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Wednesday - 12th



got my Buttigieg for President tee shirts and been wearing one all over town. to office depot (again), the post office (again), and the gym. Wednesday, a bunch from my park go out for lunch and so enjoyed that, garnering a valentine box of candy (small). so here are the boys of Wednesday - they say Wednesdays child knows no woe, and these stud muffins would make anybody say whoa!







Chris001.jpg Chris003.jpg Chris005.jpg Chris007.jpg Ace001.jpg Ace003.jpg Ace005.jpg Ace007.jpg Dean01.jpg Dean03.jpg Dean05.jpg Dean07.jpg Cash01.jpg Cash03.jpg Cash05.jpg Cash07.jpg Rock01.jpg Rock03.jpg Rock05.jpg Rock07.jpg
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That pic of Chris sitting on a brown leather thing while holding his hard-on is assuredly a fake.

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if you've been reading this board for very long, you will have seen my fauxtoshop alert, which says that anything that seems to be too good too bee true is fake. 😛 I only repeat it on models like George Clooney, whose album I edited recently, and sure thought he has a lot of admirers with lurid imaginations. same goes for Tom Selleck, Hugh Jackman, Tom Cruise, and a raft of other lovelies.

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