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The Adventures of Rex III: - Moving House (Part Two) END



Percy led handsome ginger haired Rex Davenport  into a 

splendid bedroom with a large king size four-poster bed with a red satin sheet covering it all over.



"Hop on, Sexy!" Mort said from behind their guest, who crawled up on the

cool satin and lay back on the fluffy pillows to face the daddies as they

each pulled up chairs alongside the bed.



Rex pushed back his reddish, just slightly grey hair as he sat feeling

regal while his naked ass was massaged by the sexy caress of satin beneath

him. He spread his legs wide and each daddy grabbed a tube sock clad foot

and caressed it with love. Rex slid his ass downward and raised his legs so

that his gorgeous ass crack showed enticingly to his audience. Rex, his

six-foot shapely frame glistening in the late afternoon light, placed the

dildo down on the bed and just gently played with his rusty public hair

ringed rosebud long enough to get it warm and moist.



The daddies looked on and marvelled at his deep pink rosebud getting all

juicy thanks to Rex's skilled finger work. Rex knew just how to get his

asshole open fully and used his fingers to push and pry those ass lips

apart for his hungry viewers.


Percy and Mort were spellbound by the show and almost drooled with

anticipation of what might be next! By now, Rex's cock was so rigid that

his foreskin could barely contain his swollen knob which already was

producing his renowned copious amounts of sparkling pre-cum.


The daddies glanced at each other and smiled. Percy began to suck Rex's big

toe encased as it was in the sexy tube sock on the foot he was

caressing. Mort slowly massaged Rex's leg from his socked foot right up to his ass

cheek. Rex's eyes were closed tight as he anally pleasured himself and by

now he had three fingers deeply inserted into his cavity, pushing toward

his secret spot.


Mort rubbed Rex's ass cheek and then began to move his fingers into the ass

crack where his fingers entwined with Rex's, together their fingers plunged

into the wide open moist rosebud and moved inward. Rex opened up and let

the moving mass of fingers enter and then, looking up with a knowing

expression at Percy, he too joined in by adding a few of his own fingers to

the mix of this finger fucking fest hosted by Rex's ass.


Both Percy and Mort revelled in Rex's silky ass cavity and eagerly pushed

deeper with each thrust. Percy's index finger reached in and poked into a

secret corner within Rex's depths causing Rex to almost jump up off the bed

with a roar of pleasure. Percy was thrilled and pushed and prodded with

gusto as Rex wriggled and moaned with each new gesture. Meanwhile, Mort

moved over Rex's throbbing man-tool and began to suck it deeply into his

throat and drink each drop of pre-cum it produced. The sweet-salty tang was

pure nectar.



Percy noticed the discarded two-headed dildo lay on the bed and quickly

traded it for his fingers. This made Rex grab his ass cheek with both of

his hands and pull them apart exclaiming, "Yes, fuck me hard and deep with

that thing! Yes!"


Percy did as asked and plunged the sex toy deep within Rex's ass and

carried this on while Mort gobbled Rex's cock and mumbled about how

scrumptious the juices were. Rex gasped for breath. This amount of

stimulation was mind blowing! He had no idea how hot his aging neighbours

could be. He wondered why the hell he had never dropped in before this




"Switch with me! I want to taste it!" directed Percy after a few more

minutes of dildo play.


The daddies switched positions and Percy greedily sucked Rex's tool while

Mort sat at the base of the bed and fed the dildo into the younger man's

juiced up asshole. Rex's balls were now tightly pulled up inside their sack

and bounced with each thrust of the dildo. Mort kicked off his loafers and

shed his trousers and boxers without missing a thrust of the dildo. Mort's

own hole was juicing up with all this stimulation and he craved the other

end of the dildo very much! Sharing this with Rex was too hot for words!


Mort lay back and pushed his chubby red socked feet against Rex's raised

feet and let the other end of the dildo penetrate his waiting ass. Together

they rode the dildo by pushing and pulling their asses back and

forth. Percy sucked greedily on Rex's raging man-meat and watched this

spectacle of super ass play with his own cock at full attention sticking

out of his fly.


Mort's sweaty socked feet pushed hard against Rex's large, strong socked

feet while the frantic dildo fucking carried on. Mort stroked his own cock

wildly as he rode his end of the dildo. His chubby form jiggled playfully

about as he came closer to climax.  The fragrance of musky man-sweat and

hot sex perfumed the bedroom.


"I'm going to cum now!" Rex announced and with a mighty moan of pleasure,

his cock erupted into Percy's eager mouth.


Percy gulped each burst and licked his lips with a satisfied smacking

sound. Mort yelped and shot a small burst of cum up into his large, chubby

belly button while Percy came without even touching himself once! Mort

reached down and grabbed the hot cum with his finger tips and licked it

hungrily from each.


Rex lay in a pleasant daze of post-orgasmic delight as Percy gently plucked

the dildo from his warm inner depths. Rex's cock began to return to its

normal size and the ample foreskin soon covered the head completely. Rex rolled

over on the large bed and his naked firm ass cheeks glowed orange in the

fading sunlight.



Percy carried the used sex toy quietly outside the bedroom and shut the

door gently. Mort was already in the shower of the nearby bathroom getting

cleaned up. Percy stood by the bedroom door and held the dildo to his

nose. It smelled of warm ass juice and unique scents that were highly

intoxicating. Rex's end of the dildo was so warm to the touch and smelled

strongly of his recent sexual rapture...a shared joy for all three men!



Rex dozed and was awakened by the sound of voices downstairs. Naked still

apart from the sexy tube socks, Rex rose from the bed and meandered down

the stairs to the living room below.



Both daddies sat in dressing gowns looking very relaxed and satisfied. "You

are one hot man," Percy said to Rex with a tinge of nostalgia for his

younger days in his trembling voice. Rex smiled and lounged against the

side of the couch. Both daddies gazed longingly at Rex's perfect naked body

and sighed.  Rex's uncut tool swayed to and fro and was fully covered in

its long silky foreskin cover.



"We put all the clothing into a shopping bag for you. Please take the lot

and think of us each time you put any of it on that SEXY body of yours!"

Mort said with enthusiasm. Rex tied his towel round his waist and grabbed

his flip-flops from the corner where he had left them.



"Thanks! I will miss you guys very much! I hope you'll visit me soon!" Rex

said as he carried the shopping bag towards his home as the twilight added

a new and mysterious dimension to the peaceful and secluded gardens.





More to cum in: The Adventures-of-Rex- IV...  Stay Tuned!!!!
Comments and feedback are very much loved! Thank youXX DJ


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Thanks SO much!!!! More to cum!! DJXXX

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