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Rex Davenport, the Late Bloomer- Lenny’s Erotic Rex Journals (Part Three)



I directed a wide-eyed Rex to lay nude before me on the bed and I turned on

a small bedside lamp and twisted the shade to illuminate Rex's fully

reclining nudity.  I sternly directed Rex to relax and close his eyes. He

was just to allow me, the figure now shrouded in the darkness next to the

bed, to just ever so gently...Explore my new model from handsome head to tasty pink toes.


I took

this first opportunity very seriously to explore a perfectly passive, very

well-endowed, exquisitely handsome and almost virginal male who was all

mine to dominate and manipulate in any way I could get away with!! I put on

my better pair of spectacles and began my work! The act of lovemaking, I put

that aside...but I knew I’d have Rex someday, I knew it. But first I wanted to watch-direct &

photograph hoards of sex craved men and maybe a woman or two devouring him!





Rex lay back and I started by using my gentle, but manly fingers and just played

"nurse" more or less. He squirmed a bit now and then as my fingers explored

every inch of his big cock and foreskin! He grew hard and firm in my hand...it

was brilliant! I held the solid, warm shaft and pulled his long foreskin

right back exposing his rather purple-red swollen cock-head. The head of

his perfect tool was all shiny and moist with pre-cum. I wanted to suck it...I tasted my

fingers instead, delicious!



I asked him if many of his “basic foreplay-petting” playmates had this view. Rex opened his eyes nervously and said that a very few men had been "down there"

and just maybe one woman. I smiled

approvingly. His balls felt delightfully free as they floated about in

their tight sack. I gently peeled apart his firm, cycle-strengthened ass

cheeks (Rex loves to cycle on weekend all over the city) as he obediently rolled over on his tummy so I could see his little puckered virginal hole nestled in rusty gold pubic fur.



“But no fucking yet?” I asked exploring this perfect man-hole.



Rex sighed, “I want it so bad...toys too! Will you?” I did not answer, but smiled.



I placed one of my long fingers over his moist rosebud and asked him

about any finger activity here. He confessed that it was yet "untouched" territory even with fingers

and he was very open to offers (hint-hint). Based on this first explorative session, months later

I would do a series of photos that fully explored his cock, balls and anus

in clear close-ups. I could have played all night. I gently took my

fingertip and ran it all round the tight rosebud. Rex's legs opened wider

and he moaned softly. I could sense a definite need to get Rex to one of my

playful male friends ASAP and get his ass properly dealt with! I was rock hard

thinking about this!



Rex's cock remained rock solid too; it would have been a delight to have deep

inside my own hungry ass or mouth, but I did not want upset Rex in any way. Trusting me fully

was important. My former lovers' cocks never could have reached as deep as

the beauty Rex held between his thighs! Needless to say I put him to bed

since he still was so tipsy and moved to go. As I pulled the covers up, his left foot

hung off the bed. I knelt and took his smooth big toe into my mouth. A gentle sigh

came from Rex’s resting form. I sucked the toe, tasted the salty tang and inwardly wanted all of

him! I stopped and pulled the covers over his body properly.



I stooped and scooped up the pair of discarded OTC socks that lay abandoned. The scent still

riveting as I held the pair aloft to my nose. I could give them back later...maybe. I pocketed them.



The door to Rex’s lovely home locked itself with a click behind him. I had my bag and camera.

I was ready to enjoy myself as I downloaded my night’s work!



When I returned home I sat and began to download our first set of pictures onto my

computer. Looking at his body on my screen made my fingers move to my

cock. Rex's body, his soulful greenish eyes, red wavy hair with that slight touch of grey, his

sculptured feet...it was all too much! The orgasms I reached that night

seemed to count over 3! I had his moist socks to my nose over and over!



I knew many eager men and few possible women to whom Rex must be introduced

to and totally "enjoyed" by!



No, Rex did not cum that first night! That would take further sessions and

the introduction of some my male chums.





It appears as I look at the pictures and accompanying notes here on my

computer that session two began a week later in my own back garden.



Rex stripped slowly while sitting in a chair near my garden shed. My

neighbours were away and I coaxed Rex to just get all the clothes off and

get hard! To encourage some added fun to our next photos, Rex suggested a

cock-ring with silver studs that he had purchased online but never had a

chance to use until now.  What a nice touch, this first prop of many to

come in future shoots!! He provided lots of hot shots for me to take and he

manipulated his ass and foreskin with great skill in the privacy of my back




I put the camera away, picked up his discarded articles of clothing and

instructed him to follow me completely nude into my house. I led him into

my living area downstairs and told him to sit on the sofa nude and hard

while I just admired, studied and enjoyed the view from my comfy chair and

stayed completely dressed- love cmnm! I instructed him to take various poses and

show-off his assets in many hot ways! He was gaining confidence as a nude

show-off and I was pleased with the ease in which in lay back on the carpet

before my fully clothed self, exposing his tender ass crack and rock hard

manhood for my eyes to ogle and enjoy!!



Seeing Rex frolic naked in my living room was sheer bliss! He relaxed into

that playful rogue I came to adore with his suave good looks and fit mature

body making my heart race. I chatted with him while he played- posed all over

my living room furniture. I asked him if he was ready for "others" to be

brought into our fun explorative sessions. He smiled with his youthful grin

from ear to ear and yelped “YES” about four times. I knew we were moving






Our third session was in his business office in the heart of London at

closing time and behind his locked office door. I grabbed my digital camera

and ordered "action". He stripped slowly from his dark blue suit revealing

his body slowly in the late afternoon light that poured in from the two

large windows. As he pulled off his white dress shirt and lowered his

trousers, I could see a magnificent bulge inside his red bikini style

briefs.  He moved up onto his wooden desk and found enough space amidst the

day's work to sit and raise his legs, shove off his black loafers and shed

the trousers completely.  His long OTC blue business socks looked tight

against his large size 11, sculptured feet. The sweat of a long work day made the thin

socks appear see-thru in places as the light from afternoon sun passed over

them. As I moved closer to the desk for a few good shots, my nose picked up

the warm musky scent of man-sweat from Rex's now raised socked

feet...providing me with great ass view.



Rex Davenport’s socked feet always got me going!





The shots were amazing and Rex's uncut tool dripped plentiful amounts of

pre-cum onto the desk top as he posed in various provocative ways!!!!





Since we were in the heart of London proper, I had planned that we drop

round to a dear older gay couples' flat for tea and "goodies"!! Phil and

Raymond were dear chums of mine from my art school days and both well into

their 60's (like me) now BUT still horny as hell and very robust!! I knew they would

enjoy a taste of my stud, the near-virginal Rex and his delightful bits.

Rex, all “suited and booted” handsomely and still quite horny from all the

photos we had snapped after hours at work, was very excited as we entered

the lavish second floor flat near the Cathedral Church of St. Paul.





Things really were heating up now....and how!!!!! Rex seemed to be glowing

SEX with each step of those lovely big feet!







More soon!! Please keep the feedback and comments coming! Love it!! DJXX



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Wonderful and super sexy! The way Lenny loves Rex's feet and socks is so hot. Plus the ass! The voyeurism is sexy beyond words.

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