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Sunday - 12th



an odd sort of day - I had to do battle with my bedroom entertainment center - two dvd players decided they were retiring, so I put two new ones in. guess I wired it half right - one is playing in black and white. gotta fix that. sheesh. anyway, later sat down to work on my picture collection and had a most unpleasant experience. a model whom I term a "hot young thing" is being flogged as a "hot older man." I usually think of older men as 10 or 15 years older than me, and think the model (though remember the pix are static) is most cuddlesome and most toothsome. guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. today I would like to behold Drew Andrews, a performer of some reknown, though a bit light in the physique department (good in the talent department). hope you enjoy!







Deke01.jpg Deke03.jpg Deke05.jpg Deke07.jpg Doug01.jpg Doug03.jpg Doug05.jpg Doug07.jpg Richard Dean 01.jpg Richard Dean 03.jpg Richard Dean 05.jpg Richard Dean 07.jpg Drew01.jpg Drew03.jpg Drew05.jpg Drew07.jpg Mark01.jpg Mark03.jpg Mark05.jpg Mark07.jpg
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Thanks so much!  Drew Andrew was so sexy.  And that meaty cock of his.  Yum.

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