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Rex Davenport, the Late Bloomer- Lenny’s Erotic Rex Journals (Part One)



Rex Davenport, the nearly six foot stud that you have all grown so fond of,

that middle-aged ginger furry sexually fuelled dynamo...well, it was not always

this way for him. He had to grow into the man we all adore.



Those sleek sexy aromatic socked feet (size 11 BTW) did not always

eagerly enter the boudoir of any and all playmates. These early notes

compiled by Lenny Compton, avid male photographer, chronicle

Rex Davenport’s sexual budding...a late bloomer- yes

but oh so ready to be plucked and enjoyed! Let Lenny tell this tale of Rex and his early

lusty encounters with a slightly younger Rex in London. Enjoy!
















It was such a thrill to create a record of my early work with Rex and share

my experiences with this amazing man, a true hero and the ultimate late

bloomer sexually. I take such pleasure in knowing you want to read over all

my many detailed (and truly unbelievably wild at times) personal journals

dating back to when I first met Rex Davenport  and began to explore his body with my

camera and first introduced him to my circle of open-minded horny

players. I shall do my best to type up as much of it as I can.





To fill you in on some personal history, I was married and then divorced with no

children. Always wanted to be a photographer and found the male nude

amazing and most intricate. I was a gay older male, closeted and in need of air!  The wife

never allowed me growth in this area and my career as an art instructor

in London gave me some exposure but not

as much as I wanted. After my divorce, I retired in 2005 from working in a

college art department full-time and concentrated on enjoying my life.







It was from 2005 that I began to explore my sexuality and found that I was

really more of a voyeur than anything else. Being in my 60's, I was now

finding the company of gay and bisexual open-minded men and women most satisfying

and highly stimulating in a voyeuristic way. They had no need of sex from

me and were totally open and unashamed in front of me. I could enjoy sex

through them and satisfy myself privately.



Besides voyeurism being a fetish I was discovering so late in my own life, I also had a

 passion for male feet! Socked and bare feet drove me wild. Who knew? I had always

pushed thoughts like that out of my head when married, but now- I wanted to explore!

Socks, feet and...ass play! The idea of watching a sexy man, legs high-socked feet waving like flags

and a dildo shoved inside a hot hole- well, it made my elderly blood bubble!



I shall just take each of the journal entries in order and

lay them out for your greater insight. It will take ages but we shall

 get through them all and please remember how

important all this thorough and kinky exploration was to Rex's development

sexually! The man you know today is all because of this very open and

honest time I spent observing, coaxing and guiding him in all things




Rex Davenport , a mature and perfectly handsome man in his very early 40's back in the

those days who had not really spent anytime becoming a sexual being. His

career had taken off and he was certainly successful in that work-a-day

word but...his now powerful sexual desires and open-minded curiosity was

beckoning loudly.  Enter me, Lenny...The story of Rex's beginnings as seen

through my eyes and recorded in my journals.



Am I a dirty old man? You be the judge, I hope so!














Curious Rex responded to a small ad I placed in a naturist newspaper back then. It

simply stated that I was an eager amateur photographer looking for men who

were camera "virgins" and who wanted to explore their sexuality before my

probing lens.  I insisted that I meet each of them twice, once in a public

setting and then in their home for security reasons in case they turned out

to be unsavoury in some way. Rex answered first and, as it turned out, very




A very keen yet shy Rex and I met for a coffee in a small café where we could talk. He was

shocked to meet a 60 something granddaddy-type who looked well kempt and could be

someone's dear old daddy. I comforted him by fully introducing myself

and calmly and openly describing my voyeuristic, wonderfully kinky and

completely honest intentions. My mission as I expounded in colourful detail

to Rex, was to find a bisexual or gay man that was a totally

uninhibited exhibitionist and was a virgin to nude photos. I wanted to

watch my discovery unfold before my eager eyes and camera! Rex loved the idea

of being naked and exposed to others...it was a lifelong desire, a craving of his.



OK! I checked out his lovely feet right away, they looked huge! I was in love! I wanted this

man to be my subject and I wanted to love those socked feet, up close and face to toes!



Rex revealed he was eager to meet others and hoped that through his work

with me he may meet some open-minded playmates. I assured him that I knew

some delightful guys and a few crazy wild gals and, in time, would introduce him happily. He

explained his lifelong nudist desires, his very open sexual cravings and how

much he wanted to be photographed nude by a photographer but wanted the

photos kept private due to his highly important job in London. He explained

he had experimented a bit with a self- timer but never before with another

person behind the lens. He also admitted to being a near virgin to heavy-duty sex with

another person except for some extended foreplay with some men and very few

women in the past. I could barely contain my excitement, a true virgin for

my directing! 



