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Rex Davenport, the Late Bloomer- Lenny’s Erotic Rex Journals (Part Two)



“Lenny, I am feeling very relaxed, if you want, start the picture taking. This sock loving is very nice, too, you are so good at it.”

Rex said looking down at me with awe as I snuffled along his sleek sculptured socked arch; it was so smooth and aromatic!


“Right, let’s start with you up on the dresser, legs dangling off in socks and underwear...ok?” I suggested pulling away from his beautiful dark socked foot.

I hated to leave it but I’d be at it later.


Rex was so eager to model, moved carefully to the dresser top and perched his sexy man-ass on the edge and let those long cycle-toned legs in OTC socks hang over in a way that said, sexy man! I grabbed my camera and began to digitally record the early 40 something year-old ginger Adonis I had posing before me.


The posing moved along, Rex let me guide him. I had never worked with so “open” a man before. I would say hungry, hungry for any new sexual experiences and events. I had Rex try a variety of shots; each highlighted that hot ass, full pouch and those size 11 wonders in dark OTC style!


“Ok, Rex...make my day...reveal all!” I guided and Rex stood and moved toward the bathroom.


As if with provocative pleasure, he glided his hands beneath the waistband of his underwear,

freeing his manhood for me to admire.  Admire...adore! It was perfect!!!!



I had hoped for a man with a classical Greek sculptured, uncut penis and I

had found one for my explorative photography. The underwear dropped away and

he slid off the delicious moist socks and revealed the pink long toed feet I craved.


I made up my mind that I’d be taking those man-scented socks home with me!


He smiled as he plunged into the tub and I grabbed a nearby chair and sat nearly on the rim of the tub

as he bathed. I watched but was dismayed at how the bubbly bath concealed

what I craved to admire.  I gently adjusted the taps to flow with new warm

water and began to slowly drain away the bubbly water so I could enjoy his

bath more fully. I quizzed him on various foreskin matters as I watched

his, slightly now erect penis begin to emerge in the new clear water.


He asked if I would shoot a few new pictures of him in the bath...YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

He began to pose for me innocently. He tried to hide his gorgeous sheathed cock from view by

keeping his legs artfully together. I commanded him to lie back in the tub

and just let his legs rest on either side of the tub. As he did this, I

could see great change in the length of his manhood.


I continually snapped away for dear life and prayed all the pictures would come out. He

shot one sexy pink bare foot up in the air and pealed back his delicate foreskin for my

hungry eyes and lens. I would personally investigate his foreskin later

when he was out of the tub and the initial pictures were done. He certainly

was eager for direction and I coaxed him to place his feet on the edge of

the tub and lift his ass out of the water a bit. His ass crack was a

feature I grew fond of showing and exploring. It was for me, the delicate

part of a male in a delicate sort of way. Ass spreads, so manly yet so private.


I knew many a happy eager male lover who would love to lick at Rex's delicate,

perfectly unexplored (so far as I knew)  red-ringlet crowned crevice. I decided I wanted Rex to

become more gay than fully bisexual...he was a real man for men. Maybe a

woman sometimes...but he was a classical man for whom men would stand in

line for!


 I handed him a towel and he began to rise out of the water drying

himself and I shot many photos of his antics with the towel, playing on and

around the bathtub edge...he was fun to shoot!  His cock stayed firm and

long. I shot various pictures of him on the floor.  I put the camera down

and grasped him by the hand; he was still as nude as a babe as I pulled him

into the dimly lit bedroom.


“Are you going to make love to me?” he asked so sweetly. His slightly wobbly body movements

 from the wine was so inviting and invigorating to my aging ego.


My eyes met his soft green ones in the dim lighting and I melted. I could fall in love with

this Rex, this sensitive and ginger furred maturing delight. Oh, I wanted to say yes, push him down and suck his toes and... and do so much!

Our age difference actually excited me more than I care to admit.


“Come, don’t talk. Just let me guide you...over here, to your big bed- lie down.” I said. Me fully clothed and he nude as could be.

Seeing him move and crawl over the bed covers, his furry ass crack faced me and those big

bare feet...those high fleshy arches. I wanted him! BUT I also wanted to watch him and

photograph him and orchestrate his blossoming male sexual evolution. Rex Davenport was

about to become a true sex king, I knew it!






Much More soon!!! Love the feedback, thanks!! It is great and please keep it coming! DJXXX


Rex posing.JPG
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