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A place to see men in action wearing an assortment of socks Dress, Sheer, Athletic or even Panty Hose
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  2. Well, the gods' mills grind slowly... but surely. So I uploaded the results of this year for your pleasure as always 😘 Best regards Zoltán
  3. xyzdg1981


    Let's look to the future with confidence 😀
  4. MenSockGarters

    Sock Garters Sexy Men Part 1

    Burlesque and Boylesque Gangster 1920's Movie and TV Show Straight Porn and Gay Porn Keep Socks Up With Garters on.
  5. moet


  6. moet


  7. Jackinnewyork


    So handsome!!!
  8. metfan

    some nice pics

    Hector de Silva and Dario Beck - what a couple. I would have liked to see Hector go to town on Dario's bare feet, but I guess you can't have everything. It's still hot.
  9. metfan


  10. metfan

    At last...

    Are you single, 'cause I think I'm in love!!!!!

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