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Studflix 1983-1-1 - Fan Magazines




Arch Brown - Hank Wood
Brothers Should Do It - William Higgins
Casey Donovan - Robert W Richards
Christopher Rage - Christopher Rage
George Payne - T Christophe
Leo Ford - Studio TCS
New York Men - Sol Rosenbloom & Arch Brown
Rear Admiral - Marathon Films
Roger - Unidentified
Solojerk - Christopher Rage
Terry LeGrand - John Roberts
The Boys Of San Francisco - William Higgins
The Summer Of Scott Noll - Studio TCS

Arch Brown - Hank Wood.jpg

Brothers Should Do It - William Higgins.jpg

Casey Donovan - Robert W Richards.jpg

Christopher Rage - Christopher Rage.jpg

George Payne - T Christophe.jpg

Leo Ford - Studio TCS.jpg

New York Men - Sol Rosenbloom & Arch Brown.jpg

Rear Admiral - Marathon Films.jpg

Roger - Unidentified.jpg

Solojerk - Christopher Rage.jpg

Terry LeGrand - John Roberts.jpg

The Boys Of San Francisco - William Higgins.jpg

The Summer Of Scott Noll - Studio TCS.jpg

Studflix 1983-1-1 - Fan Magazines.zip

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Thank you!! so very much appreciated!! 😀

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Wow, this 1st issue of Studflix is a treasure trove of gay porn goodies from the time of publication.

Scott Noll is on the cover, but I didn't recognize him. It's a little tough to keep track of all the Nolls. Not really my type, but what's inside the cover is the treat. 

Lots of single pics and photo excerpts from the various films covered. George Payne, Eric Ryan, JD Slater, JW King & Jon King, Casey Donovan, Leo Ford and the stars of "Summer of Scott Noll" and so on.

There's a preview of Arch Brown's film "New York Men" with photos of the action. That's one of my old favorites despite it's inclusion of a M/F scene. Eric Ryan and JD Slater are very hot on that one.

Innovative producer and director Terry LeGrand is profiled in a fascinating article where he talks about his involvement in films such as "Born to Raise Hell" and other significant gay porn films.

There's an article on William Higgins covering the making of films such as "Boys of San Francisco" and "Brothers Should Do It."

Then a titillating interview with Casey Donovan by Robert W Richards.

Next is a photographic exploration of "The Summer of Scott Noll" featuring some very big-dicked young men! Leo Ford, Nick Jerrett, Jeff Starr, etc. 

The article about director Arch Brown's "movie-making secrets" was particularly interesting to me as I am a fan. There's a few hot photos included.

It never stops because next is an article about the infamous Christopher Rage! Not only is this a fascinating portrait of who he was at the beginning of his career, but there's also a really hot photo of him.

Next is an "on the set" feature with photos from the (produced by Terry LeGrand) film "Rear Admiral" and starring Eric Clement and many others. 

Also, a review of Christopher Rage's "Solojerk" with photos of stars Scorpio, huge-dicked Scott Taylor, and hairy Richard Locke.

The magazine ends with a gorgeous photo of big-dicked Roger.

Amazing issue, especially if you like features on iconic gay porn personas, behind the scenes stuff and preview photos. Which I do!

Thanks so much @maleart!

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