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Welcome to MuscleManHeaven!! We hope you enjoy your time with us!! We are a club geared towards gay Men to enjoy, admire, and worship Muscular Men!! We allow pics of Men either clothed or naked!! Hardons are allowed, but we dont want any scat. No pissing pics, No pics of Men having sex with animals, and No fisting pics!! pics of 2 Men having sex are ok!! We are all human here, after all and need some good pornography to wank to!!  All we ask is that you treat each other with respect and compassion!! We don't allow flaming or abuse towards other members of the club. Anyone doing so can expect to be removed, if they cannot apologize to said member(s) and move on. We don`t want pics, containing women, to be the main reason for the post. We are here to enjoy and talk about the hot Muscle Men posted to the club!! if anyone is being harassed outside the club, we'd like you to contact us so we can deal with it. Now, let's all get down to enjoying the hot Men, either clothed, naked or 2 Men engaged in sex, posted the this club!! Wes AKA @bakersman94, Owner for MuscleManHeaven!!!


1.  How do I join the club?  

(You should already be registered as a member on AdonisMale.com).  Click on the Join Club button.

2.  I need help.  Who do I contact?  

Send @bakersman94 a personal message for any questions.  Go to his profile and click on Message.

3.  Help!  I can't comment on anything.  

You most likely have not registered on AdonisMale.com or joined the club.  Please complete both steps.  

4.  How do I get notified of all activity in the club?

Click on "Activity" tab.  Click on "Follow" button, which will let you follow all activity in the club.  

5.  How do I adjust my notification settings?  

Click on your username in the top right corner to open up the user menu, and then click on Account Settings.  

In the Overview tab, click on the link "Notification Settings."

6.  How do I upload my images?  

Click on "Albums" tab.  Click on Add Images button.  Choose "Create new album" and follow the prompts to add a name, description, and photos to your album.  

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