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Sharing my photo collection, one pic at a time! À la recherche du temps perdu.
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  2. libran

    Wadle, Evan

    Evan Wadle is no doubt a handsome and sweet looking guy. His nude pics with dicks of different sizes and form make one doubt whether the guy had really posed nude! Wish he does at least once. His body, figure and smile are just amazing and sexy!
  3. stuck

    Monday - 30th

    Great selections. I think me and Evan need to go to the woodshed 🙂
  4. stuck

    Wadle, Evan

    Man oh man... he's a hottie 😘
  5. ColtMann

    Waggoner, Lyle

    the question is: did he do a good job? I believe I recall that Tom Selleck played an inanimate object in "Coma"
  6. robertrolwing

    Waggoner, Lyle

    he played an alien robot in an episode of ''Lost in Space'',1968 / just before he joined the Carol Burnett Show🙃
  7. ColtMann

    Monday - 30th

    wow - we had an hellacious storm this morning, and now, I think winter is here! so here I sit, surrounded by incredibly handsome males, don't I wish! I am going to feature Julian Wadham just because none of you have ever heard of him; a british veteran character actor whom I think would make excellent husband material. we have some new clubmembers to welcome, and as always, I give thanx for the Likes & Stiffies which come my way 🤗 https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/28918-voronyak-nathan/ https://www.adonismale.com/gallery/album/28919-voss-tomm/ https://www.adonismale.c
  8. ColtMann

    Waggoner, Lyle

    probably the most interesting thing on Carol Burnet's show . . . pretty handsome dude!
  9. ColtMann

    Wadle, Evan

    a cute man with a quirky smile. has admirers with fauxtoshop, as one can note differences in his musculature. I don't think he actually does nudies 😞
  10. ColtMann

    Wadham, Julian

    veteran character actor whom I find quite attractive.
  11. ColtMann

    Voss, Tomm

    actor/model/bodybuilder - man of many talents!
  12. ColtMann

    Voronyak, Nathan

    this model can look a trifle severe, however handsome when he smiles 😁
  13. kleurbeertjenl

    Villette, Jean-Michel

  14. kleurbeertjenl

    Vodak, Nick

    totally jummy
  15. nigelraphe

    Saturday - 28th

    jean michel v is such a sexy hunk you will never forget.😍
  16. ColtMann

    Sunday - 29th

    a pleasant day - I went out for marketing that would have been done Saturday morning, except I was leaving town with me and my gal. and she bought me such a lovely souvenir, I have just been having conniptions over it. treated myself to breakfast out - I have to tell you about our local deli/restaurant. it has a whole row of booths along the north wall, and somebody went out and got something like clear shower curtains to hang between the booths. I thought that was inventive! I don't have to invent a favourite to feature today - Kord von Helsig is such a cute hunky blonde, I get all wriggly in
  17. ColtMann

    von Moger, Calum

    man I could mog this man's butt all day and well into the night. what a hunk!
  18. ColtMann

    von Helsig, Kord

    I wish more models could be California boys . . . blonde with chest hair I could weed wack with my tongue
  19. ColtMann

    von Borstel, Felipe

    a newcomer 😛 to my collection, Felipe has amazing tits and other attributes. handsome lad!
  20. ColtMann

    Volpe, Dominic

    I find this playgirl model most enchanting, and only mourn that I don't have oodles of pix of him
  21. ColtMann

    Vodak, Nick

    this is a departure from procedure - I don't have enough images for Miscellaneous Male Models V, however I cannot overlook this exotic lovely. he appeared in a few FOX publications, and I have been unable to track down more pix. anybody out there an xbf or mad admirer? please help!
  22. stuck

    Vidmar, Peter

    I could go for a tumble with him 🙂
  23. stuck

    Saturday - 28th

    Awesome selections 😘
  24. BeauMeck

    Vincent, Jon

    His leather photoset is almost like Gia Carangi on Cosmopolitan... what a pity...
  25. ColtMann

    Saturday - 28th

    my much heralded half-day vacation today! no matter we got lost going and figured out what went wrong coming back. I was hoping to see the fabulous castle in rural Hardee County, however it was back off the road, and I was beginning to tire, so we blew it off. my hag bought me a terrific souvenir of the trip, so now I owe her. mmm - which of my models to feature? I would not mind a romp with any of them! maybe Peter Vidmar, as gymnast, would be the one with whom to get nasty 😍 hope you like 'em - welcome to newest clubmembers, and a reminder that albums with >99 images also will have a zip
  26. ColtMann

    Vincent, Jon

    this is one meaty fucker, and he has wielded his big butch butt-busting bat over Joey Stefano and Danny Summers to name just a few. liked to talk dirty; made some poor choices - died way too young.

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