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Saturday - 14th



Happy π Day, one and all. to relate my day, I did marketing as per usual. I didn't have any trouble finding a parking space, and the first intimation of trouble was walking into the supermarket - there were scarcely any grocery carts (buggies to Brits)! before I could process this, I entered the main part of the store - the front end was awash with people! wow!! I made my way back to produce and got my two small salads for dinner tonight and tomorrow, and went to check out - what a mess! the person (I would not characterize as a lady) two ahead of me had an enormous cart full of goods - $400 worth. the person ahead of me was relatively cheap at $225. she had 4 boxes of cheerios, two tubs of oatmeal, two tubes of toothpaste (!) and two each of every single fruit and vegetable in the store, which can't be quickly scanned. I felt like such a piker, spending only $5.50! one certainly hopes that our clubmembers have better focus and can concentrate of the beauty parade which I offer. must give a shout-out to @anubis, who most graciously submitted images which I can take to my bosom, and :JC_ThankYou:we have blown past 4000 members!!! my featured model is Mark Edwards, he of the most delectable buns in this or any other world!







John01.jpg John03.jpg John05.jpg John07 fake.jpg Mark01.jpg Mark03.jpg Mark05.jpg Mark07.jpg Rick01.jpg Rick03.jpg Rick05.jpg Rick07.jpg Tyler001.jpg Tyler003.jpg Tyler005.jpg Tyler007.jpg Sam001.jpg Sam003.jpg Sam005.jpg Sam099.jpg
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