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a group for those who admire all the hard work that goes into building Muscles on bodybuilders and models
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  2. andy_andy

    Alex Vianna

  3. bjland

    1985 Fox Calendar

    I have these names for the models - Billy Joe Roth (Cover), Scott Knox, Tom LeDuc, Steve Court [Steve Cort], Dan O Neill, Jimmy Metz, Billy Joe Roth, Todd Martin, Hawk Morgan, Reb Campbell - but can't connect most of them to the photos, and 85-03 is yummy!
  4. bjland

    Big Max

    never get enough Big Max - Sam Pasco - Mike Spanner
  5. ccwwvvkk

    Alex Vianna

    Thanks mate for uploading!
  6. dgspdr

    Alex Vianna

    beautiful cock
  7. thebidreamer

    Chris Russel

    Chris is a longtime favorite! Wish he'd done more photos. His career was pretty brief.
  8. bakersman94

    Andre D'Cruz

    i got this info from a website where Andre posted his stats, so everything that`s written was added by Andre D`Cruz himself!! with love from Wes!! Hugs!!! I am interested in working on a diverse range of Commercials, Magazines, Modelling, TV and Films as an extra or with small speaking parts. Whilst my experience to-date is limited within acting, I have had a walk on role in The Killer Beside me ( TV Documentary) and a Extra role on Spider man: Far from Home. I have also done many photoshoots covering Fashion, Fitness and Book/Magazine covers. Acting experience: 1. Killer Beside me ( TV Documentary) small speaking part (2018) 2. Spider man “Far from Home “ (2019) Additional skills: Acting Film Extra Fitness Influencer Fashion Modelling Fitness Modelling Bodybuilding Industry awards: N/A Additional information: I am enthusiastic, extremely hard working, focused ,confident, have outstanding work ethics and always take pride in what I do. I am willing to do whatever it takes to have a career in the aforementioned. I take great pride in my appearance and do follow a fitness/exercise and healthy living regime so am also able to undertake any parts that require strength and stamina. I am confident the right opportunity will come my way and will be successful within the acting industry.
  9. bakersman94

    Alessandro Cavagnola

    i did extensive searching for info on Mr. Cavagnola. all i could find out was that he is a bodybuilder from Italy, is 190 cm tall, weighs 103 105kg, and that his birthdate is May 25th 1991. if anyone finds more info on this gorgeous hunk of BEEFCAKE, please share it with me. with love from Wes!! Hugs!!!
  10. bakersman94

    Dominic Calvani

    i haven`t come cross much info for Mr. Calvani, but i will edit this section when i do find some, and add it here!! with love from Wes!! Hugs!!!
  11. bakersman94

    Jorge Cobian

    some info i found on this gorgeous hunk of Man!! i just copied what i found and pasted it here to share with you guys!! with love from Wes!! Hugs!!! Jorge Cobian is a Cuban model, dancer, and acrobat. He is well known for being a model who has worked with several modeling agencies, brands, and magazines such as DNA Magazine. Even he poses for the cover of a few magazines. Other than modeling, he is constantly active and famous on various social media platforms including Instagram. Cobian has earned over 60.8k followers on Instagram. In which he shares his attractive-looking pictures as well as modeling-related photos and amassed his fans. In addition, he started posting his images on Instagram at a very early age. His handsome look and cool personality also helped him to accumulate a huge fan base in a short span of time. Furthermore, he is so popular among girls due to his attractive look and amazing personality. Cobian was born in 1998 in Cuba. He was raised in Cuba and completed his education in Cuba. He is 23 years old as of March 2021. Name Jorge cobian Birth Place Cuba Date of Birth 1998 Age in 2021 23 Years Profession Model, dancer and acrobat
  12. Archibald

    Alex Vianna

    So great
  13. David9311

    Tony Ganz

    Thanks for this album. Had not seen pictures of Tony Ganz in action. Lucky partner!!
  14. Mixcap

    Michael Churchill

    His eyes are amazing!
  15. Johnnyalucard

    Muscles, Hard & Soft 19

    I don't suppose that You can tell Me who this VERY Handsome and Muscular Gentleman is please? There are a few photos of Him here and I have also seen some of Him in a pack of Erotic Cards. I would love to see more of this Stud!
  16. professorporn

    Tom Harnett

    Thank you for the comprehensive collection from Playgirl and Colt. Check out Playgirl Men in Motion Gallery for his solo.
  17. JohnnyLlama


    Terrific album! Thanks for posting.
  18. JohnnyLlama


    Indeed! Target stuff is the bestest stuff! Well, it's pretty damn great.
  19. bjland


    wow! love ALL these Target models!
  20. bergus_MNL

    Zack Vasquez

    i love these pictures! especially the black and white ones.
  21. succa_d

    Alex Vianna

  22. Maetel

    Zack Vasquez

    Such a hottie. Sad to hear he had a really serious accident last year and recovery has been difficult.

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