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A group for the naked exposure and ‘humiliation’ of male submissives (‘faggots’) and horny exhibitionists on a consensual basis for the entertainment of other adult men. Also a place for Dom guys and subs to make contact and for voyeurs to watch. THIS IS AN ADULT SITE AND RULES ARE STRICTLY ENFORCED: 1. Males only aged 18+ (No underage or photos which appear to show underage). 2. NO photos featuring or appearing to feature scat blood or extreme pain. 3. NO cashmasters or cashrape. 4. NO flaming except in a sub/Dom context. 5. No uploading of pictures for short periods. exposure is (more or less) forever. All new submissives and exhibitionists should upload their own naked pictures (preferably including face) and introduce themselves to the Group. Forced exposure is NOT allowed. If you upload pictures of others make sure it is done with their CONSENT. If you want a photo removed for copyright infringement or any other reason then message the Group OWNER or a Group Leader/Moderator via Adonismale with heading PHOTO REMOVAL REQUEST Group Owner: MasterNick Group Leader/Moderator: Boris Group Leader/Moderator: Ballooboy (kevin)
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