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You MUST be 18+ years of age to join.

It is a place for guys to meet and share with other guys. You may share pics, stories, vids...or whatever.

You may post on a variety of different topics and issues. Although we do have the usual postings that any other Gay Adult group has. We also offer other subjects and topics that go beyond the boundaries of the usual topics. We love to hear from our members, and encourage you to post your messages.

However, there will be no MORE than THREE (3) messages per member per day (within a 24 hour period). Be respectful of other people and what they post, even if you don't agree with whatever it is they say. Insulting or belittling another member will not be tolerated.

If you come across something which doesn't suit your tastes, you can merely ignore it or delete it. It might suit someone else's tastes. If you find it particularly objectionable send me a private e-mail.

Bryan:  [email protected]

Sit back. Relax. Enjoy some of the hot pics and videos, or even some stories, and any other topics posted. Please make yourself feel at home here.

Dive in if you want and post your own. All are welcome to join in.

It is my hope to make this group somewhat different than the others out there. I hope you like it.

Any pic, video or story MUST refer to and/or depict someone who is of majority(18+ years)

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