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Chemo on the 19th



Ok July of this year (2019) I wasn't feeling will dry cough went to my Family MD she sent me to the Hosp. for A Lung X-Ray. Anyway after A couple of Days my MD call me in and told me that the Radiologist found what look like A spot on my Left Lobe they set me up for Cat-scan  which conferred that I had Cancer about 3.6 cm and A smaller size one under that one appox. 0.8   cm in size from there I went to OKC Integest Cancer Hosp were I saw A Lung Specialist he give me A lung out put test It showed I only have 50% of Air Capacity in both Lungs COPD was the cause I was A heavy Smoker for many years even if i quick over 11 years ago I still ended up with it Lucky me  . They did A Pet-scan to see if the Cancer was anywhere else I was Lucky It was only in the Lung . So from there it was back to southwest Cancer Center which is Closer to Home and Saw A different Lung Specialist she set me up for A Treatment plain then saw A Treatment Specialist Doctor who started me on Radiation Treatments 5 days A week for 5 weeks. After that They waited 3 months to see if it had worked they said it keeps working for that time then They did Another Cat-scan it worked will the tuber had stuck to 1.6 cm and the smaller one was gone. They set me up At Another Sister Center on the 12th of Dec. them I got A call that they had to move me to 19th of Dec. so now I wait again for the Chemo. So I will up date this blog after I get the Chemo. Thanks


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Hope you are on the road to a full recovery.  Looks like they caught it in time.

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Praying that things go well and that you have the best ahead of you!!

With thanks for all that you do!!

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I'm so sorry... I will be keeping you in my thoughts tomorrow. I hope you are feeling in the pink again very soon!

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