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Tuesday - 3rd



what a mixed bag today! started off with a bang - I had posted a WTF is this? file and @bakersman94, @titbug, and @Kawika came through like champions. I was able to clear quite a number of images into their correct folders. I thank you ever so much; it appears I have more models than I can say grace over! same with today's posts. blondes are in evidence, lotsa muscle and hunkiness 😛 anyway, my feature is Sky Dawson, long a cherished fave rave, and I hope you all enjoy. I might comment that when the named models are through and we go back to categories, I hope for help in the game of Name That Stud. thank you for all the likes and stiffies, and I am so grateful that the dam seems to have burst and we are back on a membership growth pattern. L8R!







Sean01.jpg Sean03.jpg Sean05.jpg Sean07.jpg Dave01.jpg Dave03.jpg Dave05.jpg Dave07.jpg Sky001.jpg Sky003.jpg Sky005.jpg Sky007.jpg Tyson001.jpg Tyson003.jpg Tyson005.jpg Tyson007.jpg Joe001.jpg Joe003.jpg Joe005.jpg Joe007.jpg
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