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A place to see men in action wearing an assortment of socks Dress, Sheer, Athletic or even Panty Hose
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  2. MenSockGarters

    Sock Garters Sexy Men Part 1

    Burlesque and Boylesque Gangster 1920's Movie and TV Show Straight Porn and Gay Porn Keep Socks Up With Garters on.
  3. TomFlow

    My socks on a great cock

    Oh yes.. the socks with the cum are in a bag with me 🤤
  4. Jackinnewyork

    My socks on a great cock

    OMG....such beautiful socks with that cock. Hope you rubbed your socks in that cum.
  5. Jackinnewyork


    So sexy: socks to sniff and lick and cock to suck and drink cum and piss from!
  6. Jackinnewyork

    soft_in_socks_Hans-Juergen Kunze

    So want your smelly sweaty socks on my face!
  7. Jackinnewyork


    Black socks to sniff and lick and beautiful hole to lick and eat: perfect!
  8. Jackinnewyork

    sniff my socks

    Want to smell those socks too.
  9. MenSockGarters

    Jan 17 2022

    @Topher92561 for you i find my photo men wearing Socks Garters be sexy sheer dress socks and garters TV Show pro wrestling sports Comedy and Movie Gay Porn Stars also Stage Burlesque and Boylesque in 1920's You Upload for Valentine's Day Dress Socks and Garters on February 14 2022 Please.
  10. xyzdg1981


    Let's look to the future with confidence 😀
  11. xyzdg1981

    At last...

    It's been time a long ago to catch up so I filled the last year folder and started this one 😊 Let's have a good year start and the best carrying-on for everyone 🍀🍾 Cheers 😘 Zoltán
  12. xyzdg1981



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