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PDF Downloads / Gallery Uploads for Sunday June 23, 2019



Relive the memories or create new ones of these 1976 Newsstand Editions of Body Magazine, Ciao Magazine, Drummer Magazine,

In Touch Magazine & Special Edition Too Hot To Handle, Playgirl Magazine, QQ Magazine.

Cover / Centerfold / "Feature" Screenshots include: Klaus, Dieter, Jerome, "On The Rocks", Paul Strand, "Mexi-Macho", Val Martin, Don Bowman, Gloria Hole of the Cycle Sluts, "Dear Diary: The Pleasure Chest", "Art by Rex", "The Etienne Portfolio", Pfc. Gallagher, "The Leather Fraternity 1977 Calendar", David George, Bruce Barnes, Mike, Jim Lampier, David White, Warren Beatty, Beau Lawrence, "The Christmas Issue", Ben Gallagher, "Photo by Wolfgang Selitsch", Kirk Bond.

  • I must admit that In Touch #26 was the first magazine I ever picked up at the newsstand on the sly. I was frightened the cashier would say something but alas they did not. Whew!
  • The first Cover Photo as opposed to the usual Cover Art appears in QQ Magazine.

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Click or Tap Text Links to View Screenshots (or) to Download / View Gallery for Today's Issues.


Body Vol5 No5 1976-10_11
Ciao Vol4 No5 1976-09_10
Ciao Vol4 No6 1976-11_12
Drummer Vol1 No08 1976-09
Drummer Vol1 No09 1976-10
Drummer Vol1 No10 1976
Drummer Vol1 No11 1976
In Touch No25 1976-09_10
In Touch No26 1976-11_12
In Touch Too Hot To Handle No1
Playgirl 1976-09
Playgirl 1976-10
Playgirl 1976-11
Playgirl 1976-12

QQ Magazine Vol8 No1 1976-01_02 (Name Corrected from
QQ Magazine Vol5 No4 1976-08_09)

Body Magazine - Gallery
Ciao Magazine - Gallery
Drummer Magazine - Gallery
In Touch Magazine - Gallery
Playgirl Magazine - Gallery
QQ Magazine - Gallery

JayBee's Uploads:  📌  Crossed off of my list !

Jock 2000-12 Vol10 No9

Today's Random Gallery Images below are from Body Magazine Album


As always your Requests, Comments, Questions are surely welcome!


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Posted (edited)

@maleart Your magazine downloads /gallery updates have been great!

I have come across some 'newer' titles that I'm sending you as a request. They are magazines that I've come across as wanting to see  more of:

Mandate June 1997

Mandate December 1997

Honcho January 1998

Honcho November 1998

Torso September 1997

Torso February 1998

I know you're following a chronological order right now so feel free to incorporate these where it makes sense, assuming you have these titles.



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