I knew as we talked he was ripe for my experiment. That handsome face,

ginger short hair and sweet green eyes spoke volumes!  I quizzed him very

 carefully about his comfort level. I needed to know if he was

totally open to me. I was about 20 years or more his senior and was

becoming a bit of a sexual guru in regard to the male from all

my time spent with my dear gay and bisexual chums I had met since my divorce.





I coaxed Rex into a second meeting at his well appointed home the following week. I

knew from my café visit his clothed body was a delight and just perfect

for my voyeuristic exploits... but nude, I could only imagine!!! And seeing his socked feet

was number one on my list.  He was running late the night we met and

I waited for him on his doorstep for nearly 20 minutes. I brought the usual tools

that would help to relax Rex and ease any inhibitions he may still have felt about me, a bottle of

excellent wine and some sexy samples of some experimental photos I had

taken of a hot male gay couple years before when I first worked in the art school.



Well, he was still in his office expensive dress shirt and tie for the first part of our

meeting. We sat in the attractive living area downstairs and sipped my

strong, intoxicating wine and I showed him my sexy model portfolio. He was

assured that I had the greatest patience when working with those wonderful

models years earlier and I intended to just let Rex unfold at his own pace

sexually before my camera lens and he could be free to explore whatever he

wanted and secretly, in time whatever I wanted as well!!! I must have

poured him several glasses of wine before he even undid his tie and

unbuttoned two shirt buttons.



I kept expounding on how beautiful the male body was and continued using my

portfolio to stress my points. Rex was quite tipsy and I am embarrassed to

admit to you that I did this on purpose to relax him and gain his

trust. The exhibitionist in him emerged, as I knew it would, and to be

honest, I had to see the goods in order to know if deep down I wanted him

as the subject of my intensive study. He got more comfortable by kicking

off his shoes and tossing aside his tie.



His large size 11 feet were clad in thin dark blue nylon cotton blended socks, very sleek looking

and scented from a day of high-pressured work. I could nearly see-thru the sweaty bottom of each

socked foot as he relaxed before me. My own cock was raging. I was cut, damn it...I hoped

Rex was uncut. This was all so exciting!



I continued to stroke his ego with comments about his fine body, great feet

 and wasn't it about time he showed it off to me and so on. Rex's red, well-trimmed

hair was slightly tussled and his handsome face now flushed pink thanks to

the wine...I was drawn to this sexy stud! The next move was for me to

become invisible and I urged him to pretend I was not there and just enjoy

himself, and to aid this I produced my final weapon, a sexy bottle of foam

bath scented with lavender.



I suggested to him to take a tub and just be

himself...as if I was just a chair in the corner. I told him he needed to

take that tub in order to be considered as my model. It felt like an order

and from that day on, I was sort of the one who called the shots!  He took

me very seriously. He did want to be photographed, explored, handled and

observed to the fullest.



 I recall in my highly sexualized way, knowing my voyeuristic lusts were

going to begin to be fulfilled, guiding him up the stairs to where I

presumed a tub was waiting. His sexy dark socked feet treading up

those expensively carpeted steps. I held my leather carryall bag of tricks tightly

with my camera fully charged and ready for the first exposures.



He wobbled into the large bedroom. Turning on a light, I saw the

tub in the small en-suite bathroom

just off the bedroom. He went into automatic. I filled the tub, added the

bubbles and he playfully started to strip down. His body was 100% all I needed for

my lustful photo explorations. He revealed to me a body that would give

hours of countless private orgasms to me while reviewing each and every

photo I shot of him.





He removed his silky shirt to expose his gingery hairy chest and he then slid his

trousers off. His white bikini briefs held a bulging secret within that I craved

to see. His eyes were dazed and peaceful as he bent to tug off each

clinging sweaty long OTC dark blue dress sock. I stopped him.



“Wait, Rex. Let me look at you. The look of the male in sexy socks

and underwear, so provocative and alluring.” I said gaping at him.



“You like socks? You mean, you think I have sexy feet?” he asked raising one foot forward.

He was so unsteady from my wine.



I may have been grandfatherly in looks, but this old geezer knew what he liked.



My knees bent and I knelt before his one raised foot, the socked glory before my eyes

and nose.



“Yes, Rex, let’s say it’s a fetish of mine...and you have perfect feet.” I said grovelling.



“Get closer, it’s OK, I like it. It’s a new thing and I am all about new things.” Tipsy Rex said with a

warmth that drew me in.



His large socked foot now made contact with my face; Rex braced his hand on the

dresser so not fall over as I began to sniff and drink in the best scent ever, Rex Davenport

man-scent...his socked foot gave off the aroma of musky leather and hard work.



Could I be his photographer, sexual guru and worship his perfect feet...Hell yes!







Much more to cum from Lenny’s Journals of Rex!!!  Feedback and comments much loved!!! DJXXX




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