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but the ballet was lovely


image.png.0a17197f7c6ef2f7fe53c72e174d8ec6.pnghad first snow of the season

sibling complained about it being "too early to snow"

but image.png.1847293e3d6b3fb14d292ef76f48dc59.pngreminded that it is normal for it to snow in december

and there is less than an inch on the ground


the real issue is the freezing

and the ice


image.png.dbf551366cbd5ccae964ce5195092666.png already had a lovely experience with the ice today


image.png.8c976678c1b28f95db28f472840ff5f9.png found the icy patch in fron of the driveway

and image.png.c2d65669ed0cd36389a3f56702e9e861.png did about 15 minutes of wonderful ballet

trying desperately not to fall down


image.png.a4c58b5c14f26757a659ab0dc9c74c07.png managed to grab hold of the deck

as image.png.e4a4429e9d8caa78d495776b9f8a68d5.png finally collapsed

and now image.png.69dbdff71b4664bbe7d982ef981b3936.png slip pulling splinters out of image.png.44bba1b01dbcd49ad70cb74cf8016cde.png



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