrior69

    Jamal Musbah

    Age: 31 Height: 5' 9" Weight: 216 lbs Chest: 51" Waist: 29" Ethnicity: Middle Eastern Skin Color: Tanned
  20. ColtMann

    Meeko, Joe

    a beautiful blonde bodybuilder whose buns are under-appreciated
  21. OK...so there are only 3 words that can describe this boy...HOT AS FUCK ;P That body...damn! He has a cute face to go along with it too. Now, to pry his hand off that dick, so we can get a good look at it too hehe. I would lick every INCH of him from his feet on up that finely chiseled body! Let me know what you think guys. Have a great day! ...
  22. Warrior69

    Jay Tam

    Jay Tam - Hong Kong Bodybuilder
  23. Warrior69

    Jazmany Castellanos

    Jazmany Castellanos Where: Miami, Florida Height: 5' 6" Off-SeasonWeight: 200 Lbs. Contest Weight: 176 Lbs. Favorite Bodypart: Legs Favorite Exercise: Squats Favorite Bobybuilder: Dexter Jackson
  24. Warrior69

    Jeon Seong Hyeon

    Jeon Seong Hyeon - Korean Fitness Model
  25. Warrior69

    Jimmy Lin

    Jimmy Lin - Chinese Fitness Model
  26. Warrior69

    Jae Min Choi

    Jae Min Choi
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