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The Adventures of Rex II: - Bernie Drops By (Part Three)

Bernie pushed his way into the master bedroom, Rex's private space and led
his captive behind him.


Gently but with purpose, he pushed Rex down onto the king size bed. He fell
back onto the white silky duvet and looked up at Bernie with wonder in his



"Let me close these curtains and make us....more private!" he hissed.



Pulling the curtains closed with a snap, he next moved over to the small
bedside lamp and switched it on with a click.


The lamp illuminated Rex in a warm, soft light that made him look very
sensuous to Bernie who already found him perfectly irresistible.


His shirt lay fully open and his hair was mass of ginger-red tangles....he
looked delightfully dishevelled and ready for.....anything!  A playful, six
foot rogue if ever there was one.



Bernie stepped back and eased himself into a chair in the dark corner, to
Rex he looked like a shadow now...a form...a voice.



"Rex! I must confess I played a trick on you! Tonight, when I
knocked...well...I had been in before. I had let myself in and found
you....playing with yourself. You did not see me...I was soooo quiet. I
loved what I saw! YOU must show me more....how you please yourself....I
want to watch you....PLAY for me!!" Bernie ordered in a way that Rex was
very aware of the nature of this command.



"You see, I am and always have been an incurable voyeur. I love to watch
and really get off on seeing men like yourself flaunt their wares and
really show off...just for me...I LOVE IT!" Bernie added for clarification.


Rex moved his hands down and released his trouser button and then slid the
zipper open. His flesh tool popped upward from the open boxer fly, free and
in full glorious view.


Rex heard a delighted gasp from the corner as he peeled back his moist
foreskin, exposing his red cock knob. The knob shined with pre-cum and Rex
squeezed tight and created a stream which flowed down and covered his


"YESSSS.....MORE!!! Show me MORE!" Bernie called from his dark corner and
Rex now moved with confidence....he would show him just what he liked and


Bernie's eyes were glued to Rex's magnificently long, slender uncut cock, a
precision tool covered in pre-cum and shining in the dim bedside lamp
light. Bernie who was cut for medical reasons as a youth and always lusted
after ample, natural and perfectly unaltered foreskin! Bernie's smaller,
thicker cut flesh-stick rose to complete attention as Rex played on.


"Mmmmmmm....Watch me stroke my cock for you....like this......Yesssss!" Rex
sighed as he manipulated his long foreskin up and back. The skin flowed in
fluid undulations before Bernie's wide eyes, the same way as it had back in
the doctor's office the other night.


Bernie carried on watching and felt so erotically charged, so totally
aroused...more alive than he had in years, or possibly ever! He was very
aware that his body trembling with excitement, this growing lust for Rex
was thrilling and all consuming!


Rex carried on playing his instrument and gently moving his legs back and
forth along the soft duvet cover. His toes flexed and wiggled delightfully
inside his thin socks as he let himself go fully, showing his audience
exactly what pleasure meant to him.


The shadow of Bernie rose up and moved into the light at the foot of the
bed.  Rex gazed up and stroked with an increasing speed but never let his
eyes leave the eyes that beheld him. Bernie placed one knee down on the
soft bed and reached forward, grabbing both sides of Rex's trousers. He
pulled forcefully, yanking the trousers and boxers downward so that Rex's
throbbing tool got caught in the fly.


Nimbly, Rex lifted and released his precious plaything from the tangle and
Bernie whisked the mass of clothing from him.


Rex rose up from the pillows and Bernie took hold of the dress shirt and
it, too joined the growing pile of discarded clothing on the floor.


Lovingly, Bernie removed each warm, moist thin blue sock from his slender
toed feet thus leaving Rex bare, hard and all his! The musky scent of Rex's
warm, pink feet wafted upward and Bernie enjoyed the manly fragrance anew.


Rex watched as Bernie groped inside his deep trouser pocket and plucked
free a sheer black mass of silky nylon. Rex smiled. He recognized the
expensive pair of socks as those Bernie had worn the night his exam with
Doctor Martin.


"Mmmmmm...Nice socks, Bernie. I loved it the other day when you shoved them
in my face!" Rex said as he yanked his turgid fuck-stick with forceful
strokes. "I really fucking hope you did NOT wash them!"


