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PDF Downloads / Gallery Uploads for Monday June 24, 2019



Relive the memories or create new ones of these 1977 Newsstand Editions of Drummer Magazine & Special Edition The Best of and the Worst of Drummer.

Cover / Centerfold / Feature Screenshots include: Target Studios, The Pit, A. Jay, Bill Ward, Mike Morris of "El Paso Wrecking Corp.", Gordon Grant, Mark Brandon, Go Mishima, Dune Body, Tom of Finland, Hangin' Tree Ranch, Nude In Saddle, Bill King, Gary Brandenberg, Bud, Ron Henry, Tom Hinde, Chuck Samson, Giving Head.

  • Drummer Magazine is really starting to heat up the pages in my opinion.

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The Best of and the Worst of Drummer 1977
Drummer Vol1 No12 1977
Drummer Vol2 No13 1977
Drummer Vol2 No14 1977
Drummer Vol2 No15 1977
Drummer Vol3 No16 1977
Drummer Vol3 No17 1977
Drummer Vol3 No18 1977
Drummer Vol3 No19 1977
Drummer Vol3 No20 1977

Drummer Magazine - Gallery
JayBee's Uploads:  📌  Crossed off of my list !

Jock 2000-08 Vol10 No6
Jock 2000-10 Vol10 No7
Today's Random Gallery Images below are from Bolt Magazine Album


As always your Requests, Comments, Questions are surely welcome!


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Thanks Eric, I don't recall ever seeing BOLT magazine before, very sexy images :)

Would you know if this is part of another family of magazines like Maverty Media or Advocate men group?



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I only have a handful of magazines in this series. It was published by Lifestyle International Communications in 1987 and 1988. No issues in 1989. Resurfaced in 1990, published by Bolt Publishing Group Inc. in 1990 and 1991. I do not have any past that. They were US publishers and I assume they were not part of a family of magazines.

Great to hear from you again in the new blog.

Eric 🙂

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