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Sharing my photo collection, one pic at a time! À la recherche du temps perdu.

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  2. rangercub

    Hammer, Adam

    Maybe the best body in all of Colt? Perfectly muscled and proportioned, a face and eyes to get lost in. Woo-OOF!
  3. Phlmuscle

    Hermann, Scott

    He was on the reality show "Real World".
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  5. markEmtl

    Hexum, Jon-Erik

    mmmmm i remember him, was very sad when he died!
  6. ColtMann

    de Sha, Derrick

    be good for recruitment 🤩
  7. 1 download

    Erotic Calendar Full Issue Zip.
  8. 1 download

    Erotic Calendar Full Issue Zip.
  9. 1 download

    Erotic Calendar Full Issue Zip.
  10. 3 downloads

    Erotic Calendar Full Issue Zip.
  11. 3 downloads

    Erotic Calendar Full Issue Zip.
  12. TRB2BRT

    de Sha, Derrick

    Ended up joining the military at some point. Still handsome btw.
  13. GayMale

    Tony Piagi


    Playgirl as Tony Piagi, elsewhere known as Tim Pearson?
  14. GayMale

    Tommy Hansen


    From Bel Ami
  15. GayMale

    Todd Baron


    80's dude?
  16. kleurbeertjenl

    Hendrix, Jamie

    totally 😈 on fire!
  17. kleurbeertjenl

    Hegle Svendsen, Emil

    o dear…...😍
  18. kleurbeertjenl

    Hayward, Ryan

    mmm lots of hot man flesh……..
  19. kleurbeertjenl

    Haymes, Jerry

    he is...………………….fabulous!
  20. GayMale



    Porn star and all around HANDSOME man
  21. ColtMann

    Hexum, Jon-Erik


    a talented young man, who died far too young.
  22. ColtMann

    Hirka, John

    I'm uncertain whether to call him a fashion model or a fitness model. he certainly is fit, and looks great in those fashions!
  23. ColtMann

    Hexum, Jon-Erik

    a handsome and talented young man, who died young because of a foolish prank. I would have liked to seen more of him!
  24. ColtMann

    Hermann, Scott

    what a great smile he has, when he shows it. humpy and hunky - like him a lot!
  25. ColtMann

    Herkenhoff, Bruno

    I have made numerous tasteless jokes about herking him hoff - what I mean to say is: he is delightful, delicious - nonpareil!
  26. ColtMann

    de Sha, Derrick

    blonde. this handsome young man has a lot to offer, and I am only so sad not to have more images
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