Bernie chuckled and waved the socks in the air. "You can smell them a mile
off! I wore them until this morning, just for you. I want you to wear them
now...and keep them as my gift to you!"


Rex raised one of his large, size 11 bare feet and flexed his shapely toes
provocatively. "You put them on then...my feet are yours to enjoy...as well
as any other things that may catch your fancy!"


Bernie knelt by Rex's sculptured feet and slow licked his lips; his round
face glowed in the lamplight and accentuated his high cheek bones and
sharp, pointed chin. He looked older than 60, a bit weary but the twinkle
in his lustful eyes was unmistakable.


Bernie spoke softly, "Rex Davenport, man about town, stud muffin
supreme...have you ever been worshipped?"


Rex looked into those searching hungry eyes of Bernie and replied,
"Worshipped...mmm...well, I have been enjoyed in various ways but
worshipped???...I am going to say....not as fully as I will be tonight I


Bernie smiled broadly, "Welcome to my special temple, oh, perfect man...let
my quivering tongue delight in your glory!"


Bernie moved forward and found Rex's still raised bare foot, with toes
flexing joyfully in the air. Placing the sheer socks down on the bed, he
grabbed hold of Rex's round, right heel and let his mouth engulf his tasty
big toe. The salty bouquet of taste filled Bernie's watering mouth as he
sucked and licked all round Rex's big toe as if it were a little cock.


Rex lay back, feeling faint and moaned, "Bernie, that is sooooo amazing. I
love my feet to be played with...always have....but you....shit...you
really know how...aaaahhhhhhhhhh!"


Bernie slowly devoured each toe along the right foot and then let his
tongue lash down in long, lavish strokes to take in the full length of
Rex's large, high arched foot. The taste of Rex's long day at the office
along with the pleasing leathery aroma left Bernie as high as if he were on
some new feel-good drug.


Rex admired closeted, hen-pecked Bernie, his skilled mouth moving like the
wind over his bare foot and that grey hair bouncing up and down on his
round head. Rex carried on beating his meat and letting his foreskin slide
upon a mounting lather of pre-cum that oozed forth like a stream.


Bernie grasped Rex's other waiting foot and brought it up to his eager
mouth as well. Bernie managed to shift between Rex's manly feet and taste
every bit of his 11 inch wonders. His tongue played between Rex's flexing
slender toes and he teased, tickled and tantalized an enraptured Rex for
nearly 20 minutes!


Rex stroked his rock hard, oozing manhood all this time, not
climaxing...just edging, enjoying and delighting in having all of Bernie's
masterful attentions focussed on him.


Rex felt Bernie begin to slide a soft, sexy sock upon his right foot;
skilled fingers pulled the black sheer nylon sock right up to just below
Rex's knee, encasing the very top of his well developed calf muscle. The
silky feel of the sock sent tingles all up and down Rex's spine. Rex had so
many little "kinks" that he had been storing up all through his life, many
never acted upon, but very much part of him. Sexy socks always caught his
eye, the scent, the feel, the look...and Bernie knew this and read him like
a book!


The left sock now moved into place against his calf and Rex lifted his
black sheer clad feet up in the air, his tight cycler's ass spreading wide
open before Bernie's gaping eyes; pushing his two large, whiffy feet up to
a nose just begging for a sniff.


Bernie inhaled his own pleasing sock aromas, brewed over several long days,
that now encased Rex's gorgeous feet and he pushed forward into them,
feeling Rex's strong arches cup against his face as he held both feet


"Rex, this is heaven. I have always wanted a guy like you to worship and
devour, but I never found one as perfect or as willing! My pleasure tonight
does not involve my orgasm...only yours...and you are going to have as many
as I can squeeze out of you before my fucking phone rings!" Bernie shouted
as he pulled Rex's sheer socked feet apart and hungrily admired Rex's
throbbing uncut manhood and his rusty ringlet framed ass crack.


The stealth speed with which Bernie swooped down upon Rex's moist rosebud
took the intoxicated stud completely by surprise,
"YESSSSS......AHHHHHHH....MMMMMM!!" Rex extolled in a high pitched voice as
Bernie began to feast upon his waiting ass flesh.



To Be Continued...Oh, Yes!!  Write or comment, love to hear from you! DJ




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