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Tuesday - 24th



a couple of things to share whilst sheltering in place - first is, I know it's unseemly for me to beg or wheedle, however, the Likes and Stiffies are dropping off. y'all who are trapped at home surely have the time to help me out here [yeah, I know, don't call me Shirley]. anyway, today is fire in the foxhole - five foxy models to tit-elate you. for newbies, it may be a moment to remind you that zip files are automatically provided for any model who has >100 images, and other files can be posted upon request. my feature is Ty Fox, a superhunk whose only detriment is that he is not right here. um, second thing - I am going out on a limb, with somewhat off-topic stuff - a friend has a restaurant in Rochester NY, which is, of course closed. I heard that she has committed to selling gift certificates, the proceeds of which will go to compensate her laid off employees. so if you are interested . . .







red fern.jpg Eric01.jpg Eric03.jpg Eric05.jpg Michael J 01.jpg Michael J 03.jpg Michael J 05.jpg Michael J 07.jpg Ryan01.jpg Ryan03.jpg Ryan05.jpg Ryan07.jpg Steve001.jpg Steve003.jpg Steve005.jpg Steve007.jpg Ty0001.jpg Ty0003.jpg Ty0005.jpg Ty0007.jpg
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