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A place to see men in action wearing an assortment of socks Dress, Sheer, Athletic or even Panty Hose
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  2. MenSockGarters

    Oct 19, 2021

    Make November 1, 2021 you make Download my photo please
  3. MenSockGarters

    Sock Garters Sexy Men Part 1

    Burlesque and Boylesque Gangster 1920's Movie and TV Show Straight Porn and Gay Porn Keep Socks Up With Garters on.
  4. Topher92561

    Oct 9 2021

    I somehow copied a bunch of images to Amazon Photo's (when or how I still can not figure out) so here is a bunch of your pleasure!
  5. moet

    1970s socks ad.

    I remember being so excited by this ad. The models probably had on bikinis, but I like to imagine them posing naked in socks
  6. NakedKirk

    1970s socks ad.

    Hope you like.
  7. Great OTC sheer dress socks!!
  8. fun in socks nT_yqnpq65x5p4ag4kv9r21ud6d.mp4
  9. Guest

    Hot Sheer Daddies!

    Toujours beaux les papas dans ces tenues
  10. Guest

    Sock Garters

    Toujours beaux dans ces tenues
  11. Vincent-Perry

    Vintage Sock Ads

  12. This is the ultimate in socks sex!!! These dudes get me horny and busting my nuts everytime.
  13. Post you pics if you are a slut boy like them😈
  14. This Mattress Firm commercial features Liev Schreiber with a dad named Michael.
  15. moet


    Remember when the boxer brief was for olde gents only? Great socks
  16. moet


    this strip series was in IN Touch about 1977. Dan ended up naked in OTCs

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