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Sharing my photo collection, one pic at a time! À la recherche du temps perdu.

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  2. Sunworshipper

    Barnes, Randy

    Magnificent hairy body and cock - almost every photo a stiffie for me!
  3. ColtMann

    Swanner, Joel

    thanks for the help! 😀
  4. Kawika

    Swanner, Joel

    9,12,13,(22?) 24,25,29
  5. ColtMann

    Barry, Ryan

    I don't know much about this stud except that he has major eyes 🤩
  6. ColtMann

    Barrowman, John

    multi-talented actor/dancer/model/singer
  7. ColtMann

    Barron, Thom

    whenever I see his face, I develop such a craving for weißwurst
  8. ColtMann

    Barre, Michael David

    calling all daddies - you have met your match in him!
  9. ColtMann

    Swanner, Joel

    okay, can you help me pick them out?
  10. DavidWhiteFan1

    Swanner, Joel

    There are a few pictures of other men than Joel !
  11. ColtMann

    Barnett, Tim

    Tim does not kindle the fires of purple passion that his paramour Chris Cox does, however he is attractive, presentable, buttsome, and someone who could be taken home to Mom. energetic actor!
  12. ColtMann

    Barnes, Randy

    [to the tune of Monday, Monday] Randy Randy, so good for me; Monday morning, it was all I hoped it would be. 😛 Oh, Monday morning, Monday morning couldn't guarantee; That Monday evening you would still be here with me. 😞 Randy Randy - can't trust that man; Randy Randy - sometimes it just turns out that way. Oh, Monday morning, you gave me no warning of what was to be. Oh, Randy Randy, how could you leave and not take me? doesn't seem to have two supernal models named Barnes - I'm afraid Butch gets a few more points for being blonde, and Randy gets points for being super sexy
  13. ColtMann

    Barnes, Davy

    one hears rumours that this exceedingly toothsome hunk is very homophobic and hates having gay guys perv on him. I suggest you leave lots of disgusting and luried comments 😛
  14. kleurbeertjenl

    Baker, Ripp

    looks sweet and hot
  15. kleurbeertjenl

    Barker, Lex

  16. ColtMann

    Barnes, Butch

    oh, what a dream lover. he should just show up here and you might never see me out of the bedroom, ever!
  17. ColtMann

    Barker, Robert

    handsome fitness model - one of Ma Barker's gang?
  18. ColtMann

    Bannout, Samir


    if they had a category for best smile, I would nominate him. what presence! whatta moustache!!
  19. ColtMann

    Barker, Lex

    Lex Barker played Tarzan many long years ago. he wouldn't be considered very hunky by modern p0rnstar standards, however, has charm
  20. ColtMann

    Bannout, Samir

    mediterranean types are not usually my bag, however, when you take into consideration the moustache, the muscles, and the smile, this gentleman is irresistable! 🤩
  21. ColtMann

    Banks, Justin

    a/k/a Justin Time - cute, cuddly model
  22. ColtMann

    Bamber, Jamie

    cute man - some sort of entertainer?
  23. ColtMann

    Baldwin, Scott

    what a sweetie (for a non-blonde). he certainly gives Chase Hunter a good time after they work out at the gym - Chase interrupts Scott, who is doing crunches, and sez something like, ya wanna go back to my place and mate like crazed weasels? you never see anyone move so fast
  24. ColtMann

    Maharis, George

    I agree that George Maharis is good-looking, but Marty Milner is more my cuppa 🤩
  25. ColtMann

    Swanner, Joel

    blonde and highly edible
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