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Wednesday - 26th



I was going to start off, "this is a day for rejoicing," however in the last few minutes, I've experienced a setback. I have gotten my vcr to pc machine operational and done five or six videos with good success. the last one sucked, or to be more accurate, the machine ate the tape. a bit disappointing. it has been interesting to note that videotape is not quite what we are used to in the age of high def. well, too bad. it is what it is. and today, I am stuck with co-features again, salt and pepper or blonde and dark. Rex Chandler is a video idol of mine, and Nick Chase is too cute for words! so enjoy. I have appended zip files for your convenience.








Alan01.jpg Alan03.jpg Alan05.jpg Alan07.jpg Kyle01.jpg Kyle03.jpg Kyle05.jpg Kyle07.jpg Rex001.jpg Rex003.jpg Rex005.jpg Rex007.jpg Adam01.jpg Adam03.jpg Adam05.jpg Adam07.jpg Nick0001.jpg Nick0003.jpg Nick0005.jpg Nick0007.jpg
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To me Alan Chandler is one of the sexiest guys I've seen.  I don't know why because it's not like he's the most handsome...or has the best physique or the biggest cock.  He's just damn sexy.  Love all his pics you've posted.  Thanks!

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