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A place to see men in action wearing an assortment of socks Dress, Sheer, Athletic or even Panty Hose
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  2. xyzdg1981

    My news

    Hi everyone 😀 I put on some fresher stuff to say farewell to Spring and welcome to Summer but the real big batch is arrived to the Socks on Screen Find your pleasures in them 😘
  3. xyzdg1981

    Socks on Screen

    My fav socked crushes from motion pictures 😊
  4. xyzdg1981


    Here we go again 😊
  5. Vincent-Perry

    YouTube Finds

    Men in socks I find on YouTube
  6. Vincent-Perry

    May 21, 2121

    Yummy pics!
  7. Topher92561

    May 21, 2121

  8. xyzdg1981


    You really honor me my friend, so amazing to get admiration from some great one like you 🥰
  9. nosoxnosex


    Glad to have found your profile, you're very hot in socks and have a great eye for the perfect composition! 😘
  10. Solemandd67

    Apr 23 2021

    Agreed. Opposites can attract in some gay sex instances. I'm a man who prefers tux socks/sheers. I grew up with men wearing them in the 60's-70's. Never heard them called "panties". Mature Black & Hispanic men still wear them. Probably a generational thing like wearing dress shoes with no socks or no show socks...lol. Thick cotton socks look boring to me and ankle socks look feminine like when sock manufacturers used to put pink furry balls on ankle socks for girls...They make my eyes roll...lol. OTC Black/Navy Dress GT's are sexy to me since they're semi transparent. Soccer socks are hot
  11. Velgayboy

    Apr 23 2021

    Yes. I'm excited by certain opposites within gay/bisexual men relationships for example the handsome men wearing socks and me who never wears socks. It makes my eyes roll from sensations when handsome men with their socks on their feet tickle my bare naked feet....... the only socks that don't excite me are sheer/panties (remind me of females'), please don't get me wrong, it's just my opinion. I don't mean to discriminate against anyone who likes sheer/panties, I'd just like to see men who wear more typical men socks i.e. dress socks, athletic socks, casual socks.......
  12. TGIF Gentlemen, I just added more photos to my Sheers Album. Have a safe and happy weekend. ❤👅🧦🤛🏽
  13. Solemandd67

    Apr 23 2021

    Excellent Album. Thanks for posting.
  14. Good Evening Gentlemen, Just added new photos to my Sheers album. Hope you enjoy! 👅💦👣
  15. derekjames57


    Always a pleasureXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
  16. Topher92561

    Apr 23 2021

  17. Where to buy these socks? They are perfect
  18. tj3479

    My news

    Love it, great variety
  19. xyzdg1981


    Thanks, I do what I can 😊
  20. Topher92561

    April 8 2021

  21. Axander


    You are so adorable! Thanks for infusing the site with a bit of life 🙂
  22. xyzdg1981

    My news

    I think it is high time to come forward with the first quarter crop 🥳 For your pleasures as always 😌🙏 Some screen socks' stuff also will arrive soon 😀 Have nice times my friends
  23. marky453


  24. Vincent-Perry

    TV Commercials

    Socked men in commercials
  25. Topher92561

    March 2021

  26. MenSockGarters

    Sock Garters


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