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Sharing my photo collection, one pic at a time! À la recherche du temps perdu.

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  2. ColtMann

    Brosnan, Pierce

    Version 1.0.0

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    my favourite Bond - words fail me. what a lad!
  3. ColtMann

    Brown, Chris

    Chris Brown is a blonde veterinarian. makes you want to rush right out and adopt a dog 🤩
  4. ColtMann

    Brosnan, Pierce

    I gotta speak to Joel about letting me put audio clips in here - want to cue the 007 theme - Brosnan is my favourite Bond, because of his poise and savoire faire. makes me want some Irish coffee.
  5. ColtMann

    Brooks, Glenn

    playgirl model with some following - handsome fella
  6. ColtMann

    Brookefield, Will

    with tongue in cheek, I said that a small town in central new york was named for him. just coincidence. he's awfully cute!
  7. ColtMann

    Broderick, Matthew

    a baby-faced cutie who has made a number of films and etc - the one of The Music Man was truly awful. until I found out it was produced by Disney, I couldn't figure it out. wow. still cute.
  8. cverrastro

    Schalin, Pasi

    His hockey career was before my time, as was the RollerJam tv show he did (a Roller Derby revival series). But I found an old picture of him rollerblading. On Miami Beach he only wore speedos and a pair of sunglasses when he rollerbladed seaside. When we met I literally back-ended him when we came to a bend in the boardwalk and I couldn't stop and we smooshed my basket to his buns as we crashed together against the guardrail. Back-ended him plenty after we got to know each other, but that was in bed (and once on the nude beach after hours).
  9. JackFTwist

    Branson, Mike

    Which is basically what I said in my original post, minus the "oh, daddy" part. Too me, that would be optional at most. On your original point, "wooden actor/performance" stands on its own as an often-used expression in mainstream criticism of performance art, completely independent of any pornographic interpretation or double entendre. How you choose to read or interpret the term is your prerogative, but not my problem. Feeble attempts at a not-very-clever reply aren't required.
  10. markEmtl

    Brawn, Michael

    mmmmmm hot guy...
  11. Nokomis

    Bartok, Ivan

  12. ColtMann

    Brock, Tom

    I was disappointed to learn that Tom was gay-4-pay, back in the days when I could have afforded it! who'da thunk!? awfully good-looking. mm mm good!
  13. ColtMann

    Brickman, Joshua Michael

    a newcomer to my stable of models. nice lad. ought to smile more.
  14. ColtMann

    Brent, Jeremy

    COLT model a/k/a Erron to his legions of adoring fans. truly unique.
  15. ColtMann

    Breck, Peter

    star of stage, screen, and shampoo commercials 😛
  16. ColtMann

    Brawn, Michael

    a brawny lad and enthusiastic performer
  17. Version 1.0.0


  18. Version 1.0.0


  19. kleurbeertjenl

    Brandt, Billy

    my favorite boy
  20. kleurbeertjenl

    Brandon, Mark

    i think he needs more smiling
  21. Firehose8

    Bliss, Danny

    Sexy man. Great cock, and love the bush
  22. ColtMann

    Branson, Mike

    nah, you herd wrong. it seems this was applied to the great Jeremy Penn, to which I replied, all he needs to do is lie there, moan, and say, "oh, daddy" about every five minutes. no other acting ability required 😛
  23. JackFTwist

    Branson, Mike

    I sit corrected, preferably on Branson's wooden cock. But I believe the eminent owner of this club has used "wooden" in the same sense I did numerous times. Even "wooden performances" lends itself to misinterpretation.
  24. JackFTwist

    Boselli, Pietro

    Boselli is also a D.Phil. (Ph.D., in US usage) in mechanical engineering from University College London (UCL). While working on his degree, he taught a course in introductory engineering math. Reportedly, one of the female students in his class took a photo of him with her phone and posted it to her Facebook page, with the caption "World's Sexiest Math Teacher." After finishing his degree, he continued to teach part-time at UCL, while also modeling professionally. Eventually, he have up his teaching post because of the demands of his modeling career. (The other faculty members in the engineering department were probably more than a little envious of him, and politics in academia can be vicious!) There are numerous interviews with him available online. He speaks very fluent English, as you'd expect from his academic background, and he comes across as the world's nicest guy, someone you'd like to have a drink with ... before spending the night with him! He's arguably one of the best-known current mainstream models in the world. For obvious reasons, he seems to be photographed most often in swimwear and underwear -- much to our viewing pleasure. He's both utterly adorable and incredibly lust-worthy.
  25. ColtMann

    Branson, Mike

    wait a minute, isn't being wooden good? one detests working with soft-ons!
  26. ColtMann

    Branson, Mike

    in the old wild west, they had men called cocksmen - our mike is one of these. he is awfully good looking, green eyes, and great teeth, as well as great muscles, including the Nº 1 muscle down front

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