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Happy Holidays to All



@Daverraver @biguy7341 and everyone else who has Liked, Stiffied, Commented on but most of all enjoyed my posts this year!

I have not been able to post since October because I had to focus on getting my house ready for a possible move. My husband has secured a new job and we will be relocating to Missouri from Florida in late January 2020. From the picture above you can see that we still have a long way to go and the majority of our collectibles and the entire house organization / decision making (Keep, Donate, Toss) fell on me while he flew to several states to interview and is finishing up his current job in Florida next month. So that is why I have not been able to post.

Thank you to the gentlemen I mentioned above for their well wishes for the Holidays and everyone else too since I still monitored members feedback on my posts, just could not take time to respond individually at that/this time. Once settled I plan to pickup feeding you all One a Day Vitamins with my posts.

Now you all know what happened since my last post.


Love Eric

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Great to hear from you Eric, wishing you and your husband a happy new year and all the best on the new move. We look forward to your posts once you get settled in your new home 🙂

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Glad to know you're moving ahead in life.  Many thanks for all the hours of pleasure you've provided us.  Best wishes for the new home in the new year.

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