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Tommy's Mixed Wheat And Rye Bread | 2



In Baking 101 [Part 5] - Lievito Madre I told you how I made Lievito Madre.

I adjusted my recipe of Tommy's Mixed Wheat And Rye Bread. I bake it with Lievito Madre and Sourdough now. 


IMG_20190525_144832.thumb.jpg.a09f2c65361059a0d0b2c2e0bdc6b7bd.jpgTommy's Mixed Wheat And Rye Bread - 2


Ingredients (2 loafs):

For the poolish:
130 g whole wheat flour
130 g water (room temperature)
0.2 g fresh yeast

For the sourdough:
390 g whole rye flour
460 g water (50 °C)
80 g Sourdough starter
8 g sea salt

For the main dough:
180 g Lievito Madre (refreshed the day before, out of the fridge)
100 g whole wheat flour
200 g wheat flour type 550
450 g wheat flour type 1050
330 g water (50-70 °C)
22 g sea salt


Stir the pre-dough ingredients to a soft dough together and let rest covered for 12 hours at room temperature.

Stir all sourdough ingredients together to a viscous dough. Make sure that the sourdough starter does not come into direct contact with hot water. I give the water into the bowl, then the flour and finally the sourdough starter. Cover the sourdough and let it mature for 12-16 hours at room temperature. 

Main dough
Give the sourdough, poolish, Lievito Madre and 400 g of the flour into the bowl and knead it for 1 minute* at the lowest setting. Stir the remaining flour with the warm/hot water in a second bowl. (In order to reach the necessary dough temperature, I need 50 °C warm water in summer and 70 °C warm water in winter. The temperature of the water depends on the temperature of all other ingredients. But I don't want to bore you with the calculation.) Add the flour-water-mix to the dough and kneed it for 5* minutes. Let it rest for 5 minutes* at the lowest setting, add the salt and knead it for further 3 minutes* at the second setting.

Cover the dough and let it rest for 1 hour at 28 °C. 

Cut the dough in half evenly. Shape** the dough into loafs and place in floured proofing baskets with the end facing upwards. Cover and allow to mature for 60 to 90 minutes at 28 °C.

Pre-heat the oven to 270 °C. I use "bread stone". It's like a pizza stone but 4 cm thick. 

Turn the loaf upside down from the basket onto the stone and cut three times across.

Bake at 250 °C with steam*** for 5 minutes, then let the steam out of the oven and bake the bread at 210 °C for further 45 minutes.


Did you notice that I didn't use yeast in the main dough?

My sourdough and my Lievito Madre have enough power so that I can go without the yeast. The polish adds a little more flavor to the bread, but only noticeable on the first day. You can also do without it.
If you want to do this, you can simply add the 130 g flour and the 130 g water from the poolish to the main dough.


* Time and settings are for my Kenwood Cooking Chef, they may have to be adjusted.
** https://www.thekitchn.com/baking-technique-how-to-shape-66140
*** I have a stainless steel container filled with stainless steel screws at the bottom of the oven. I put 70 ml hot water on the screws with a marinating syringe. This creates a good steam.


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