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a group for those who admire all the hard work that goes into building Muscles on bodybuilders and models
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  2. brettttt

    Frank Prantalos

    Hey Warrior69. Thanks for these. Frank/Vincent is crazy beautiful, and he doesn't seem to have much of an online presence, so I really appreciate your posting all of these amazing photos. Woof.
  3. rodryder

    Rip Stone aka Chris Falconer

    Rip is one of my all time faves. What can I say? I'm a sucker for a gay-for-pay muscle bottom!
  4. Kevin64

    Alex Vianna

  5. hnody1122

    Contest 2 with unidentified models

    Tarek Elsetouhi
  6. hnody1122

    Alex Vianna

    You know your place
  7. themystery37

    another torso magazine candidate?

    yes yes thumbs up and penis icons are nice but answer the question what is his name?
  8. BeeSoo88

    Derrick Davenport 3.rar

    hot as hell
  9. BeeSoo88

    Derrick Davenport 2.rar

    hot as hell
  10. BeeSoo88

    Derrick Davenport 1.rar

    hot as hell
  11. BeeSoo88

    Derrick Davenport 4.rar

    hot as hell
  12. munchymuncher

    Carl Hardwick aka Rusty Jeffers

    Rusty Jeffers is my all time favourite, he's just so hot! thanks Warrior69!

    Jake Hastings

  14. 22somnolent

    Derrick Davenport 4.rar

    i love derrick
  15. jakester

    Dmitri Klkuv

    The gif set that broke the internet and some other pics of this muscle god.
  16. ColtMann

    Christian Engel

    I presume this was a birthday gift for me; sadly, only the pix arrived - no cuddle bum 🤢
  17. notshynote

    Alex Vianna

  18. Love_tank_tops

    Bruce Somerville

    those pics with the shirt... wow
  19. jakester

    Ben Booker

  20. lilili

    Alex Vianna

  21. picvidmak

    Alex Vianna

  22. this is the only image i've managed to find of this guy. i heard once his name might've been casper? he was on a couple of defunct sites called musclemovies and 100-free-hot-sexy-nude-men-xxx-pictures
  23. JoelR

    Alex Vianna

    @Warrior69 Wow this has 800+ downloads! That has to be a new record for any download file
  24. hockeyfan62

    Max Stanley

    Golden boy!
  25. hockeyfan62

    Daniel Rumfelt

    He truly would.
  26. DAMN, this guy is cute...and what a hot body! I would be licking and sucking on those nice bigballs...or anywhere else he told me to...in a second!! Let me know what you guys think. Message me any time to chat or trade pics. Have a great day! Jeremy

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