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Friday - 13th



oh me - Friday the 13th - actually not too bad a day. I was notified that I was going to get some life insurance money after being told no/yes/no/yes/no - finally they broke the barrier. so wee shall see. I did the Miscellaneous Male Models E, and I noticed there were 33 images, down from 43 the last time. that means that some models got more exposure and got their own album. if you see anybody you know or like, you can help out with my collection 😛 today's feature fella is Aaron Eckhart who radiates masculine charm - mmm - you know what they say, big feet, big sox 🤩 oh, and I want to say a big shout-out to @bakersman94 who posted a fabulous album for the extra-cute Ripp Baker. reminder, when you visit him or me, Likes and Stiffies are molto apreciado. also, welcome to our newest clubmembers!








Bryce001.jpg Bryce003.jpg Bryce005.jpg Bryce007.jpg Dale01.jpg Dale03.jpg Dale05.jpg Dale07.jpg Kevin001.jpg Kevin003.jpg Kevin005.jpg Kevin007.jpg Scott001.jpg Scott003.jpg Scott005.jpg Scott007.jpg Aaron001.jpg Aaron003.jpg Aaron005.jpg Aaron007.jpg
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