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blip winning a war?


so image.png.f7859df07e5b5a51c51e987822c5a847.pngreceives an email from the cretin in charge of communications

stating that the ceo agrees that the entire communications team

(image.png.289afb8ae26c445c847bfebc7525aedb.png included even tho image.png.0f2ed8d887aab2d174e9d76fa984d34a.png not exactly an employee. $90 a month is a stipend. image.png.c7f73f2d85de0bc7d85c855538928215.png is still officially a "volunteer")

should take a couple of weeks off


image.png.52fc967efb16abf6df81d4b6cd929512.png presumes that maybe it is due to the holidays and all that

image.png.01673031c7a3db4bdfbe7688fa6ee4e9.pngresponds that image.png.1919c417f15568b4caba6ba80bc0321b.png thinks that because it is the holiday season

and the holiday season is a particularly busy time within this organization

that communications taking 2 weeks respite would be a disaster.


the ceo replied "Ihave absolutely no idea what this is about"

image.png.6ca1474761defe531973e763a1f4bb7c.png forwarded the cretin  in charge of communications email to the ceo


the ceo just sent image.png.c9b1a013e2a207c82bdad72704729bec.png an email

"this is curious. image.png.a583091d98b5ad318a3e22d702d0c11d.png needs not attend - but there is going to be a meeting about this tomorrow"




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