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Parenting a Teen



Let me first start with a quick background about what this blog post is about.

For those that really don't know me (though most about me is on my "About Me" tab), I am a parent of a teenage daughter, her name is Cynthia. I've at times have mentioned her in some of my post. She is about to finish up her Sophomore year at KMHS & before I know it will be graduating.

She is a very bright, big hearted, well mannered & respectful of those she knows & been around. I know deep down she will go places with what she has learned growing up so far & much more later on. Cynthia has & keeps her body pretty fit & keeps herself pretty active. She feels comfortable to approach me (& my man) with pretty much anything that is on her mind. With her father being a Gynecologist & myself being a former model with a pretty wild past, I would say she is slightly more advanced than others her age when it comes to sex & other adult natured things. In past at times during our mother / daughter bonding time, we have discussed certain things as we have a great bond of understanding.

So about a week ago her & I where on our way to pay visit to PBT to work on our all body tan. I had asked her if she had pondered about the next 2 years of high school & possibly afterward. Both of us know she will make it into whatever college she wants to go to. During our talk, she said something that has stuck with me since & caught me kinda off guard. While filling me in with her ideas for the next couple years, Cynthia tells me that she has thoughts about wanting to pose nude as soon as she turns 18.ย ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

After collecting myself from what I just heard, I played it off. I told her she still has a couple more years & not to get ahead of herself. We get to PBT & check in as each of us make way to our tanning rooms. While taking off my clothes & getting naked, I am still processing what she said. I put on my eye protection as I lay down on the tanning bed naked to start my tanning session. During it I really think to myself about it & question myself, "Am I a decent mother?". Then I think about what I my past consists of & what I've done. I question myself again, "Has my past influence the way I have raised her?". I am sure I've let her done a few things most teens might not do. Another question follows, "Should I let her pose nude when that time comes?". I then think, Cynthia will be of legal age to do so if she does & it's of her own free will.

As I try to end this blog, I think I should be grateful that she still has 2 more years before this might become a reality. Like Mother like Daughter?ย ๐Ÿค”

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just be proud that she feels comfortable enough to talk to you about these things that means you have been a good parent

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James Joyce said it best that having a child is like wearing your heart outside of your body for the rest of your life. It's sweet to express your hopes, fears, and genuine excitement you have for your daughter as she ventures into adulthood. These are difficult decisions, and it's only natural that you, as someone with these experiences, can relate with the positive and negative impact of these decisions. One thing is clear (to me, at least): The fact that you want nothing but the best for her shows that you are an excellent mom. ๐Ÿ™‚ย Never lose sight of this fact!ย 



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