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Sharing my photo collection, one pic at a time! À la recherche du temps perdu.

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  2. ColtMann

    Miscellaneous Male Models P

  3. BeauMeck

    Parker, Cliff

    Cliff was one of my teenage crushes - even had pic 26 as wallpaper in my PC, although I loved him with his old'n'tough look. I think he had a very short career in porn... I hope he's ok in retirement, lol...
  4. ColtMann

    Parker, Cliff

    something of a mixed metaphor. this gentleman closely resembled my last husband when the model was young. he has since cut his hair short and presented himself as a sort of rough trader, which is less appealing. however, he does have divine buns 🤩
  5. ColtMann

    Paris, Bob

    gay icon and fairly cute hunky bodybuilder
  6. ColtMann

    Pare, Drew

    just another common or garden variety handsome hunk
  7. ColtMann

    Paquette, Charles

    I don't know how French this gent is; we had folks near my hometown by this name, and people pronounced it "pack-wit," similar to "half-wit." this bubba has great hair and chin, but could smile more!
  8. ColtMann

    Papa, Nick

    not one of the Mamas and the Papas, from what I gather - handsomer and more athletic.
  9. kleurbeertjenl

    Palladino, Nic

    very handsome
  10. ColtMann

    Palmer, Jim

    you know I am no good with athletics, even though I really dig athletes, especially daddified and preppified like JP 😛
  11. ColtMann

    Palladino, Nic

    a strikingly handsome model who needs to smile more.
  12. TRB2BRT

    O'Hearn, Mike

    His nudes leaked about a year ago. There is also a nude webcam video floating around certain traders.
  13. TRB2BRT

    O'Hearn, Mike

    A shame he never was approached for a Playgirl layout.
  14. kurth003

    O'Hearn, Mike

    My prostate gland would be SO relieved if, some un-shopped pics ever showed of Mike nekked!
  15. kleurbeertjenl

    O'Grady, Mike

    he's super
  16. ColtMann

    O'Hearn, Mike

    1 download

    a versatile model of boundless charm - very handsome, too!
  17. ColtMann

    Ovenden, Julian

    mezzo handsome british character actor; I think he played a toad in a recent video that I re-watched. cute enuf!
  18. ColtMann

    O'Neal, Ryan

    one of the clubmembers took offence when I said something negatory about this man. sorry to say, he just doesn't ring my chimes nor light my board. however he is 1) blonde and 2) cute.
  19. ColtMann

    Ohl, Josh

    I'm not joshing when I say this is one handsome model.
  20. ColtMann

    O'Hearn, Mike

    there oughta be a law about being this good-looking, this handsome, and this unavailable to mee! 🤩
  21. ColtMann

    O'Grady, Mike

    this man is so indescribably delicious . . .
  22. Davie

    Kolendo, Jeff

    So do I dude! So do I!!
  23. kleurbeertjenl

    Novy, Lukas

    warm days and hot nights
  24. kleurbeertjenl

    Nowak, Krystian

    hot guy
  25. ColtMann

    O'Brian, Hugh

    Hugh was huge back in the 50's on grainy black and white TV. I always thought him exceedingly daddified.
  26. ColtMann

    Miscellaneous Male Models O

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