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Saturday - 4th



two hundred and one, pounds of fun, that's my little honeybun . . . as you can see, I am into show tunes this afternoon. a note of apology - on the Ensembles, I should not have said Unidentified, as it was en masse and some images of bodybuilders or movie stars, well, we know who they were. anyway, I am still hoping to identify some of these lovelies. get some more pix, etc.







Dads Beef xTop 01.jpg Dads Beef xTop 03.jpg Dads Beef xTop 05.jpg Dads Beef xTop 07.jpg Dads Buff 01.jpg Dads Buff 03.jpg Dads Buff 05.jpg Dads Buff 07.jpg Lads B&W 01.jpg Lads B&W 03.jpg Lads B&W 05.jpg Lads B&W 07.jpg Lads Beef Tops 01.jpg Lads Beef Tops 03.jpg Lads Beef Tops 05.jpg Lads Beef Tops 07.jpg Lads Beef xTop 01.jpg Lads Beef xTop 03.jpg Lads Beef xTop 05.jpg Lads Beef xTop 07.jpg
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